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They're going to have to glue you back together. In HELL!!!

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Due to the nature of this mod, barrels will be removed, and Missile Launchers will be broken. However, you can still go to a work bench and attach the ammo yourself, and all the mods, thus fixing the Missile launcher. That being said, for near-flawless performance, this mod is best installed before even making a new character.

My Weapon Overhauls:

> Pipe Weapons + Materials  
> Minigun  
> Laser Musket  
> Gatling Laser  
> Laser-Plasma  
> Missile Launcher 
> SMG  
> Railway  
> Hunting Rifle  
> Combat Weapons 
> Assault Rifle  
> Lever Rifle 
> Radium Rifle 
> Handmade Rifle 
> Sidearms
> Double-Barrel 
> Flamer 
> Fatman
> All-In-One Merged Pack

Useful Links:
- Lore Friendly Craftable HalluciGen Gas Grenade


A small tweak of the Missile Launcher, offering the ability to change ammunition, as well as new attachments. If you want to blow people to smithereens, you can shoot Micro-Nuke Missiles. If you want some beast killed who-shall-not-be-named-as-Mirelurk-Queen, then the powerful Anti-Tank missiles are your friend. And if you want to saturate an area, use the Air-Burst missiles instead, just be sure to shoot from an adequate clearance.

Either way, i hope that you have a blast.

Main Changes:

1.) Added "Ammunition Mod", they're just one of several ammo; Napalm, Cryo, Pulse, Plasma, Micro-Missiles, Anti-Tank, High-Explosive, and Micro-Nuke, which in turn affect the performance of the missile.

 > Napalm sets fire to enemies. It won't deal good damage instantly, but instead it deals high damage overtime.
 > Cryo slows enemies, basically just like a cryo mine.
 > Pulse deals immense damage to robots.
 > Plasma deals immense damage, period.
 > Mini Missiles shoots 4 smaller missiles, showering an immense area, and it has high cumulative damage, has faster fire speed.
 > Micro Missiles shoots 10 even smaller missiles, showering an immense area, and it has high cumulative damage has even faster fire-speed.
 > HalluciGen deals low damage, but causes distorted vision and frenzy for a short amount of time.
 > Anti-Tank is an ammunition that deals immense damage, but produces less AOE. It flies very very very very fast, and though the explosions area-of-effect are small, it ignores LOS.
 > High-Explosive is the standard, and admittedly boring normal missile.
 > Micro-Nukes are a derivative of the Mini-Nukes, which offers better versatility and reach with it's delivery by, than a catapult, of course at half the damage. It still flies slower than the rest, as well as stricken with single-shot only though has +50% reload speed.  

These ammo types use their own ammunition, which can be crafted on the Chemistry Workbench, under the "MISSILES" Category, and it can be built from different approaches. The Mini-Nuke is built from either 50 Nuclear-Material, a Mini-Nuke, a Nuke-Mine or a  Nuka-Grenade + Standard Missile and Adhesive. Essentially, missiles can crafted from existing explosives; be it from grenades, mines, even ammunition.

I also added four more scopes, which is just the Night-Vision and Normal scopes, but with variable magnification.

2.) Base weapon and ammunition Changes.

 > I find it too debilitating to use the Missile Launcher in Survival, each ammo has 7 weight, the weapon itself has 20 weight. Now it has 10 weight, and each ammo has 3 weight, 5 for Micro-Nukes.

 > I altered the Projectile speed but added a small amount of gravity to lob them over, to make them more in line with Recoiless Rifles. The Target-Seekers flies slower though. Seeker version also use their own "Smart" Ammunition.

3.) Separated Targeting computer, to "Computer" series. Allowing you to have both targeting computer, and scopes. Also Added Fire Control.

Targeting Computer shoots Seeker projectiles, as the original. They fly slower though.

Fire Control uses said Smart ammunition, just as the Seekers, fly as slow, but offer 20% increased AOE. These Airburst missiles don't seek, they don't even explode on impact, rather they explode on proximity, like a glorified Mine of your chosen flavor. Because of it's delay, which unfortunately i cannot remove due to engine limitations, it requires an adequate standoff distance to properly explode, else on direct impacts it will bounce off enemies then explode. Airburst missiles will make aiming less punishing, as well as accidental discharges (if that ever happen to you) safe.

The Proximity AOE is about 600.

There is a second version which you can choose. In this version, the Missile still function as missiles, but as opposed of the Lobber type, they will center on the nearby targets, with the vertical axis or rather the height irrelevant. The missiles will always explode at the position of the target, with the height irrelevant, therefore shooting at the same level will cause the projectile to explode on target, or shooting above will make it explode above. This version won't bounce around, but still will explode only with enemies involved. It will also have a standoff-distance, that it will not explode when you are firing too close. This alternate version isn't as polished as the first one, it has it's bugs which i cannot completely compensate.

4.) Small tweak on Stabilizer, having more recoil reduction and little less range. Nuclear Explosions now deals radiation damage. Also, added custom muzzleflash -- backblast effect for missle-launchers.

Finally, the Quad Barrel is no longer eligible to muzzle attachment, as well as it has a 12.7 APS fire-rate now, and -95% recoil to boot.

5.) Added standalone missiles, these are thrown instead of fired from the launcher. It's very very very slow, but tracks targets. Crafted at the Chemistry Workbench at a separate category.


 - Due to engine limitation, the airburst, i cannot make the projectile behave as i wanted it. I used Lobber, as well as a custom collide-able mesh, so it behaves like a mine with a short fuse instead. But evidently, it collides with the world and bounces off harmlessly, as well as it will retain it's angle upon flight so it won't point downwards as it falls down.

Known Bugs:

 - The Smart-Missiles require Science!, but it can only show two perks at the time, so there's only two that shows up out of three.
 - When unequipping from Micro-Nuke to anything else, there won't be any barrel so the weapon will appear broken. The only way to fix this is to attach the barrel yourself.
 - The airburst is essentially a rocket-powered Mine. It has the same limitations, like not detonating on someone like Preston Garvey when provoked.