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This will combine and closer match the look of several weather mods, by tweaking the LUTs, improving fog, fixing incompatibilities, for a grand weather experience.

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Installation Instructions:

Download True Storms
- get Main File and Nuka World Plus Far Harbor Add-On.
Download Vivid Weathers
 - get Main File and Update.
On install, I recommend Summer preset and Brighter, it will work best- but all will work.
Download Weather Synergy
 - get Main File, select Vivid priority on install.
Download Seventy-Six Weathers
 - get Main File and the TS patch.
Download Enhanced Color Correction
 - get Main File 1.2 Less Dark.

Then install this one.
Load it late/low.

Compatible with Clarity if this is loaded below.

Now True Storms, Seventy-Six and Vivid Weathers should work together properly and look more similar in color and shade. This will also improve/alter Fog pop-in, distant Fog, colors, LUTs.
The weather chances will be the same as in Weather Synergy, but the weathers should all look like they might have more in common in terms of the shade and coloring and fog's.


Already included in the Main Download,
(i.e. no need to download those)
- The optionals are for applying a fix for the visible fog line, if using only one weather mod, to match Clarity.