Fallout 4

About this mod

This mod is a weapon attachment overhaul which uses various other mods and resources to bring vast weapon variety to the commonwealth

Permissions and credits
  • Warning: I recommend this mod to be added to a new game only if not it may break your weapons and maybe other things because of new form ids and the amount of content. If you ignore this and it breaks your save I am not helping you fix it. This is just a general disclaimer it really shouldn't break anything but weapons and if you decide to use it you can fix the broken weapons by modifing them at a workbench and they will be fine.

General Information:

This mod compiles parts of many weapon attachment mods across the nexus to achieve better variety, load order, and compatibility. I have spent many hours researching, testing mods, messaging, fixing errors, creating, and learning - This is what I came up with.

-Mod includes many new attachments created by various modders
-Better Customization of the vanilla and DLC weapons
-A few material swaps
-Improved meshes
-Various fixes 
-Balanced in a vanilla way

Detailed Information:

Vanilla Changes:

Fire Modes:
  • You now choose Semi-Automatic and Automatic firing modes separate from receivers. Other than that receivers are basically vanilla balanced
  • Added Fanning, Double Action, and vanilla Single Action Fire Modes for all Revolvers. 

  • You now choose ammo separate from receivers and only ammo that makes sense for the weapon e.g The hunting rifle can be re-chambered with .38, 7.62, 5.56, .50 Cal, .45-70, and of course .308 but can't be re-chambered with shotgun shells cause that is just unrealistic 
  • Ammo effects have been added as an option so you can pick an effect with whatever ammo you choose. These include Incendiary, Cryo, Explosive, Plasma-Infused, Match-Grade Rounds, Poison, Irradiated, Pulse, Shock, Hollow-Point, and Armor Piercing
  • New Missile Launcher missiles have been added such as Mini-Missiles, Nuke, Napalm, Plasma, Cryo, Pulse, and many more
  • Some new ammo types such as Tracer rounds and Laser effects for laser weapons

  • Includes built in Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch fixes making it compatible (2.1.0)
  • Changed Cryolator damage to Cryo instead of Energy
  • Many mods had their damage as Energy and have been changed to an appropriate one like the Heating Coil now does Fire Damage etc
  • Changed some Reflex Sights names to include (Dot) or (Circle) like many others in vanilla game
  • Added name of weapon to mod crates that were missing them
  • Double Barrels Spiked Muzzle now thrusts like a bayonet as it should
  • Added 10 Fire Damage to the Flare Gun like New Vegas had
  • Mini-Nukes, Nuka-Nukes, Missiles, Fusion Cores, Mines, and Grenades can be targeted and destroyed in VATS 
  • Explosive Bullets now leave a bullet impact
  • Mini-Nukes now leave some radiation after detonation
  • Added proper silenced sounds for the Radium Rifle 
  • Other various minor fixes not worth mentioning

Leveled Lists:
  • Some new attachments and ammo types will appear on weapons out in the Commonwealth adding more variety!
  • A wider variety of weapons will appear on settlers and city dwellers not just pipe weapons anymore!
  • The DLC's Handmade Rifle, Lever Action Rifle, and Radium Rifle were added to the base game leveled lists

  • DLC ammo added to Scrounger Perk

  • Removal of Range penalty from bayonets for realism also includes Bladed Bull Barrel for the .44
  • Restored some unequip/equip sounds for some weapons that had them

New Weapon Mods:

New Explosives:

New Weapons:

Mods that edit weapons, weapon mods, and modcols will not be compatible with this mod. Also everything listed in the credits will not be compatible or needed if you use this mod (with the exception of Commonwealth Crossbows, Automatron Robot Vault-tec Paint Jobs, ERDL BoS Scribe, Backpacks of the Commonwealth, SavernX HD Junk and Props you can still use those we just used a texture/mesh from them).

[color=#c9daf8]Other Useful Weapon Related Mods:
Cryolator Cryo-Cell Fix - Compatible
Right-Ejection Tommy - Partial compatibility
All Weapons HD - Compatible but needs to be installed after my mod
SaverX Weapon HD DLC - Compatible but needs to be installed after my mod
Right-handed Nukaworld AK Replacer - Compatible

Credits: Anything with open permissions is labeled and you can use it so long as the mod page still labels it as such. Everything else I acquired permissions for and if you wish to use any of these you must ask the authors and any persons noted on their pages credits tab before using. The mods listed are in no specific order.

I want to thank each and everyone of these authors for creating the means for me to create this mod without your work this wouldn't have been made. Thank you.

