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You will think twice before carrying too much ammo. And you will have a good reason to dust off your sidearm.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds a perk. This perk brings a penalty when you exceed the carry limit of any specific ammo type. The penalty is -100 carry weight.

The penalty is not stackable, you will not have more than -100 penalty.

Version 1 "hardcore": Ammo limit 100 rounds each. Missiles and nukes have limit on 10 rounds instead of 100.

Versión 1.2 "balanced": Ammo limit 300 rounds each. Caliber 5mm has limit on 500 rounds. Missiles and nukes have limit on 10 rounds. (This is the main manager download).

Install and activate as always. Then, you need to add the perk manually in game.

Open console and write:
help "ammo carry" 4

Take the code and write:
player.addperk xxxxxxxx

(xxxxxxxx is the code)

>>> I have decided to keep the mod clean and script free, so it is necessary to add the perk manually. <<<

Use console:
player.removeperk xxxxxxxx

Then, uninstall as usual.

In real life soldiers don't carry too much ammo, only the necessary, to avoid to carry too much weight. However, it is common to carry ammunition in specific pouches, so it will not affect your carrying capacity unless you carry too much ammunition.

We love weapons, yeah? We all have a favorite pistol, a favorite shotgun, a favorite rifle...

But in game, the best option is to carry the best weapon.

Now that has changed. With this mod, the best option is to carry your best rifle, and secondary weapons with different ammo :)

When preparing your loadout for a mission, you have to decide how much ammo you need, and how much room you need to loot ammo...

Don't waste your assault rifle ammo killing bloatflies!