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Favored by the Commonwealth’s Raider gangs, Pipe weapons are crude, low-tech, widely available... and highly modifiable. Billions of different combinations, it can be configured to function into many different roles, to fit into many different situations.

Permissions and credits
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Really really sorry about the constant reuploads and update. It's just that when something is wrong, i couldn't help not fixing it right away, as well as just as i thought i got everything, something comes up.

As of right now, FO4 for me had run it's course. And I'm uninstalling now because 50 GB is just so immense, for a game i'm barely going to touch anymore. Hopefully B9.41 is my last version, because i'm not going to be able to test and know what's wrong unless I decide to reinstall FO4. If there's small or big mistakes, i wouldn't know it anymore and it would probably be left broken for the time being.
You might be wondering, why there's multiple similar mods on the workbench that clutters your selection screen? Notice how they have different required materials?
And those materials uses Misc-Items? That's the only way i could think of to make the mods transferable between weapon types. It's not perfect, but it does work. Don't you worry about it, it's part of the mod.
Known Bugs:
 - Upon first-time installation, any existing Pipe-Weapons will be broken, as the two receivers are re-categorized, leaving no "Receivers" slot to the weapons, except those that were ammo-conversions, and thus removing them upon installation. And because of that, the weapons will be invisible. It's best installed upon a beginning of a new game, or can be simply fixed by modding the pipe weapons once again, individually. This does not affect the new weapons being introduced.

 - At some point in the game, some attachment slots will disappear. Rest assured it is still there, all you have to do is equip the weapon you intend to modify, and then the missing slots would show up.

 - Strangely, the Pistol Grips on both the Bolt-Action and Revolver increases the range much more than Rifle Stocks, this is due to Gunslinger perk and would put better range for pistols vs rifles, which i don't want to happen. However fixing this means i have to fix it for the rest of the weapons too and would be a whole new mess to deal with, which i don't want to.

 - Due to to engine limitations, i compensated the projectile issues with separate barrel types for general projectile types; Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun. It is not readily compatible with Weapons of Fate, and would require each individual round types to have their own barrels, to have their own projectile types.

It is in your best interest to go through ALL of what is written.

This mod is NOT something you install mid-game, it’s best installed before a new game. Like before you actually make a new character. I will not take responsibility on broken saves, games, psyche, or morale. Ensuring that your game works fine with all your mod is your responsibility, you chose to install them. 


Installing this mod will break most existing pipe weapons, as it will unequip the old Receivers as they are allocated to the "Internal Modifications" now, thus removing all attachments, unless it's the Ammo Conversion receivers. There is no way fixing this, other than manually attaching attachments to the weapons themselves. It will not break the future Pipe weapons, such as those in the newly spawned NPCs, and so it will work just fine if you're starting a new game.

I can't do anything about that yet - I'm having problems with CK, so please just go to your Crafting Benches, and fix the weapons manually. You may be thinking that, "why upload a mod that will break stuffs?", look it's unavoidable with the features provided. Not separating the Receiver Caliber from the Receiver Mods is incredibly messy, and offers less versatility.

There are 4 damage mod , 6 trigger mod, 3 frame mod, 2 calibration and 4 Ammo Mod on the Pipe Pistol/Rifle/SMG alone, multiply those by 9, with the Standard Rechamberings, that is 5,184 mods in a single column. Wouldn't it be simpler to pick 1 out of each directory?

Also, mods like Function Weapon Racks or Tactical Weapon Lamps does not work with this mod, as they conflict with one of the entity that this mod edits. Also, i would advise looking at FO4 Edit to be safe. Also applies to other mods that you think modifies the base-weapon, or many other things that coincide with the features provided. Please keep that in mind. It's advisable to take a peek with FO4 Edit first before applying this mod.

These in the list area the known mods that conflicts and in need of merging.

All the same, keep in mind that attachments here are exclusive only to this mod, unless there are mods otherwise. Once you install, you commit to this mod, as uninstalling afterwards will most-likely break most pipe-weapons in game, turning them into invisible stuffs. If you no longer want to include this mod in your game, you need to start a fresh game, as uninstalling it will break your pipe weapons for all eternity.

If CTD is prevalent, or certain features aren't working, please don't send me your load-orders as i am not well-versed to mods' feature, i don't use every mod in Nexus to know which doesn't work with which. Modding your game is your game is your choice, it's your responsibility, and thus your load-order is also your responsibility, you're the one that modded the hell out of your own game.

Please take the time to use FO4 Edit and try to merge whatever needs to be merged, and/or assess your Mods before coming to me for assistance. Here is the list of known conflicting mods.

