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Egret Marina is now a fortified town, able to provide a safe and secure base for weary travelers and traders. Whether you come by boat or by land you are welcome. There is a doctor and a bar for what ails you and a store to trade in. You can be sure of strong walls around you and somewhere safe to sleep watched over by guards 24 hours a day.

Permissions and credits
What is this?
This is my own version of Egret Marina fortified and secured.
While my layout is complete, you can use whatever mods you like and modify it to suit your own needs.

What do you need to use this?
Obviously you will need the latest version of Transfer Settlements

Do I need any mods/addons?
This blueprint requires no mods, but I do make use of a few. Sim Settlements, Clean and Simple - Settlement Startup and DDP AIO Standalone. You will need these if you want the blueprint to look like I made it. I also use Better Generators (totally not a requirement) if you don't then just build more generators.
The walls use some assets from Sim Settlements (the Concrete Foundations but those can be replaced by vanilla pieces if you wish)
The other assets used in the blueprint can be ignored if you wish to just have the walls for instance.
You will need the Wastelands and Contraptions DLC.

Installation (Manual)
1. Download the file and extract.
2. Copy the blueprint file to the data/f4se/Plugins/TransferSettlements/blueprints/whatever number you want/ folder in your
game or just copy and merge the data folder to use slot 10

There are a few trees and stumps that need to be removed to place the walls without them getting in the way. Also I remove any trees or stumps I deem too close to the walls from a defensive point of view. Gotta keep those firing arcs clear people. Unless you want your killing grounds giving the bad guys cover?
Either way use a Scrap Mod of your choice or console command "disable" them to clear the way. For those ultra realistic types just think of it as using the local wood for your building project.

I'd like to thankĀ CDante for Transfer Settlements just an awesome idea and piece of work.
kinggath and the Sim Settlements teamĀ jenncave, DDProductions83 and expired6978 I never load fallout 4 without your mods.
Also a special thank you to AlxRam for The Red Wave (Reloaded) my favourite Player Home/ Transport without your mod I probably would never have built Egret Marina as my Player Base.
Thanks to Gopher for the idea to do my post like this.

You don't have to endorse this blueprint if you don't want to but please remember to endorse the mods listed or any mods that you do use.

***Added optional file for those who use Red Wave Reloaded or for anyone who just wants a bit extra***