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One of the highest ranked Skyrim mods comes to Fallout 4 with even more features than ever! True Storms: Wasteland Edition is a complete overhaul to the storm systems in Fallout 4. Heavy rains, dust storms, radiation rains. New unique weathers, sound effects, particle effects, textures and more including configurable ghoul hordes during radstorms

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This mod works with the 2024 Next-Gen update!



------ Please see POSTS section for Notes, Frequently Asked Questions, Common Issues and Resolutions, and Version Updates! ------

True Storms: Wasteland Edition is a complete overhaul to the storm systems in Fallout 4, including new heavy and unique weathers,
loads of new intense sound effects, interior sounds, particle effects, textures, fogs, dust storms, hazardous radiation rain and more,
covering both the Commonwealth, and Far Harbor.

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More FO4 (and Skyrim!) content coming, including tutorials, etc.

• v1.4 features a lot of new additions and changes, please see the CHANGELOG for full details!
• Far Harbor add-on now available in v1.4!
• NMM installer for easier selection of options (requires Nexus Mod Manager)
• In-game configuration Holotape to turn all features on and off, plus weather control holotape
• Sneak buffs for player and companions during storms
• New weather types including radiation rain, heavy dust storms, heavy fogs, heavy/light rain, and more
• Intense visuals during rainstorms -- new distant fork and sheet lightning effects in the sky.
• All-new heavy rain/dust textures, materials, visual effects, and particle geometry for truly heavy storms.
• 20 all-new intense thunder sounds, and a new method for much more unpredictable/random playback and lightning strikes.
• New interior sounds for all weathers: wind, rain, radstorm, and thunder sounds for all rain types, but only inside locations where it makes sense.
• Volume slider for new thunder and rain sounds to give you more control.
• Fully configurable chance for Feral Ghoul attacks during radiation storms! (please see video for details)

This new video covers all the main features of True Storms, as well as what's new in version 1.4.

Wonderful reviews of earlier versions of this mod from some of my favorite mod reviewers (clicks thru to YouTube.)


• Install using Nexus Mod Manager, and select your options. Everything is packed in BA2 archives, so everything should be plug-and-play.
 • True Storms is now an ESM so it must be above ESPs in your load order (but below the official game .ESMs)
• Upon loading the game, two holotapes will be placed in your inventory: True Storms config and True Storms weather control
• Load True Storms Configuration and enable the effects, and select what options you'd like active
 • If the holotapes do not appear in your inventory, you can craft them for free at the Chem Station under UTILITY
 • An MCM has been created for True Storms!  You can grab it here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/65541/

If you are upgrading from v1.3.1 or earlier:

• Go into an interior (i.e. Home Plate, Museum of Freedom)
• Save your game, and quit.
• Uninstall v1.3.1, including the TrueStormsFO4-NoConstantRads.esp if you use it (obsolete, can now be controlled in-game)
 • Install v1.4 using Nexus Mod Manager, and select your options. Everything is packed in BA2 archives, so everything should be plug-and-play.
 • True Storms is now an ESM so it must be above ESPs in your load order (but below the official game .ESMs)
 • Make sure any mods that are patched for True Storms have been updated for 1.4 (i.e. Darker Nights)
• There may be 1 missing plugin (ClimateSettings), this is OK, just hit YES
• Load your game, and run the True Storms Configuration holotape to enable effects and features.  These holotapes should automatically appear in
 your inventory.  If not, go to a Chem Station and craft them under UTILITY.

NOTE: If you are on the island of Far Harbor, sometimes new weathers will not show until you leave the island and return (i.e. take the boat back to the Nakano residence and back.)

NOTE: If you are using an alternate start mod, the holotapes may not go into your inventory automatically. However, they can be crafted at a Chem Station under UTILITY.

NOTE: Mods with patches for True Storms will not work with version v1.4 unless they are updated! These are being updated and will happen very quickly so please be patient. Using old patches may cause unintended behavior and issues, so you're best running True Storms by itself if you cannot wait. There are always bumps when doing major updates, so your patience is appreciated.


As of v1.4 there are no longer a plethora of install options for various chances, volatility, sunset times, etc. In previous versions this ended up yielding 20+ plugins to account for every combination, which made updating this mod frequently basically impossible. There is now simply the core True Storms chances, with vanilla volatility, which in my opinion is now quite balanced, and an option for earlier sunset.

The very best way going forward is to give YOU the power to easily change any of this yourself in second! I'm making a concise tutorial on how to edit the different aspects of True Storms to get it how you want it using xEdit, stay tuned!


• True Nights (for True Storms with ENB) by Nikonthenet
• Lightweight Lighting and True Storms Integration Patch by Rusey
• Polluted Storms (Polluted Climate Merge) by Vanake14
• Darker Nights has a patch available to make the nights darker.
• Assorted Compatibility Patches for Valdacil's Item Sorting has a patch to make the True Storms holotapes work better with that mod[/b]

Other mods that only have patches for True Storms v1.3.1 will not be fully compatible with v1.4!  Please be patient! For now True Storms v1.4 must be run on its own unless the mod has a patch for v1.4, or you risk unintended behavior and potential issues. There are always these kinds of bumps when doing a major update.

Not compatible with other weather mods (i.e. Vivid Weathers) unless a patch is made, which I am hoping to work on.


• Prod80 for his great fog effect meshes
• Everyone else for being awesome and patient!