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Adds buildable, snappable barbed-wire topped security fences to the Workshop Fences menu. Variants have sheet metal screening or concrete block reinforcement. Script-added menu plays nicely with other mods. Now with pre-war variants and auto-closing gates. Versión en español disponible.

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Did you ever wish that Fallout's chainlink fences were buildable at the Workshop?  Did you ever wish they were a bit more secure?  This mod adds a variety of chainlink security fences to the Workshop build menu.  All of them are topped with barbed wire, and all of the standard fences have variants with sheet metal backings for added cover and concealment.  There's also one reinforced with cinderblocks that your guards on the ground can take cover behind.  These are mainly post-war fences, weathered and rusty, though structurally sound.  There are no holes, bent posts, or torn panels.  I've also added some pre-war variants for those who want an untarnished look.

These fences snap together, to walls, and to other fences, including General Dave's Wasteland Walls, Darth Wayne's Snappable Junk Fences, and PCDug's tall walls.  Though it's a bit tricky, it's even possible to snap them together at 45 and 90 degree angles.  Flat pieces and the small gate snap to floors, and balcony floors snap to the fences at a level just high enough that you can shoot over the top while crouching.  They're all exactly the same width as workshop shack floors (except the large gate and half-width pieces, which are respectively 1.5 and 0.5 widths), so building with them should be super easy.  If you're using Place Everywhere, you'll find that they pivot at the end, not the middle, so it's easy to curve them around obstructions, and unlike all of the other fence types in the game, these fences include pieces that slope at 7.5, 15, 22.5, and 30 degree angles so you can make them conform perfectly to uneven ground.  Oh, and you now have the option to build gates that close automatically.  No more careless settlers leaving the gates open.

I've used a lot of different fences and walls for settlements in my games.  The available fences all seemed too flimsy, like they couldn't hold off a one-legged feral.  Walls all block your line of sight (and fire) when a settlement is attacked.  So I built these fences as a way to have something that would keep attackers at a distance, while letting you shoot them through the wire.  I tried to keep them as low-poly as possible so as to minimize their impact on your graphics card.


This mod does not require any DLC or other mods, but I recommend you install Settlement Menu Manager.  Using instructions kindly provided by the folks at SMM, I used a script to add a Security Fences sub-menu to the Structures>>Fences menu in the Workshop.  You'll find all of my fences there.  I have verified that my menu plays nicely with Homemaker, Workshop Rearranged, and the other mods named here.  It should work just fine with most any mod.

I know there are some other mods that offer chainlink fences.  If you just want vanilla fences that snap, Homemaker and Workshop Rearranged include them in their encyclopedic menus, and Ethreon produced some for his Workshop Request Time mod.  My fences actually modify the fence meshes, though, to add barbed wire and optional reinforcement, fix damaged components, and put posts on both ends to eliminate the need to manage directionality when placing them.  If you notice a bit of flicker from the overlapping posts, moving the offending fence piece by just .01 in any direction fixes any problems.


Download and install with Vortex or MO2.  The fomod installer gives options for English or Spanish and an SMM-injected menu.  You will need to have SMM installed if you choose that option.  Uninstall the same way - no special process is required.  If updating from v1.0, be warned that FormIDs have changed. You will lose any fences that you built with v1.0.  Fences built with v1.1 or later should be fine.

Traducción al español gentilmente proporcionada por encontrar1983.  Descargue e instale este mod con Vortex o NMM. El instalador de "fomod" ofrece opciones para ingles o español y un menú inyectado de SMM. Necesitará tener SMM instalados si elige esa opcion. Desinstale de la misma manera, no se requiere ningún proceso especial. Si está actualizando desde v1.0, tenga en cuenta que los FormID han cambiado. Perderás cualquier valla que construyas con v1.0. Las cercas construidas con v1.1 o posterior deben estar bien.


Many thanks to icestormng for the new collision on the metal-lined sloped fences.  The updates in v1.5 would not have been possible without his help.

Thanks also to encontrar1983 for the original Spanish version. Any errors in the latest update are mine alone.