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Adds Vault-Tec Paint Jobs as an option through the Robotics Workbench. Includes the option to have your satchels to have a Vault-Tec theme.

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Are you super chill with Vault-Tec for no good reason?
Do you wish you could adorn all your shit with that blue and yellow sexiness?
Well now you can paint the crap out of your robots advertising your love of this ridiculous company.

Let NMM do its thing (via a FOMOD installer!) or manually put all this junk in your Data folder (let Materials go into materials and Textures into textures).

Do everything you just did, backwards.

Plans for Updates:
So, as should be crystal clear I have NO eye for this sort of thing.  This is my first texture mod and only my second FO4 mod. I plan on updating the designs to make them better and have more shit on them. Also, I am planning on having a version requiring a schematic placed in Vault 88 (oh lala).
>Fix specular maps for Protectron legs and Mr. Handy (armor, arms, and thruster)
>Retool Robobrain paint job.

Motivate My Ass: 
For every 10 Endorsements I get I will put in the effort to completely texture another set of robot mods (you can see in some of the pictures that certain armor, especially Rust Devil armor, didn't get touched).
When I hit 50 and 100 Endorsements I will make another version of this mod with alternate styles of paint. 
IF I hit 500 then I'll put the effort into making Vault specific schemes (like a Vault 81 paint scheme for instance).
Finally, if I hit 1000 I'll texture up the Nuka Cola dudes.
I know this may seem like I'm holding mods for ransom, but in reality I don't need these other things for my game play, but I want to put in the effort if people want it.

V 2.0: Big update! Now with a FOMOD installer!
Mr. Handy - All new paint job affecting all stock parts of the robot:
                     Saw Hand
                     The specular map is garbage.  I chose this one versus the high gloss one available.  This is now filed under future work.
Robobrain - All new paint job affecting all stock parts.
                      I'm not 100% happy with the iconography on this one, but it is serviceable.
Optional Satchel Retexture! Using the FOMOD installer you can choose to use vanilla satchels orVault-Tec themed satchels with this paint job.

V 1.6:
Protectron - Fixed the specular map for Protectron, should not look stupid glossy anymore.
Sentrybot - All new paint job affecting the naked and factory armored parts (including waist armor) for
                   Hand Rocket Launcher
                   Shoulder Launcher
                   I am very happy with this paint job. There may be some room in the future to normalize the colors across the parts a little, but this one came out nice.

V 1.4:
Assaultron - Made her much grimier
                      Moved the satchel on the front armor to the left side of her chest
Protectron - All new paint job for armor
                     Torso (the body without armor)
                     Hands (Protectron Claws)
Packed all the assets in .ba2's

V 1.2:
All Arms and Legs include factory armor
Assaultron - All new torso scheme
                      Stealth Blade paint jobs (loses compatibility with any other mod that paints the assaultron right hand stealth blade, will post why in notes)
                      Assaultron Claws
                      Face plate

V 1.0: These are 1K textures. I may be motivated to do a hi-res version.
All Torso textures includes factory armor (with and without the carry capacity mod)
Assaultron - Torso
                       Stealth Blade
Mr. Handy - Torso
Protectron - Torso
Robobrain - Torso
Sentrybot - Torso