Tactical Weapon Lamps
Functional Weapon Racks
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp - (Compatibility patch by argvminusone)
Weapons of Fate.esp
Weapon and Ammo Crafting Workbench - (Compatibility patch by Visairaf)
Better Locational Damage - (Compatibility patch by vilezoidberg)
New Calibers

 - The mods with * is conflict with LEVELED LISTS only.

Credits to:
 - Leuzado


I've always been pissed as to why the Pipe weapons are replaced so fast. You invested a LOT of time modding your weapon, yet it gets replaced just as immediately as soon as you fought enemies with better weapons. (Either by stealing their weapons once they're dead, or be forced to change weapons so you can kill them.)

So i made this, by adding so much more possible attachments -- A LOT MORE, and higher level attachments, it should allow the Pipe weapons to remain useful due to their sheer modability, and thus versatility in the game, and advance at farther stages. Pipe Weapons Overhaul is a comprehensive overhaul of the Pipe-Weapons.

If you find the .38 Round already too weak, try the .44 Round instead, or even the 5.56mm Round and make an assault rifle. Maybe you'd find the shredding Rapid Powerful 5mm Pipe PDW, or the steady chug of the Advanced-Auto .44/.308/.30-06 Pipe-HMG to be quite attractive.

If you liked this mod, please endorse, and check out my other mods. ^_^

Be sure to check out the links below first if you're interested in optimizing the Pipe Weapons as a whole, or simply do not know how to properly install a mod yet.


I also added an additional set of mod, which modifies other weapons, to make them more in line with the pipe-weapon’s mods the way it should make sense. Such as the Assault Rifle now turned to Battle-Rifle and uses .308 with damage of 37, with extra damage. Combat Rifle is now the Assault Rifle and uses 5.56mm Ammo, base damage of 30. Combat Shotgun is weakened to 45 damage, while double-barrel is at 50, and they also have the same mechanics as the Shotgun Receivers. Hunting rifle from 37 to 60, and +100% damage and +35% armor-penetration for .50 Cal. The Deliverer uses .38-Round and has 16 damage. The Sentry-Bot Machine-guns deal 36 from 12 damage, and uses .50-Round. As well as the Gutsy robot now uses 5.56mm.


 - Bethesda - Fallout 4 (And fcking some things up that we have to make mod to make it better)
 - opengts – Large Drum Magazine Model
 - Kashrlyyk and Elgoes – all other models
 - LinuX123 - Gunner Sight model
 - Kriskos - FOMOD Template (I suck at this fomod thing)
 - Doombase/stabcop/Doom - Flashlight Model
 - TrickyVein - Crossbow Spiked Stirrup + Long Barrels
 - henkspamadres - Deathclaw Bayonet

Useful Links:

 - Pipe Reflex-Sights Fix
 - Pipe Weapons Mag-In Sound Fix
 - Better Pipe Weapons Recolor
 - Moddable Pipe Weapon Materials (Retexture Set)
 - See-Through Combat Scopes - 4x Magnification
 - Legendary Modification Rebalance
 - Craftable Legendary Mods


 - Darker Nights
 - Towbie's Realistic Weapon Sounds (Good Sound Replacer)
 - Combat Rifle - Barrel Reskin (Including AK47 Sound) (Good Sound Replacer For Combat Rifle)


 - Laser Musket Overhaul
 - Gatling Laser Overhaul
 - Minigun .50-Cal - .308 - 5.56mm


 - How to install mods
 - How to install mods manually demo
 - How to install mods using NMM demo

Main Changes:

1.) Receiver Rechambering, extra rounds integrated, and Internal Modifications: The old Receiver mods saved from the rechambering Receivers are now reallocated to a separate category. Whilst there are different re-chamber options for the three weapons, needless to say the original Receivers category is now focused on changing the weapon's use of ammunition. Thus it is possible to have both .45 Round, and Armor-Piercing Automatic function for a Pipe-Gun. In addition, new ammunition is integrated, .500-Magnum, .50-Auto, and .30-06 Round.

If you want an assault-rifle or LMG build, slap in an Automatic trigger,  5.56mm and a high-capacity magazine -- the Carbine Barrel is required, and then go crazy. For every He-Men out there; slap in a Long-Heavy Barrel to that LMG then you got an HMG built for long-range sustained-fire. To those who like the DMR role but wants to shoot fast, Slap in a .30-06 Receiver on a Pipe-Gun with long-barrel, rifle-stock, Small Magazine and scope, and Viola! You have a DMR. If you like a BAR-esque weapon instead, have a .30-06 Receiver with a Long-Barrel to have your own Pipe BAR. Decisions DECISIONS!

