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.50-Cal Reciever + Tri-Barrel = Handheld GAU-19/B!

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Been a wild ride, but this mod is depreciated and is unsupported.

Updating and maintaining these mods individually has been tedious.

My Overhauls has been consolidated in an AIO pack, and it would be easier for me to simply maintain, and develop that.

> firehead392 - Rusty Minigun
> XricsX - Rust Free Minigun
> Kanarus - Black Minigun 
> ZeMantras - Minigun Audio Overhaul
> Eomanv - Alice Minigun Sound
> Mauskal - Shield

 - Due to Bethesda's engine,modifications that modifies projectile fired will conflict. Because the Modification changes projectile, it will conflict with something like Explosive Legendary-mod, and at one point may disable the explosive projectile depending with which modification is applied first.

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An overhaul of the Minigun, adding a slot for the Receiver handling the use of ammunition by the Minigun, allowing it to use the ample 5.56mm, humble .308, or the monstrous .50 Cal. It also comes with a small tweaks with the existing barrels, and somewhat "paintable".

 - The Barrels now have different bonuses. The required items to craft is now lessened, and the perks needed are changed.
 - The Tri-Barrel has more damage, more range, and different sound; the Sentry Bot minigun sound. Now available at Gun-Nut Rank 2
 - The Accelerated Barrel has more fire rate, less damage, less range, and less recoil. Now available at Gun-Nut rank 1.
 - By Default, the minigun now has 12 damage from 8, and offers 50% armor penetration.
 - Added a "True" reflex sight, borrowed from the Gatling Laser, offers tighter spread.
 - Gunner Sight has better handling traits.
 - Range-bonuses are now Multiplicative than additive.

 - New Receiver slot is added, allowing the player to craft the minigun to use different ammo.
 - The 5mm is standard, but has 50% armor penetration which is the standard. Available at Gun-Nut rank 1, to make sure that players will have to invest at Gun-Nut to at least swap receivers.
 - The 5.56mm has x2 damage, and has 20% Armor Penetration, 400 capacity, and reduced range. Available at Gun-Nut Rank 2.
 - The .308 has x3 damage, and has 35% Armor Penetration, 300 capacity, and reduced range. Available at Gun-Nut Rank 3.
 - The .50 Cal has x4 damage, "medium" Stagger-Value, and 65% Armor Penetration, 200 capacity, with immense range. Available at Gun-Nut Rank 4.

 - New Pistol-Caliber Receivers are added as well, but requires Ballistic Weave to be unlocked too. These Pistol-Caliber receivers have the same damage profile as the original 4 receivers but no armor penetration, and has reduced range.
 - The .38 Round has 1x damage, reduced range. Available at Gun-Nut rank 1.
 - The 10mm has x2 damage, reduced range. Available at Gun-Nut Rank 2.
 - The .45 Round has x3 damage, reduced range. Available at Gun-Nut Rank 3.
 - The Shotgun Shell has x4 damage, 8 projectiles, reduced range. Available at Gun-Nut Rank 1 + Idiot Savant Rank 3.
 - The .44 Cal has x4 damage, "medium" Stagger-Value, reduced range. Available at Gun-Nut Rank 4.

 - Added "Damage Receivers", Standard, Hardened (+25%), Powerful (+50%), and Advanced (75%) receivers, these only add damage to the Minigun.
- Added Shields, which adds 50 Damage Resistance while equipped.

 - Added "Paint" Material; Old, Polished, and Shadowed.
 - Old is standard, reduces damage by 15%.
 - Polished is normal, and has no penalty.
 - Shadowed has +15% weight, and +5 to stealth on dark areas. 

 - Damage Rebalanced, including Explosive damage. By default, the 5mm now only does 50% of explosive damage if you have the legendary attachment, that is from 15 damage to 7.5; but this can also be buffed by up to 200% of explosive damage (30 damage) with .50-Cal. This is also affected by barrel attachment and motor types. While I understand that the flat-damage is the main advantage of the explosive legendary to a weapon with weak damage/shot, this is just not the case with the mod that now adds a whole lot of damage, likewise it only incentivises low-damage + rapid ROF which depreciates Tri-Barrel and/or 50-Cal. The explosive rebalance ensures proportional usefulness, and curtails the excessive damage output of the shotgun receiver.

I also buffed Glory a little, made her energy level to 100, and added 35 damage resistance, and 230 health. She also spawns with the new Legendary minigun; "Evening Star" (xx000855), which is a Two-Shot Polished .308 Minigun with Shredder barrel.

OPTIONAL FEATURE: Added Experimental "Motors" which houses three types of attachments.

 - Standard Motor: Essentially the normal winding-up feature.

 - High-Speed Motor: "Aircraft-grade lightweight parts allows the minigun to be easily carried even without power-armor, immensely improving handling traits, and immediately attain maximum rate of fire at a near instant, but at the cost of using less powerful ammunition only to prevent compromising the integrity of the weapon."

Removes the winding up feature, allowing the minigun to shoot immediately at the cost of reduced damage. It also has less weight, removing 13.5 units of weight, increasing reload-speed by 35%, increasing stability by 13%, decreasing ADS transition time by 13%. Such setup allows the minigun to be much more flexible.

