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Some attachments for some vanilla weapons. For example, more machine gun-ish Assault rifle, military style Hunting rifle, Box magazine Submachine gun etc...

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Greetings from Empire of the Rising Sun!
In this Mod, add some attachments for some vanilla weapons. For example, more machine gun-ish Assault rifle,  military style Hunting rifle, Box magazine Submachine gun etc...

Submachine Gun
"Submachine Gun" is an American-made classic, also known as Tommy gun. Even after laser weapons were widely used, Tommy was loved by many soldiers, veterans, policemen, patriotic citizens, and gangs.
  • 5mm Carbine Receiver
  • Stockless Grip
  • Para Stock
  • Large Bayonet
  • Heat Shielded Barrel
  • Short Scope
  • Spike Bayonet
  • Short Box Magazine
  • Long Box Magazine
  • Short Jungle-Style Mag
  • Long Jungle-Style Mag
  • Short Box Magazine (5mm)
  • Carbine Barrel
  • Integral Suppressor Barrel
  • Military Stock
  • Small Drum

Assault Rifle
M52 was originally designed in France as GPMG for the Euro army, but mainly manufactured by American companies. US Power Armor troops use lightweight models, often simply called it "Assault Rifle".
  • Short Aerial Barrel
  • Long Aerial Barrel
  • Wood Stock
  • Wood Stock (Pouch)
  • Jungle-Style Mag
  • Short Magazine
  • Bayonet
  • Spike Bayonet
  • Ammo Box

Hunting Rifle
"Hunting rifle" is a civilian model of classic military rifle. Even now, this rifle is one of the most excellent gun in human history.
  • Semi-Auto Receiver
  • Full-Auto Receiver
  • Hardened Semi-Auto Receiver
  • Hardened Full-Auto Receiver
  • .38 Semi-Auto Receiver
  • .38 Full-Auto Receiver
  • 5mm Semi-Auto Receiver
  • 5mm Full-Auto Receiver
  • Combat Large Magazine
  • LMG Magazine
  • Medium Quick Eject Mag (.38)
  • Medium Magazine (.38)
  • Standard Magazine (5mm)
  • Medium Magazine (5mm)
  • Large Magazine (5mm)
  • Combat Stock
  • Carbine Stock
  • Para Carbine Stock
  • Commando Carbine Kit
  • Bayonet Suppressor
  • Classic Bayonet
  • Spike Bayonet
  • Combat Sight
  • Combat Grow Sight
  • Rifle Grenade Launcher
Combat Rifle/Shotgun
"Combat rifle" was originally a military rifle, but the civilian model was more widely used.It was a popular product due to wide customization."Combat shotgun" is one variation of this rifle, used by Hunter and Police.
  • Spike Bayonet
  • Classic Bayonet
  • Stockless Grip
  • LMG Magazine (Rifle only)
  • Medium Barrel (Rifle only)

"Deliverer" is a classic police pistol designed in Germany. In the United States, not only detectives, but also High-ranking military officers, Tank crews, Pilots, and of course Secret Agents used this favorably.
  • Wood Stock
  • PB Receiver
  • Para Stock
  • Artillerie Magazine
  • Carbine Barrel
  • Reflex Sight (Dot)
  • Type 52 Receiver
  • Grenade Launcher
.44 Pistol
".44 Pistol" was loved by policemen and hunters. One famous detective called this gun "the most powerful handgun in the world". Also, the US Army tried to design a suppressor for this revolver.
  • Tunnel Rats Suppressor Barrel
  • Wood Stock

10mm Pistol
  • Wood Stock
  • Para Stock

Double Barrel Shotgun
  • .50 Cal Rifle Receiver
  • M30 Barrel
  • Long Scope

Performance is roughly equivalent to vanilla attachment.

Basically, vanilla weapon records are not changed, so there is no big conflict.
But Submachine Gun "Stockless Grip" is the same as the previous my mod, Stockless Tommy, overwrite the vanilla short stock records. The name and mesh of the drum mags have also been changed. There are 3 meshes: small, medium and large. Small is a newly added attachment.

Several attachments, such as integral suppressors, invalidate other attachment slots.
Also, Several changes are made to the hunting rifle .38 receiver. The magazine slot will be dedicated to .38, so after replacing the receiver you also need to replace the magazine.

For related reasons, it is not recommended to have multiple same guns when attaching attachments. For example, when you replace the hunting rifle receiver, if you have another hunting rifle, some attachment slots may disappear.

The grenade launcher uses futoshisan's script. After installing the muzzle attachment, you can switch by pressing the grenade / bash button. This uses one ammo with the grenades. It is a script used in CombatRifle Extend mod. Therefore, when you use two Mod at the same time, there is a possibility that an overwrite warning will be displayed. Since these are completely identical files, they can be overwritten or not.

The combat rifle's receiver mesh will also be changed.
Also for Assault Rifles, receiver and rear sight mesh will be overwritten.
Compared with vanilla, the receiver got thinner and some clipping and "transparency" problems such as lever solved.
The texture has been updated. Several details are added. Drum magazine mesh was changed to eliminate clipping.
Rear sight is the same as the previous my mod, Assault rifle default rear sight Fix.

There is a small gap in the Assault Rifle Arial barrel and barrel attachment. It seems that this is originally hidden behind the cooling jacket and not visible.

Deliverer long magazine mesh will be changed.

Unfortunately, Hunting rifle Carbine/Combat stock is not apparent compatible with fluted barrels (light barrels). Barrel clipping will occur.

If you are using Right-Handed Hunting Rifle, there is a flip mesh for that. Perhaps, These meshes can be used with other similar Mods.

The compatibility with the CC skin system is ambiguous. I can not check it because I do not use CC skin. There is no problem in principle, but when using the CC skin, the position of the texture may seem odd.

This Mod includes Monkatraz's "Grab the Damn Mag" animation. I am deeply grateful to Monkatraz's wonderful work.

XB1 version is here.(