 - The .38, 5mm, and 10mm Receiver for the Pipe Gun is available at Gun-Nut Rank 1.
 - The .45 and 5.56mm Receiver for the Pipe Gun is available at Gun-Nut Rank 2.
 - The .44 and .308 Receiver for the Pipe Gun is available at Gun-Nut Rank 3.
 - The .30-06 and .50-Auto Receiver for the Pipe Gun is available at Gun-Nut Rank 4.

 - The 5.56mm, 5mm and .44 Receiver for the Pipe Bolt-Action is available at Gun-Nut Rank 1.
 - The .308 and Shotgun Receiver for the Pipe Bolt-Action is available at Gun-Nut Rank 2.
 - The .30-06, and .50 Receiver for the Pipe Bolt-Action is available at Gun-Nut Rank 3.

 - The .38, 10mm, and .45 Receiver for the Pipe Revolver is available at Gun-Nut Rank 1.
 - The .44 and .308 Receiver for the Pipe Revolver is available at Gun-Nut Rank 2.
 - The Shotgun Receiver for the Pipe Revolver is available at Gun-Nut Rank 3.
 - The .500-Magnum Receiver for the Pipe Revolver is available at Gun-Nut Rank 4.

50-Cal, and .500-Magnum, has Extra Large StaggerValue and ExplodeOnly HitBehaviour. .50-Auto, Shotgun, .308,.30-06, .44 has Large StaggerValue, and ExplodeOnly HitBehaviour. .50-Cal has +25% bonus hit-chance versus targets in cover using VATs, like the Penetrator Perk.

Pipe-Gun Fire-rate differs by caliber, generally Rifle and magnum-pistol rounds have 1.0 Fire rate when automatic, or 90 fire rate, while pistol rounds and 5mm Receiver have 1.4 or 12.7 Fire rate. Fire-rate instead. The “Rapid Automatic” instead adds 0.4 directly than 40%, which it put the rifle rounds and magnum rounds to normal 1.4 or 12.7 fire rate, or the normal SMG fire rate, but the SMGs themselves are put at 1.8 or 162 fire rate.
Vats interaction is alto tailored with the trigger mod, with Retarded Automatic only having one attack, Rapid Automatic of 5 to 6 but visually shoots more, and Automatic in between by 3 to 4 round bursts.

I added the 5mm Receiver to function as early Anti-Armor, but still beaten by the 5.56mm and the .308, and the 5mm heavily compensates with sheer volume of fire. I imagined the 5mm to be something like the PDW rounds like the 5.7mm, or the 4.6mm Round. Very small caliber, but has hell of a penetration because it flies very fast, as well as used en-masse. Still it can function as a decent anti-raider with the Pipe Bolt-Action if you're planning to save up on ammo.

The Shotgun Receivers requires sub-ammo type, with the Buckshot being the standard. The Explosive Slug requires a different barrel series that which adjusts the projectile speed of the explosive, as the explosive slug shoots a slow and arcing explosive. A separate plugin file is necessary for the Shotgun Ammo Mod to use different ammunition, which is included in the installer.

The change of ammo use also changes the sound produced. All calibrated using Towbie's Realistic Weapon Sounds.

 - The Shotgun uses the Double-Barrel shotgun fire sound, Combat Shotgun for silenced.
 - The .50-Cal uses the Hunting Rifle .50 Cal sound.
 - The .500-Magnum uses the Hunting Rifle .50 Cal sound.
 - The .308 uses the Hunting Rifle single shot sound for both silenced and not silenced. Pipe Gun uses Combat-Rifle single-shot instead. Uses Combat Rifle Full-Auto for both silenced and not silenced.
 - The .30-06 uses the .44-Pistol Single Shot sound, for not-silenced -- but uses Hunting Rifle for Pipe-Gun. Uses 10mm Pistol Single-shot Silenced sound. Automatic version uses Turret and Sentry-Bot, but 10mm-Pistol silenced Full-Auto for silenced full-auto.
 - The .44 uses the .44-Pistol Single Shot sound, for not-silenced. Uses 10mm Pistol Single-shot Silenced sound. Automatic version uses Turret and Sentry-Bot, but 10mm-Pistol silenced Full-Auto for silenced full-auto.
 - The .50-Auto uses the .44-Pistol Single Shot sound, for not-silenced. Uses 10mm Pistol Single-shot Silenced sound. Automatic version uses .45-Rounds single-shot, but 10mm-Pistol silenced Full-Auto for silenced full-auto.
 - The 5.56mm Receiver uses Deliverer Single-shot sound, normal Assault-rifle for everything else.
 - The 10mm Receiver uses the 10mm Pistol sound
 - The 5mm uses Pipe-Gun sound.
 - The .45 uses Pipe-Revolver single-shot, both silenced and not silenced. Uses Submachine Gun Full-auto, both silenced and not-silenced.

