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Add a variety of Tactical Flashlights, Laser Sights, and different strength tiers of Bayonets on your weapons without replacing any of your other weapon mods.

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Hello! This mod is called...

by Seanms1991

The highly compatible 1.5 version is thanks to Wenderer.
Thanks again Wenderer for your scripting talent!



This mod will allow you to add 3 new types of weapon mods to most standard firearms found in the Commonwealth. These mods are separated into their own categories, no need to choose them over a muzzle or scope. They will all be visibly added to your weapons, allowing you to make them even more personalized.

With this mod, you can add to your weapons:

Tactical Flashlights that replaces the Pip-Boy light while attached to equipped gun, craftable in 6 different styles.

Laser Sights that reduces firing spread but hinder stealth, can be used as an aim assist, craftable in 3 different colors.*

More Bayonets, craftable in 5 damage tiers and applicable to more weapons than ever without replacing muzzles.

These mods are compatible with 20 different vanilla weapons (if you count the three different pipe gun variants). They can be crafted and applied at any Weapons Workbench, just like normal mods. You'll see three new upgrade slots on compatible weapons, one for each category of the new mods. Counting all the variants of each new type of mod, 14 new weapon mods have been added per weapon.* With 20 compatible weapons, that means this mod adds a total of around 280** weapon mods to the game!

*The exception are standard and Institute Lasers that only have one color choice because they emit their own laser sight*
**There are exactly 265 new mods, 11 old but modified ones, and 4 absent laser colors because of the above, I just didn't want to look bad at math**



There are no longer any requirements for this mod to function. AWKCR dependency has been removed.



Note, the issues with the Laser Sights have been addressed since the release of Gopher's video.



To craft these new weapon mods, all one needs to do is walk up to a Weapons Workbench with a compatible weapon and select one of the upgrade slots on the bottom of the weapon mod list. There are 3 new slots, Upgrade 3 for Bayonets, Upgrade 2 for Laser Sights, and Upgrade 1 for Tactical Flashlights. They can be added and removed however you like, as long as you have the crafting materials and any necessary perks.

Here are the general mechanics behind each new category:

Tactical Flashlights - Tactical Lights for short, they act the same way as Power Armor headlamps but attached to guns. Trying to turn on your Pip-Boy light will activate the light, just like Power Armor. The light is cast from the flashlight itself, so any movement your gun makes moves where your light is being shined, like a real flashlight would. Attaching a Tactical Light to your gun provides no bonuses except for promoting vision in dark areas. The lights do add weight to the gun however, and a small increase in the time it takes to unholster the weapon. While crafting, there are six styles of light to choose from; basic (standard), blue, green, purple, red, and extra bright. They all behave the same, though some cost more than others and may require the Science! perk to craft.

Laser Sights - There are three colors of Laser Sights to choose from, red, green, and blue. Each sight provides a bonus to accuracy, or more specifically they reduce the spread (fire-cone) of your weapon and increase accuracy in VATS. Not all weapons see an obvious benefit from this, so some experimentation may be required. In general, the less accurate a weapon, the greater the benefit it'll have from using a sight. On the flip side, having a laser coming from your weapon at all times makes you easier to detect, so keep that in mind for weapons intended for stealth. A sight also increases the weight of the gun, and slightly increases weapon unholstering time. While the visual effect of the laser itself is decorative, effort has been made to align the very end of the laser with the first person crosshair, so it can actually be used to assist with aiming. They should now be very close to accurate and functional. They can even be used in place of a crosshair with no HUD. As there is no support for laser sights in the game, there can be no aiming dot added to targets at this time.

Bayonets - The was the game handles bayonets has been altered. For most guns, bayonets are no longer listed as a muzzle, and instead are in their own category under Upgrade 3. Any currently existing bayonet in game has been changed to adapt to this new system, and does not need replaced. Now you can have both a silencer and a bayonet on the same weapon, for example. The downside is that will mean more weight, as the gun will be weighed down by both mods. For each weapon, there are 5 tiers of bayonet that increase in power in order of blunt, dull, fine, honed, and razor sharp. Each tier will cost more to make and require higher levels of Gun Nut and Blacksmith to make. Higher tier bayonets are also heavier, so a gun with a dull bayonet will weigh less than a gun with a honed one. It is up to you to choose how heavy you're willing to let your weapon get for the sake of upgrades.

