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Hippie-themed shack house made exclusively for New California.

Permissions and credits
This is pretty jam-packed with junk, and a house I made while we wait for a player home in NC (this was created a month or two after release). A full list of features are found on the terminal in the house.
Any graphical issues are likely noted, but if you find an error please report it anyways! STEPS TO TAKE IF UPDATING: take all your stuff out of the house, save and exit, update, reload your save.

  • tons of clutter and custom map marker
  • navmeshed and companion-friendly
  • decent amount of storage space
  • infirmary for healing limbs/rads
  • plastic surgery option under infirmary
  • detoxification from the chem lab
  • working barber razor for hair styling
  • toolbox that functions as a workbench
  • functioning stove with campfire recipes
  • clock that displays current game time
  • two drinkable sinks, no drinkable toilet
  • a few idle markers for companions
  • radio tuned into DETH 98.1
  • bed that gives "Well Rested" bonus

See Permissions and credits tab for details.