 - Chaingun Motor: "Armed with the heavy-duty D12 motor, the minigun can bear very heavy and sturdy overall modification yet attain the same maximum rate of fire, in addition of increased durability over prolonged sustained fire or harsh environments; shrug off mud, water and sand off the inner mechanism, and the ability to use over-pressured match-grade ammunition usually reserved to snipers or made by handloaders, it still fire at maximum fire rate and still be as accurate. However stricken with absurdly slow spin-up time, it is shot as it's spun to it's maximum rate of fire as general practice."

Note: The spinup-sequence is only player-side. NPCs will shoot at max-speed immediately, though because it's no longer using "Charging Attack", they have pauses in between.


The Chaingun Motor however is why this is "Experimental", though it works, it has certain unintended effects like it has irregular and inconsistent rate of fire where it sometimes slow down for a bit for at least 1 shot. It also does irreparable damage should it bugs out, like when the game freezes mid-game, the rate-of-fire could go negative or positive and the weapon will no longer have that speed-up feature. Should it bugs-out, your game is damaged, and you should revert to previous saves. For the safest measure, do NOT play in survival with this feature as you need lots of saves to fall-back on, as well as i would advise you to pop the console out, and check upon your Actor-Value 0000312 "WeaponSpeedMult", and it should be only between 0.1 and 1.1, and mustn't have negative or positive values. Though it could go up more than 1.1, it should return to 0.1 at least.

Lastly, if you ever find that Chaingun is buggy or jittery, try resetting your actor value 312, and have it on 1 via player.setav 1

The Dispel mechanism is operated by a looping timer that executes every 0.2s, checking if the weapon has the right attributes, such as a Chaingun and of a specific barrel, else it will dispel. If the MGEF dies, so does the timer and will no longer re-execute. That being said, this is a dirty, and potentially buggy technique, albeit so far the only known way to detect whether a certain attribute is lost as opposed of "Dispel on Keywords" which dispel MGEF on acquisition. As such, i could not make a script that will discern specific weapons, thus it will still be shareable between Chainguns of barrels.

You have been warned!

Shoots while winding up to maximum rate, this has a completely slower "wind up" time, of 3s vs 1s of the original, but has increased damage. Initially the minigun shoots at 10% of the maximum speed, with each consecutive shots increasing that into maximum at around 3 seconds. This means you have to use vats several times to get up to speed. Each stack decays in two seconds, in which one expires midway before maxing the rate of fire.

Different barrels require different amounts of shots to achieve maximum rate of fire but the time to do so is relatively the same, 3% per shot with Long Barrels or around 31 rounds, 1.5% per for Accelerated Barrels or 61 rounds, and 5% per shot or 19 rounds for Tri-Barrel, with the three achieving maximum rate at around 3 seconds of continuous firing.

The time it takes is:

Tri-Barrel - 3.060848326 s
Long-Barrel - 3.124932911 s
Accelerated Barrel - 2.959689131 s

Compare that to the Minigun, which needs only 1s to wind up before firing, in under 3 seconds, there would have 2 seconds of firing thus the original minigun would have shot 35.4 rounds with Tri-Barrel, 54.4 with long-barrel, and 109 with Accelerated barrel, which accordingly would have dealt 567, 648, and 850.2 damage respectively. To Chaingun's 19 shots with Tri-Barrel, 31 shots with Long Barrel, and 61 rounds of Accelerated barrel, it would have dealt 461.7, 558, and 713.7 respectively. All the same, when during wind-up time where the minigun cannot fire, the Tribarrel Chaingun would have let off 2 shots, Long barrel Chaingun had let off 3 and 7 with accelerated barrel Chaingun, with dealing 48.6 damage with tribarrel, 54 with long barrel, and 81.9 with accelerated barrel. And then obviously, beyond 3 seconds of concentrated fire, where the Chaingun have Max-Rate of fire, it will topple the original minigun completely with it's +50% damage. The Chaingun shines in unorthodox situations; upon the fleeting, short -- 1s exposure, and then beyond 3 - 4s of concentrated fire.

While as a Chaingun, the Standard and Accelerated uses Pipe-Gun Single-Shot sounds, while the Tri-Barrel uses Assault-Rifle single-shots instead. This is so because the weaponspeedmult change is not exactly detected, so the fire speed does not change accordingly. If you want to contribute for better firing sounds, it would be nice.

If you're using the Shredder barrel, and out of ammo, you can still spin-up and do a chainsaw-eque attack, however to stop it, simply go to ADS. 

If you accessed a work-bench, or any other objects that can be activated, the barrel will glow hot as if its firing. Fret not, all you have to do is switch weapons briefly, and then it will return to normal.

Improves the Tri-Barrel Mod.

The new Tri-Barrel now sports x6 Damage (from 8 to 48), 65% Armor Penetration, but uses the .50 Caliber ammo so i think the exorbitant boost of damage is justified. It still has improved range, and accuracy. However as a balancing factor, the recoil is increased as much as the rate of fire is decreased by 35%, it has less ammunition capacity -- to 300.

The Low-Damage version sports x4 damage instead (From 8 to 32). Everything else is the same.

Personally, i would like to have a different receiver option, but honestly i wouldn't use the Tri-Barrel with the normal 5mm, and the recoil of the .50 Cal on the rate of fire of the Accelerated barrel would be too much to handle already. Perhaps in the future, i might add a "Rechamber" option for the Minigun instead; allowing it to make use of the different barrels while still having options to play with different chamberings such as the 5.56, .308, .50 Cal etc.

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