Base Damage as Follows:

 - .38 Pipe-Gun: 13
 - .38 Pipe-Revolver: 19
 - 5.56mm Pipe-Bolt-Action: 36

 - 10mm Pipe-Gun: 17
 - 10mm Pipe-Revolver: 26
 - 5mm Pipe-Gun: 10
 - 5mm Pipe-Bolt-Action: 18
 - .45 Pipe-Gun: 23
 - .45 Pipe-Revolver: 34
 - .44 Pipe-Gun: 37
 - .44 Pipe-Revolver: 47
 - .44 Pipe-Bolt-Action: 60
 - 5.56mm Pipe-Gun: 26
 - .308 Pipe-Gun: 35
 - .308 Pipe-Revolver: 46
 - .308 Pipe-Bolt-Action: 53
 - Pipe-Revolver Shotgun: 45
 - Pipe-Bolt-Action Shotgun: 96
 - .30-06 Pipe-Gun: 49
 - .30-06 Pipe Bolt-Action: 63
 - .50-Auto Pipe-Gun: 54
 - .500-Magnum Pipe-Revolver: 96
 - .50-Cal Pipe-Bolt-Action: 105

2.) Fleshed out the Receivers into Internal Modifications, divided into five different categories: Damage Mod, Trigger Mod, Frame Mod, Calibration and Ammunition Mod. The Pipe Gun alone has 288 different combinations. Each mod has their own weaknesses and strengths, giving them the edge over another, making them useful at all combinations depending on what performance one searches.

 - Damage is simplified into four mods: Standard, Hardened, Powerful, Advanced, with each step adding 15% damage -- that is multiplicative than additive.
 - Calibration increases critical damage and improves accuracy; even VATS hit-chance by 20%, but VATs will be costly. 
 - Heavy Frame offers better recoil and damage, but increased VATs cost, and Light Frame otherwise which is good for VATs build. Standard Frame is in between.

 - Tuned Bolt for the Bolt-Action has +50% reload speed and fire speed, with -35% AP Cost. It has -15% damage. It also has -25% range, multiplicative, that it affects long-range more, and least-range less.
 - Double-Action Trigger for the Revolver turns it Semi-Automatic with 0.416667s of Attack interval. It has -20% damage. It also has -25% range, multiplicative, that it affects long-range more, and least-range less.

 - Automatic Trigger is the middle ground of the three Automatic-Trigger mods, it has -22.2222% damage, -20% range, and -10% recoil. It shoots in 3-round bursts in vats.
 - Rapid Automatic Trigger is the fastest of the three Automatic-Trigger Mods, it has -33.3333% damage, -30% range, and -15% recoil. Shoots in an extended 6-round bursts with VATs.
 - Retarded Automatic Triggers is slowest of three Automatic-Trigger Mods, but compared to the rest, it has -11.1111% damage, -10% range, and -15% recoil. Will only have single-shot in vats. Benefits from Rifleman/Gunslinger instead. It values per-shot damage.

 - Hair Trigger is simply an improved Standard Trigger, it has faster rate of fire but reduced range.
 - Broken Trigger is a joke-trigger, it turns the Pipe-Gun into bolt-action, increasing damage by 30%, and makes it superior over Pipe-Revolver. But realistically just get the Pipe Bolt-Action which offers better chamberings.
 - Calibration has increased VATs cost, and vats hit-chance.

 - Armor-Piercing is part of the Ammunition mod, and within the ammunition mod is Incendiary, and Armor-Piercing Incendiary as well.
 - Match Rounds provide +15% damage and range, but will have +35% recoil.  Requires  Gun-Nut 4 and Chemist 2.
 - Radium Rounds provide -25% damage, but has flat +35 Radiation Damage. Requires Gun-Nut 4 and Nuclear Physicist 2.
 - The Shotgun Reviever uses a different Ammunition Mod lineup, and is not usable until one is equipped. Buckshot is standard, but Armor-Piercing round takes form of a single slug. There's also explosive slug with slower projectile speed but deals AOE damage, and Incendiary that bathes an area with a cloud of fire. 

I removed the ability of internal mods to make use of Misc Items, therefore the mod of another Pipe Gun is NOT TRANSFERABLE to another mod. I also added high-level mods. I apologize in advance that currently i could not organize the mod-slots properly. Barrels are also separated into three main barrels; Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun. These are compatible between weapons, but not compatible between ammo types. Likewise Stocks and Grips are now interchangable between weapons.