To apply any of the above upgrades, the weapon must be compatible with this mod. Any gun not compatible will simply not have the upgrade slots and will be the same as they have always been. As a general rule, only standard guns are compatible, any unique weapons have not been considered. This includes guns such as the Cryolator, the Junk Jet, the Railway Rifle, and the Deliverer (it's too small for these mods anyways.)

The current list of compatible guns are:

Assault Rifles
10mm Pistols
Laser Muskets
Standard Pipe Guns
Missile Launchers
Hunting Rifles*
Double-Barrel Shotguns
Laser Guns
.44 Magnums
Gauss Rifles
Combat Rifles
Gatling Lasers
Plasma Guns
Pipe Bolt-Action Guns
Pipe Revolver Guns
Combat Shotguns
Submachine Guns
Institute Guns

The current list of DLC compatible guns are:

Radium Rifles
Harpoon Guns
Lever Action Rifles

The current list of incompatible weapons (in game) are:

Unique/rare weapons;
Alien Blaster
Junk Jet
Railway Rifle

General exceptions:
All melee weapons
All Current DLC weapons
Fat Man
Flare Gun
Gamma Gun

If you feel there is probable reason to make any of these weapons compatible with this mod, please make your case in the comments!

*To work around a glitch, the Bayonets of Hunting Rifles are still considered Muzzles, and not their own upgrade. This means it is the only compatible gun that you will have the choose either to equip with a bayonet or muzzle.



This mod has been redesigned as to be more compatible with other weapon mods. Originally this mod overwrote weapon records, so conflicts were common. Now, thanks to the scripter Wenderer, null weapon mod is dynamically applied to all compatible weapons when the player gets it that adds the upgrade slots to the gun. This means that overwriting weapon records is no longer necessary and so the mod now uses no vanilla weapon edits and can interact safely with more mods.

The mod Lowered Weapons, while doesn't directly conflict with this mod, makes using Tactical Lights impractical
, because with your gun is always lowered, you have to iron sight to shine your light on what you want with Lowered Weapons enabled. Again, there are no direct conflicts, this is simply a side effect of the way our two mods work.

Though just to be clear, the most popular item sorters ARE compatible with this mod as they do not edit the same records this mod does. The exceptions have had patches created for them, but they are not required and only fix minor problems.


-Known Issues and Bugs-

There are a couple currently known issues that do not need reported:

Having many of the upgrades installed will cause the incorrect part of the gun to be highlighted in the Weapons Workbench (usually one of the new upgrades). This is purely cosmetic, and doesn't cause any actual problems.

Putting away a gun with a Tactical Flashlight left on will cause it to shine "out of pocket" despite being put away. This usually results in only half the screen being illuminated, and the area of illumination moving around. It is recommended to either leave your gun drawn in these cases, or to swap to a weapon without a flashlight.

Swapping between different weapons with different colored tactical flashlights using hotkeys or favorites will not change the color of the light to the color of the switched to weapon's tactical flashlight, and will instead stay the color of the original light until the light is turned off and back on or the pip-boy is opened and closed. Switching to a gun without a flashlight will have the light disappear, while the flashlight is still on, and will have to be turned off and on again to work.


-Tools Used-

Creation Kit - Plugin authoring
- Plugin editing
Automation Tools - Plugins for FO4Edit*
NifScope - Nif manipulation
3DS Max - Model editing
Paint.Net - Texture editing
Deba2 - BA2 archive explorer/extractor
Guidelines 2015 - Description page and readme drafter
FOMOD Creation Tool - Fomod creator for the compatibility patches

*Let me just tell you, Automation Tools have saved me so much time that they pretty much made this mod possible!*


Thanks for checking out this mod! I spent a lot of hours manually positioning every model and conquering the load of roadblocks that presented themselves (nothing wants to make itself straightforward with this game). It also took forever to create the records for all the weapon mods. With the crafting recipes, the misc items, and the weapon mods themselves, I had to create and edit 858 unique records (which, ironically, is a record for me!) I hope this mod seems appealing, thanks for reading this far, have a good one!