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Alternate parts for the vanilla 'Assault Rifle' with options to replace them, add them as new options, and even overhaul the weapon into an automatic-only, .308 machine gun in the heavy weapons category.

Permissions and credits
The idea behind this mod is to take a weapon that felt out of place with its name and setting, and give it a newfound purpose. The 'Assault Rifle' in Fallout 4 is based on several different WWI and WWII Machine Guns. Since Fallout 4 really lacks a decent support weapon, I took it upon myself to fill that gap, starting with the Assault Rifle, and expanding (optionally) to Miniguns and Gatling Lasers. Hopefully, this will become a new favored weapon, if not for you as a player, for your companions and settlers.

This will work best with a new game. If you install in the middle of an active game take a few days to rest and let cells reset. Any "Assault Rifle" that already exists in the world will maintain that name until you mod them. If you use an actual "AARP" .esp and notice that the attachment list has two receivers named "Standard", or an old none-automatic one,  build one of the others, then toss that old one in a hole somewhere.

There are two versions of this mod, each with six different install options. That's 12 choices for how you want the mod to work. Don't ask for more. 

Replacer Version: This version overwrites most vanilla meshes with the new options and leaves the basic stats only mildly altered, only changing those things needed to be logical, such as swapping out materials needed to build parts, or renaming them. It is inteded to feel as integrated into the vanilla game as I could manage, and thus does things like alternate ammo in the same way as the vanilla game. This is my preferred way to use the mod.

Addon Version: This version treats the new meshes primarily as cosmetic options, and they are only slightly different, statistically, from the vanilla options. It is intended to expand the weapon's parts, and leave it open for even more to be added through other mods. Vanilla parts records (for barrels, stocks, magazines, and sights) are mostly untouched.

Both versions include:
-Thinner receiver mesh with the carry handle removed. Replacer versions also have a lighter foregrip.
-Four new barrel meshes based on classic US machine guns
-New iron sights with a lower profile to use with new barrels
-Three new stock/grip meshes. One based on the Johnson LMG and two converted from the Gauss Rifle.
- One new magazine mesh, based loosely on cloth belt holders.

Each version has six different .esps to choose from.

AssaultRifleReplacementParts or AssaultRiflePartsPack: Simply adds the new parts, either by replacing the old ones, or as additional options. Highest compatibility with other mods, especially "AssaultRiflePartsPack" which only changes one vanilla record. Neither one changes the base weapon entry, only parts.

ARReplacementParts or ARPartsPAck + AR to 308MG: All the changes from above, plus swaps the base weapon to use .308 rather than 5.56 and renames everything to refer to the weapon as 'Machine Gun'. Uses a custom leveled list to avoid conflicts with other mods that reference LL_ammo_assaultrifle. Weapon retains both Semi-Auto and Automatic receivers and uses Commando and Rifleman perks.

AARP NoFear: This is the most basic version of what I consider 'true' AARP. These .esps add the new parts as replacements or addons, swap the ammo to .308 and use the custom leveled list for ammo, remove semi-auto receiver options, convert the weapon to use the Heavy Gunner perk, and boost the base damage from 30 to 35. The "Replacer" version includes a low level receiver that allows players to use 5.56 if they choose. It is implemented in the same way as .38 receivers on many vanilla weapons. The "Addon" version includes ammo swap mods to use any receiver with 5.56, but damage is reduced by 15%, putting it roughly at vanilla levels.

AARP: The core mod. This does everything from NoFear, but also includes an 'enchantment' on the weapon that incurs a 10% chance to cause panic for three seconds every time you hit an enemy. This was the best way I could come up with to introduce some kind of suppression effect. It lasts just long enough to make an enemy stop engaging and run to cover.

AARP Plus: This applies the same changes as AARP, plus adds the suppression enchantment to Miniguns and Gatling Lasers, including those on robots and vertibirds. Boosts Minigun base damage from 8 to 14. Plus options no longer touch Combat Rifles or Submachine Guns as they did in previous versions of AARP.

AARP Plus for Automatron: Same as above, but also adds the suppression effect to new robot Miniguns and Gatling Lasers added by the DLC. Obviously requires Automatron. 

January 18, 2019
Version 1.21 (addon only)
-Fixed an issue with the No Fear option crashing to desktop when trying use a Machine Gun. For some reason the ammo swap attachments forgot what ammo they were pointed to, so the weapon couldn't use any.

October 11, 2018
Version 1.2
-Set enchantment to not appear in UI, so the game will no longer say that Machine Guns have an extra 95 energy damage.

-New Addon .esp option, Parts Pack plus Distribution. Same as the basic Parts Pack, but makes so you can find the new parts on enemies. I'm not sure if edits to the base weapon will disable this, so I just made it a separate option for people who know they don't have anything else that will affect it.

-Updated FOMOD to display the right version number, so it shouldn't be telling you there's an update in your mod manager.

September 10, 2018
Version 1.1
-Fixed white ejection port when using CC skins. CC textures are transparent between visible sections (which showed as white in the game), but the vanilla one is black. In order to balance the two the ejection port should now be standard gunmetal for all skins/textures.

Most options will conflict, at least partially, with any mod that changes the Assault Rifle. Retextures will be missing the new weapon parts. The 'plus' versions will conflict with any stat changes to miniguns or gatling lasers.

Known Issues
-Lighting issues with new receiver mesh while using vanilla textures. Seems more or less fine when you see it out in the world, but is extra reflective when in menus. Will fix if I figure out what's causing it.

-NPCs in Addon versions will spawn with the wrong iron sights if they get a weapon with a new barrel. This is known and intentional, done to avoid editing the vanilla barrel records. Swapping to the new sights is free at any weapon bench.

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