3.) Added and Changed Things

 - Certain NPCs are tougher, such as Diamond Security, and Lucy Abernathy.
 - Did you ever notice how the glow of the Glow-Sights seems to tarnish? Yeah, i fixed that. It no longer weakens anymore.
 - Large Suppressor, Further suppresses the sound of the weapon, and further lowers the range. Gives 15% sneak-attack damage bonus. Only 5% for Small Suppressor. Comes with custom models.
 - Changed the order of magnitude of Recoil-Reduction, with small Suppressor the least, and the Muzzle Brake the most. Essentially, you need to choose between being stealthy, or being able to better handle recoil.
 - Separated Bayonets from the Muzzle, simplifying the combination. Now Added underbarrel slot, with the Bayonets and flashlight. No longer gives reduced range. Bayonets are unavailable for crafting if there's a suppressor attached, and vice-versa.
 - Long-Barrels to "Carbine Barrels", and new Long Barrels with more range.
 - Recalibrated Barrels' bonuses, with lesser AP penalties and redistributed recoil and ADS spread. Finned series has the least Hip-Fire spread penalty of the length.
 - Added Large Drum Magazine for the Pipe-Gun, sporting 120 capacity, and even lesser handling qualities.
 - Added Small Magazines for the Pipe Gun, sporting only 10 Capacity, but improved handling traits.
 - Added "Night Recon" Scope series, Combined Recon + Night Vision.
 - Added “Heavy” barrels: provides the most accuracy, range, and recoil-reduction in their Length. Generally has increased damage, and lowered accuracy penalty while firing. But they have least handling traits; longer ADS transition time, largest maximum hip-fire spread which makes it bad for shooting while hip-fire moving, and sustained shooting while hip-fired. Strictly, it emphasizes the prepared position of ADS. Not eligible for muzzle attachments. It’s a much more specialized attachment. It also requires Heavy Gunner perk to craft.
- These (new) Long Barrels, and the Heavy Long and Heavy Carbine Barrel, along with the Large Suppressor will be treated as Rifles; holds the gun with 2 hands and benefits from rifle-perks.
 - Added Combat Sights, these offer 2x magnification, -20% sight cone, -10% ADS transition time, and -5% AP Cost. In contrast, the Reflex Sights have 1.5x magnification, -10% sight cone, -20% ADS transition time, and -10% AP Cost, while the Gunner Sight only has -30% ADS transition time and -15% AP Cost. By Default, now the PWO uses Pipe Reflex-Sight Fix, but the One-Screw is used for Reflex-Sight, while the Two-Screw is used for the Combat-Sight -- because the Two-Screws with their smaller screws are kind of less-threatening or obstructive as it seems for me, making it somewhat better when seen closer than the one-screw version.

 - Added Spiked Sharpshooter's Grip, requiring Gun-Nut 2, and Blacksmith 2. It has a Spiked handguard in addition of the original Bird's Head Grip. It adds the same bonuses as the Sharp-Shooter's grip, but is a lot heavier, and deals a lot more bash damage.

- Changed the Recoil Reduction values of Stub, Short, Carbine, and Long barrel to give the Long Barrel the least Recoil Reduction, and the trend towards the Stub Barrel the most. This is done to emphasize the Long-Barrel's accurized nature, and the shorter barrel's home-field advantage with close-quarters.
- Suppressors renamed to “Small Suppressor”, and gives bonus 15% sneak-attack damage, and only 20% recoil reduction.
- "Ported" Barrels now provide the most Recoil Reduction, but least accuracy.
- Redistributed ADS Spread of grips.
- Added Gunner Sights; has no Accuracy benefit, but reduces the time it takes to enter ADS.
- Added Lensed sights of Combat, Gunner, and Reflex, with glow -- these are end-game sights for fast reactivity.
- Doubled the Bayonet's Secondary Damage bonus, and lessened the range penalty.

