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Featured in PC Gamer this is a ENB preset striving for a realistic and natural look. Supporting True Storms, Vivid Weathers, NAC, and Vanilla. Now with optional performance versions.

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This is my ENB preset I have been using for awhile now and I decided to share it with you all. For use with Vivid Weathers, True Storms, NAC and Vanilla.
The NAC version I am still tweaking a bit in my spare time but it's definitely playable right now. I will probably update it again before too long.
If you get tired of the shadows for any reason just open ENB menu - shift and enter and click enable skyao that will increase shadow brightness, I prefer to play with it disabled. 
Make sure you have ELFX and make sure you have ENB Lights Overhaul, that mod fixes the vanilla blocky boom into realistic bloom and my settings are based off of it.

Amazingly, my mod was featured in PC Gamer
For those with bright institutes you have to download the ENB fix from PRC. The institute is way too bright for all ENBs https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6796/

Just like with any ENB make sure you download Bori's ENB Binaries from enbdev.com. You're going to want to drag and drop the .dll files into your Fallout 4 folder (you know where your data folder and such is located. do not put it in the data folder.) and then drop in the Visceral ENB files and boom you're finished.
Launch the game and check it out.
Make sure you remove your previous ENB or Reshade first before installing.
A lot of time went into this so if you like it please endorse it!
I also now have a new preset out, feel free to give it a try. It has a different feel than this one. Dawn ENB
Also if you want awesome lensflare for the sun get this - HD Lensflare

and of course the ENB is easily customizable, again, just shift plus enter and you're in to do you're own tweaking - have fun with it.
Some things may not be perfect yet, I am actively improving this mod in my spare time. So, bare with me if some areas need improvement because I am dedicated to this and I want to get it just right for everyone.

Real quick let's cover what an ENB preset is - ENB is basically better lighting. It allows for SSAO, sharpness, saturation, dof, brightness, and an array of other fun things. Downloading this will not magically make your game look exactly like mine, it will not come with trees and grass and the other 300 plus mods I have. It will however, give you the exact lighting being shown in the screenshots. 

Several People have asked what other mods I am using in my screenshots. I will list a few but not all because my FO4 is heavily modded.
So I use -
Vivid Weathers without the Natural Bright ESP
True Grass (heavily modified)
Rustbelt (heavily modified)
 NMC's Textures
Vivid Fallout just the ground textures
Less Crap Debris 
ENB Lights Overhaul
Enhanced Blood textures
Roads Redone
No More Fake Puddles
Simply Water combined with WET
Radiant Clouds and Fogs
HQ Statues
HD Creatures Rework
Enhanced Flickering Firelight