About this mod

A ENB heavily inspired by Rudy ENB Skyrim SE. Semi realistic preset built for NAC, Vivid Weathers and True Storms.
All the effects are customizable through the ENB GUI.

Permissions and credits

Hello and welcome to Ghost ENB. A ENB based off Rudy102's amazing work. This ENB brings Gameplay, Visuals and Performance on the table. This was built for NAC - Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth - and it works pretty well with Vivid Weathers and True Storms.

So after using Vivid Weathers and I noticed that its somewhat compatible with NAC sort of. I use Vivid Weathers with NAC for its Interior lighting only.

To use NAC with Vivid Weathers or True Storms:

===You must install NAC - Natural and Atmospheric Commenwealth for all versions.===

+For Vivid Weathers Users: Select the Natural Bright Version, DONT enable NAC Climate, NAC Hybrid or its NACFX presets.

+For True Storms Users: NAC is 100% compaitble with TS so its ok to enable NAC Climate or NAC Hybrid.


NAC - Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth (NAC is required for all versions)
Vivid Weathers
True Storms

Institute Patch (Required for all versions)
PRC Patch for ENB(Optional but highly recommended)


- Delete old ENB files from your Fallout 4 folder
- Download latest ENBhttp://enbdev.com/mod_fallout4_v0344.htm, ( a black arrow at the bottom of the page ).
- Copy d3d11.dll and decompiler_46e.dll and paste into your Fallout 4 folder
- Copy and paste my files into your Fallout 4 folder
- Turn off SSAO and Depth of Field in the Fallout 4 game launcher

Hot Keys in my enblocal.ini:
Scroll Lock- disable/enable effects
Print Screen - screenshot - saved in the game folder

(Optional file in folder) Hot Keys in my enblocal.ini :
shift+F12 - disable/enable effects
shift+Enter - ENB GUI
Print Screen - screenshot - saved in the game folder


This ENB was built from Rudy ENB SE so performance should be the same if using the same ENB from Skyrim SE. But remember that Fallout 4 is not that well optimized.

I worked on this enb for about month using a i5 4590, GTX 970 G1 Gaming, 16gb Ram, on a LG 34UM69G Ultra-Wide Monitor. Performance on my side is 65-55 fps @ 2560x1080 resolution with my setup using the mods below. If the ENB is hitting your performance to much i suggest that you turn DOF and/or Detailed Shadow off from the ENB GUI.

There are 3 files included in this ENB:

Ultra: Increased SSAO and Detailed Shadow effect; DOF. Great FPS Loss: Great for Screenshots or High end machines.

Standard: Normal SSAO and Detailed Shadow; DOF. Normal FPS Loss: Great for gameplay or Mid-level PC builds

Performance: Reduced SSAO effect, DOF . Minimum FPS Loss: Great for Laptops or Low-end PC builds

*Most Screenshots were taken using the Standard ENB settings with NAC and Stand Alone A preset that comes in the NAC holotape.*

Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth (NAC) 
True Grass
Commonwealth Conifers Redux
Simply Water
FO4 Landscape Overhaul HD
NMC's Texture Bundle
-Lighting Series- All in One

Credits and Special Thanks

- Rudy102
- l00ping

- Boris Vorontsov
- JawZ
- Marty McFly
- Tapioks
- MaxG3D
- Kingeric1992
- Jjensson 
- Bethesda