- The muzzle attachments have been rebalanced, with Muzzle Brake (switched with Compensator) having 20% recoil reduction and +4x runaway but has Very Loud sound rating. Spiked Compensator (switched with muzzle Brake) has 15% recoil reduction and +3x runaway, +50% bash damage, and has normal sound. Small Suppressor has 5% recoil reduction, +1x runaway, +5% sneak attack damage, and has quiet rating, while Large suppressor has +15% sneak attack damage, +10% recoil reduction and +2x runaway.
- Muzzle Attachment’s Range-penalty is now multiplicative than additive. Large Suppressor has -40% range, Small Suppressor has -30% range, Muzzle Brake has -20% range, and Compensator has -10% range. This way, it will be a bigger effect on setups with longer range, yet small effect on low-range weapons.
- The Muzzle attachments also alter the sound and projectile created, with the Muzzle Brake having an "X" muzzle flash, and makes the gun louder.
- Added Deathclaw Bayonet, credits to henkspamadres

- Added separate Leveled-Items.
- Tweaked "Short Recon Scope”, has only x2 Magnification
- Added new "Medium Recon Scope", has x6 Magnification.
- Long-Scopes adds 15% recoil, Medium Scopes add 10% recoil, while Short-Scopes add 5% recoil.

The thought between these three types of automatic fire-rate is that use Retarded Auto for long-range high-damage builds that wants to be faster than Hair-Trigger but still not as "Automatic", Rapid Automatic for short-ranged CQC builds, and Automatic in between. The Retarded Automatic values per-shot damage, and it's also somewhat more potent as it benefits with Gunslinger/Rifleman perk which either Increases armor penetration or have a chance to disarm, since it will not have fast rate of fire to make use of the Stagger of Commando.

Damage Hierarchy:

 - Non-Tuned Bolt Action
 - Tuned Bolt-Action
 - Broken Pipe-Gun
 - Single-Action Revolver
 - Double-Action Revolver
 - Semi-Auto and Hair Trigger Pipe-Gun
 - Retarded Auto Pipe-Gun
 - Automatic Pipe-Gun
 - Rapid-Automatic Pipe-Gun

 - Added Chokes for Shotgun, these only shows up when the Shotgun Receiver is attached. Chokes are tapering of the barrel by the muzzle, that which tightens the spread.
 - Choke, Half Choke, and Full Choke tightens spread by 15/25/35%, and improves range by 1x-3x/2x-4x/3x-5x at the cost of more recoil.

4.) Renaming:

Simplified the Naming system, that attachments that alter Weapon Type will no longer be mentioned -- such as Drum-Magazines needed for LMG/MMG, or Scopes needed for a Sniper Rifle, etc. likewise only relevant mods will be mentioned.  Caliber will be mentioned between the Weapon Type and Mods.

Weapon Types:

 - "Pipe Anti-Materiel" is with the .50 Receiver and Rifle Stock, and will override most suffixes. It will not mention the caliber.
 - "Pipe Express Pistol" is with the .50 Receiver and Pistol Grip, and will override most suffixes. It will not mention the caliber.
 - "Pipe <Bolt-Action/Revolver>  Shotgun" is with the Shotgun Receiver, and will override most suffixes.
 - "Pipe HMG" is with Rifle Stock + Long Heavy Barrel + Automatic + Large Drum Magazine.
 - "Pipe MMG" is with Rifle Stock + Any Long / Carbine Heavy Barrel + Automatic + Large Drum Magazine.
 - "Pipe LMG" is with Rifle Stock + Any Carbine / Short Heavy Barrel + Automatic + Large Drum Magazine.
 - "Automatic Pipe Rifle" is with Rifle Stock + Any Long / Carbine Heavy Barrel + Retarded Automatic.
 - "Automatic Pipe Carbine" is with Rifle Stock + Any Carbine / Short Heavy Barrel + Retarded Automatic.
 - "Pipe Sniper Rifle" is with Rifle Stock + Any Long / Carbine Heavy Barrel + Scope + Non-Automatic + Small/Medium Magazine, and not shotgun.
 - "Pipe Scout Rifle" is with Rifle Stock + Short/Carbine Barrel + Scope + Non-Automatic + Small Magazine, and not shotgun.
 - "Pipe DMR" is with Rifle Stock + Any Long / Carbine/ Short Heavy Barrel + Scope, not shotgun, and Small Mag. It will override Assault-Rifle and Battle-Rifle.
 - "Pipe Battle Rifle" is with Rifle Stock + Any Long / Carbine Heavy Barrel + non-retarded Automatic.
 - "Pipe Assault Rifle" is with Rifle Stock + Any Carbine / Short Heavy Barrel + non-retarded Automatic.
 - "Pipe PDW" is anything with Rifle Stock + Short/Stub + non-retarded Automatic + Rifle Caliber.
 - "Pipe PDW" is also any 5mm with Automatic attachments and rifle stocks, as the 5mm Receiver will never get the "Assault Rifle" or "Battle Rifle".
 - "Pipe SMG" is anything with Rifle Stock + Short/Stub + non-retarded Automatic + Pistol Caliber.
 - "Pipe SMG" is with Pistol Grip + Non-Retarded Automatic + Long-Barrel.
 - "Pipe Rifle" is any non-shotgun with Rifle Stock + Long / Carbine Heavy Barrel, and non-automatic trigger.
 - "Pipe Carbine" is any non-shotgun with Rifle Stock + Carbine / Short / Stub / Short Heavy Barrel or Pistol Grip + Long/Heavy Carbine Barrel, and non-automatic trigger.
 - "Automatic Pipe Carbine" is any non-shotgun with Rifle Stock + Carbine / Short / Stub / Short Heavy Barrel  or Pistol Grip + Long/Heavy Carbine Barrel, and Retarded-Automatic trigger. 
 - "Pipe Target Pistol" is with Pistol Grip + Non-Automatic + Scope. 
 - "Automatic Pipe Target Pistol" is with Pistol Grip + Non-Automatic + Scope + Retarded Automatic. 
 - "Pipe Machine Pistol" is with Pistol Grip + Non-Retarded Automatic + Not Long Barrel. 
 - "Pipe Pistol" is with Pistol Grip + Non-Automatic + Not Long Barrel. 
 - "Automatic Pipe Pistol" is with Pistol Grip + Retarded Automatic + Not-Long Barrel.

