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Replaces Kremvh's Tooth with a more functional-looking model.

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Kremvh's Tooth Replacer

By Billyro


This mod replaces Kremvh's Tooth with a more functional-looking model. The original looked cool and certainly sacrificial, however in a real combat situation, it simply wouldn't be very effective. Therefore, I decided to replace it with a more realistic design, while trying to maintain a savage and worn appearance. 

Once the CK is released, I will make an optional file that includes the model as a custom weapon-mod, as opposed to replacing the sacrificial blade weapon-mod.


Will be compatible with any mods that alter Kremvh's Tooth's statistics. 

Will overwrite any mods that alter Kremvh's Tooth's mesh or textures. 

Known Issues:

None! Previously, the blood wasn't working, however it was fixed by InsanePlumber. Give him a kudos if you like this mod. :) 


The standard procedure. If you're unfamiliar with installing mods, watch this (manual installation) or watch this (NMM installation).


Please notify me if you want to use this model in a custom mod. Do not upload elsewhere unless I give you permission. 

Credits and Tools Used:

3DS Max 2016