Fallout 4
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A place to crash down and resupply in the glowing sea

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Was thinking about a long to make our beloved Marcy and her thoughtful, gentle, polite,smooth comments and compliments for saving her sorry rear end ye, ye she suffer from PTSD but still its a ultra rude and mean to hear her words in sanctuary hills where having a defense against anything even diarrhea so decided to give her Hubby a break and built a safe vacation spot in the middle of a glowing, radioactive hell.
The whole building is not much of a looker (if u dont like a hint of brutalism) as it is a vault tech-styled beast. Inside its rad free so added ewrything what i believe needed for a complete settlement (even some crappers and showers) used a lovely mod of sim settlements please forgive me the lack of decor and such im not big on that i try to list all mods needed to a complete look but if a miss out some fee free to bug me to fix it and all feedback is wery appreciated thank you 

Ps added a few manufacturing plants like a ballistic and explosive machines for resupply and such