You're probably thinking that weapon classification is based on the rounds it fires -- somewhat. It's usually named with its purpose in mind, like the LMG is designed to be carried by an individual as squad support, providing suppressive fire, it just so happens that it uses Intermediate Rifle Cartridges -- that it uses belt-feed or very large capacity magazines for prolonged suppressive fire. LMGs and HMGs before used Full-Powered cartridges, but now they are usually Anti-Materiel Rounds for the HMG, Full-Powered Rifle Rounds for the MMG/GMG and HMGs. Simply, the Long/Carbine barrels compensate for the range that their ammunition is generally incapable reaching. And this is what the ingenious inventors of the pipe weapons would classify, they are not military people.

Think of it as how would these Wastelanders design them, that they were trying to mimic the real LMGs, MMGs, HMGs, that they dubbed the Pipe weapons as such in a specific combination because they wanted to use them in the same roles. Also, keep in mind that lots of attachments result in a very very long name.

5.) Legendary Spawns and more powerful NPCs. The NPCs that wielded them, except Amelia, has increased Health, Energy, and Aggression. 
 - Peacemaker (xx000B36): "Six rounds, no compromise. Peace!"

Pipe Revolver of Mayor McDonough [In Sheep's Clothing], Pipe Revolver of Mayor Mcdonough, as a homage to the classic Single-Action Army Colt "Peacemaker", it' tries to become an unadulterated six-shooter, no gimmicks but being home-made. Has "Violent" legendary attachment, spawns with Heavy Short Barrel, Glow-Sights, Heavy-Frame, Sharpshooter's Grip, and pistol caliber; .45-Receiver, .44-Magnum, or .500-Magnum at higher levels.
 - Lady Luck (xx000B37): "The personification of luck, Lady Luck makes Critical a gamble that you make or break."

Pipe Assault-Rifle of Red Tourette, Designed for heavy-damaging VATs crit, to vomit bullets; using the Long-Burst offered by the Rapid Automatic + 100% Crit bonus of "Calibrated" + "Lucky-Weapon"' 100% crit-bonus as well, the "Lady Luck" packs one hell of a VATs Crit, and you can always pair it with Better Criticals perk. Has "Lucky Weapon" legendary attachment, spawns with Heavy Short Barrel, Glow-Sights, Quick-Eject Large-Magazine, Marksman's Stock, Heavy-Frame, Rapid Automatic Trigger, Calibrated, Armor-Piercing, and uses 5mm, 5.56mm, .308, or .30-06. 
 - Quickcaster (xx000B42): "Professionals shoot twice."

Pipe Sniper-Rifle of Sully Mathis [Pull the Plug], has "Vats-Enchanced" legendary attachment, -40% AP cost version which is not available for guns normally. Designed for quickly shooting, it's a sniper-rifle capable of multiple shots in vats. Spawns with Long Light Barrel, Compensator, Hair-Trigger, Any-Scope, Small-Magazine, Marksman's Stock, Not-Calibrated, Light-Frame, Armor-Piercing and uses .44 ,5mm, 5.56mm, .308, or .30-06. With enough modification, it can attain negative AP cost.
 - Dianne (xx000B3E): "Cute and cute and cuddly, is the bee's knees"

Pipe PDW of Tower Tom, has "Kneecapper" Legendary attachment. A hybrid of light-machine gun and sniper-rifle, it's designed to not deal lots of damage but cripple enemies and spray bullets long range, it uses the 5mm round to compensate for it's short barrel and short range. Spawns with Stub-Barrel, Muzzle-Brake, Marksman's Stock, Any-Scope, Rapid Automatic Trigger, Drum Magazines, 5mm Reciever, Heavy Frame, Calibrated, Armor-Piercing.
 - Van Buren (xx000B39): "Order in the face of anarchy."

