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Small rework of Atuomatron DLC Tesla Rifle introduces better stats and additional barrel and capacitor mods that make this weapon more effective and more fun to use.

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Tesla Rifle Enhancements
I personally thought the default Tesla Rifle from Automatron was a waste of legendary slot.
Despite higher damage numbers even my regular Laser Rifle outpreformed Tesla Rifle. 
So i did a small mod for myself to fix that problem :) and decided to share it who knows some of you might like it or not :P

V.1.1b Changes:
-Added additional capacitor mods
-(Optional) Scaled down base damage to 50 to balance out the capacitors

-Increased base damage to 65
-Increased base magazine capacity to 40 (Heavier barrels still reduce ammo capacity tho for example Charged and Penta barrels have 20 ammo in mag)
-Fixed electric projectiles having Mirelurk Egg explosion set as destructible effect (For some weird reasons oh Bethesda and here i was wondering why my Tesla Lobbed barrel occasionally shoots mirelurk egg shells :D)

-Added new mods:

*Ionized Automatic Barrel - Fires spray of fast moving projectiles, superior range and improved damage, sets targets on fire. [30 rounds magazine capacity]

*Splatgun Barrel - Lobs grenade like projectiles that explode on impact dealing electrical damage (Benefits from Demolitions Expert perk but not by much i tried to balance out this barrel to not make it game breakingly OP as it previously was. Imo its fine now but i'm always open to suggestions) [10 rounds magazine capacity]

*Penta Barrel - This replaces old "Lobbed barrel" Projectiles are unaffected by gravity , increased damage - This helps to blanket wider area with electric hazard traps making it more useful.

*Overclocked Charged Barrel - Improved Charged barrel, increased damage and sets targets on fire on hit. [15 rounds magazine capacity]

Known Issues:
Splatgun barrel dosent display any additional increase in damage from Demolitions Expert Perk (just a visual glitch)

As per usual if you notice any bugs or overlooks OR if you have any suggestions regarding the stats let me know. :) 
Have fun toasting some raiders or whatever is it you like to kill :>

PS: Sorry for my English.