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A simple mod that will add multiple merchants to New California.

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There's Nothing Fancy Here

This simple little mod aims at adding multiple vendors to New California.
The 'vendors' are location specific and inverntories to suit locations, this mod is currently a work in progress with more content to come in the future.

Currently there are six(6) vendors added to New California:

* Quatermaster Simone: NCR Vendor.
Location: NCR Headquaters, Union City, Left Side of the HQ (Look for sign saying Armory)
Inventory: NCR Trooper Gear, Armors/Weapons and Ammo.

* Bartender: Alcohol Vender.
Location: NCR Headquaters, Union City, Right Side of HQ.
Inventory: Alcohol.

* Ool Xi: Tribal Vendor.
Location: Xiabula, As you arrive, Its the first tent on the Left.
Inventory: Tribal Gear, Armors/Weapons/Aid/Poisons/Food.

* New LOCATION with VENDORS: Sean's Stop N Go.
Location: Next to the i15/i38 Black Bear Junction [See 'Images' - Map Marker also on Pipboy]
-Mr J Voes - Weapons and Armor.
-Dr Ronald - Medical Supplies.
-Scavenger Sally - Weapons, Armor, Ammo, Misc.

 New LOCATION with VENDORNeils Techno Wares.
Location: Next to Black Bear Lake. [See 'Images' - Map Marker also on Pipboy]
Inventory: Energy Weapons/Armor/Ammo.

I hope this helps you how it has helped me.