Gunsmith Extended by Undyne777 and Cooleo 
Larger Hunting Rifle Silencer by tjwoosta (Open permissions)
Better Reflective Pipe Weapons by billyro
Kremvh's Tooth Replacer by billyro
Brown To Gray Pipe Weapons by murdalizer
Extra Long Barrels by NotSure700
Reversed Assaultron Blade by The6thMessenger
Missile Launcher Redux by The6thMessenger
Pipe Weapon Overhaul by The6thMessenger
Incinerator Flamer by The6thMessenger
Combat Rifle Redux by The6thMessenger
Minigun .50 Cal - .308 - 5.56mm by The6thMessenger
Less Bulky Laser Rifle by Bordraw
Better ReconScope by groko4557
Laser Rifle Full Grip Stock by Bordraw
Gauss Rifle Glow Sights
Tactical Weapon Lamps by DOOM as well as Fading Signal, invalidfate, Wretched89, and tenoyl
Tactical Weapon Mods by Seanms1991 aka Sean_s
Hunting Rifle with Bipod by ExXode (Open permissions)
Radium Rifle - No Radar Dish by Spherikal
Kryptek Neptune by Radulykan
Kryptek Inferno by Radulykan
Kryptek Typhon by Radulykan
Shishkebab-Ripper Vault-friendly Retex by RekkZero
AARP (Alternative Assault Rifle Properties) by jkruse05
Hunting Rifle With Extended Bipod by Crimsomrider
Restored Radium Rifle by Crimsomrider
Satojomov Armory by Satojo
CombatRifle Extend by futoshisan
Handmade Rifle Classic Barrel by Satojo
Shovel Stock for Railway Rifle by Apam
Langes Messer by Moraelin (Open Permissions)
Double Barrel Shotgun Suppressor-Silencer by darkconsole
Larger Revolutionary Sword by Auslander66
The Sacrificial Claw by Auslander66
Bowie Knifes by Auslander66
Enhanced Harpoon Upgrades by Phoynix
Shrouded Laser Musket Modification by Phoynix
Rocket-Axe by Kyoblazden
Cyan's Weapon Mod by audiogarden21
The Weapons Mods Mod by jackskyhawkVII
Alien Blaster Overhaul by acidic_agent
Plasma Carbine Barrel by Madcat221
Tesla Sniper Rifle and Scopes by Stygian Emperor (Open Permissions)
Dragonbreath Shotgun by GenghisKhanX
Broadsider Improved by GhenghisKhanX
Laser Weapon Better Ironsight by AbooseMoose
HMAR Saiga Kit by OpheliaNeoma
HMAR Stock Kit by OpheliaNeoma
HMAR Russian Kit by OpheliaNeoma
Handmade Rifle Extension by ShadowRanger787
Battleaxe by bacteriophageBS
Submachine Gun Improved by aviatori and MonkSS for the animations
Stick Mag for Submachine Gun by asXas and FiddlerGreen for the animations
Gauss Rifle Improved Sights by Savage Hammer
Pipe Metal Material and New Receivers by maniman303
Better Cryolator by Wendigo007 (Open Permissions)
A Fist Full of Barrels by wubilyu (Open Permissions)
Impaled Teddy Bear Mod by gogar
Minigun Suite by Safecandy
Tesla Rifle Enhancements by Lythael
More Mods Harpoon Gun by derpsdale
IceTeaKiwi's Hunting Rifle Pack by IceTeaKiwi
Incinerator Flamer and Heavy Incinerator Flamer by Lagarium
Greater Glowing Gauss Rifles by jkroovy
Gauss Reflex and Iron Sight FIX by Cyberdyn (Open permissions)
Clean Handmade Rifle Customization by Crimsomrider
Radium Rifle Weapon Mods by ksdxr
Handmade Rifle - Classic Wooden Stock by Deadpool2099
Wooden Stock for Handmade Rifle by Quortaz
Wooden Stock for Handmade Rifle Retexture by Perroamarillo
Crossbows of the Commonwealth by TrickyVein
Pipe Assault Rifle by vaultsquirrel (Open permissions)
Essential Launchers by Count9us
F4 Fixes by Bronod
Hollywood Laser Bolts by flecked
Hollywood Bullet Tracers by flecked
Extended Weapon Mods by Akanami
Long Barrel nif files from the Pipe Weapon Overhaul by TrickyVein
Deathclaw Bayonet nif file from the Pipe Shotgun mod by Henkspamadres
Junk Land Firearms by futoshisan (Open permissions)
Small Heavy Guns and Naval Mines by m150
Handmade Anti-Material Rifle by Shoeburglar
Scrap Melee by W Master
Combat Rifle Overhaul by Peekachuw
Shishkebab Katana by ArekkusuStorm
More Melee Weapons by Progamerofhell1
Nuka Bottlecap Mine by Parallaxkk
More Realistic Pipe Weapon Textures by AlexSlesh
Darker Pipe Weapons by johnsack2001
Hunting Rifle Retexture by jorhadoq
FlaconOils Minigun HD Retexture by FlaconOil
Double Barrel Shotgun Silencer by InsanePlumber
Fusion Core Grenades by sgtbarney (Open Permissions)
Mad Bomber by ajuszkiewicz
Teddy Mines by jet4571
Tactical Throwing Weapons by borjoyzee
MoreShishkebab by m150
Nuka-MIRV by IfMIN5122
Broadsider Expanded by Phoynix
Backpacks of the Commonwealth by bmanzzs
ERDL BoS Scribe by Kazeite
Automatron Robot Vault-Tec Paint Jobs by DungeonMasterMorin
Proximity Bombs by GenghisKhanX
SavernX HD Junk and Props DLC by SavernX
Nuka World Handmade Rifle Enhancements by RussianPrince on Lovers Lab aka ZurinArctus85
Also want to thank RussianPrince for helping me with some of the stuff I don't know how to do. Including texture work and some additional models.

Big shout out to Mavmanzero who continues to spend many hours fixing textures, meshes, and providing many more meshes. From now on any updates containing meshes were likely made by him so thank him in the comments for his dedication to this mod. The Mav. The Man. The Marvel.

Hopefully thats everyone but if I missed you it was unintentional shoot me a message