The (confiscated) Pipe Bolt-Action Rifle of Amelia Stockton [Human Error], found at the Steamer-Trunk near her cell. Not as flexible as other weapons, it's only goal in mind is to work, and it's reliable enough to shoot. Has "Rapid" Legendary attachment. Spawns with Heavy Carbine Barrel, Marksman's Stock, Calibrated, Glow-Sights, Heavy Frame, and Tuned Bolt. Spawns with Shotgun, .44, .30-06, or .50-Cal Receiver.

6.) Far-Harbor Changes:

 - Added .45-70 Receiver, deals 56 for Pipe Bolt-Action, 29 for Pipe-Gun, and 40 for Pipe Revolver.
 - .45-70 Receiver uses Lever Action Rifle Single-Shot Sounds including Silenced, but uses Radium-Rifle Automatic sounds, including suppressed.
 - Lever-Action damage from 35 to 44.
 - Rebalanced Lever-Action reciever upgrades to follow 25% step; Powerful = +50% damage, Advanced = +75% damage.
 - Workshop Pipe-Gun (Whatever was it for in the .esp) uses .45-70 Receiver.
 - "M4-Carbine" Legendary; December's Child has +35% damage, +35% rate of fire, +25% reload-speed and -50% weight.
 - Bertha and Tony looks less beggars, with Small Bertha 10% taller, to make her look more a teenager and less of a child.
 - Bilge uses the legendary weapon: "Deuce Ex" Pipe Gun LMG, with Steadfast Legendary. (xx000804) 
 - Malcolm uses the legendary weapon: "Right-Arm of the Wasteland" Pipe Battle Rifle, with Retarded Auto, and has Deadeye Legendary. (xx000806)
 - Douglas uses the legendary weapon: "Russian Roulette" Pipe Revolver, with Heavy Short Barrel, and Defiant Legendary. (xx000807)
 - "Glorious Revolution" is lootable from Braun. Pipe Revolver, with Heavy Short Barrel, and Resilient Legendary. (xx000807)

7.) Nuka-World changes;

 - Added 7.62mm Reciever, deals 34 for Pipe Gun, 50 for Bolt Action, 40 for Revolver. Has 1.00 Speed.
 - Handmade Rifle damage from 32, to 40. Full-Auto fire Rate from 1.25 to 1, and more recoil.
 - Handmade Rifle chamberings 5.56mm, 5mm, and .308.
 - Handmade Rifle Quick Eject Small Mag to Quick Eject Mag with 20 round capacity.
 - Rebalanced Handmade Rifle receivers to follow traditional trend; 25% each step.

8.) Optional Tweaks - included is changes to other weapons instead. 

 - Submachine Gun damage increased to 19, added VATs long-burst. Silver SMG spawns with better attachments, and legendary mod; VATs enchanced -40% AP Cost.
 - Submachine Gun now doesn't have initial -25% damage, as well as added high level receivers; Advanced, Rapid Powerful, and Powerful Piercing.

 - Hunting Rifle damage from 37 to 60. Stagger increased to Large.
 - Hunting Rifle .50 Reciever damage bonus from 75% to 300%. Added +100% Recoil and 35% armor penetration, as well as +25% vats hit-chance to targets behind cover.
 - Hunting Rifle Base-Range increase by 50%.

 - "Assault Rifle" to "Battle Rifle" - Rechambered to .308, speed is recalibrated, damage to from 30 to 43. Swapped sound with Combat Rifle.

 - Combat Rifle rechambered to 5.56mm, damage to 30, and Swapped sound with "Battle Rifle".
 - Combat Rifle .308-Receiver uses custom mesh borrowed from Combat Shotgun, but has a resized magazine. Has +150% damage, or from 30 to 75 damage.
 - Combat Rifle has Advanced, Advanced Calibrated, Advanced Automatic Recievers
 - Combat Rifle has Drum Magazines.
 - Combat Shotgun gets an actual long barrel.

 - Rechambered Deliverer to .38, reduced damage to 16.

 - Double Barrel Shotgun deals 60 damage, from 45. Stagger Increased to Extra Large. Deals 100% damage bonus at point-blank range.
 - Combat Shotgun deals 45 damage, from 60. Stagger increased to Large. Deals 100% damage bonus at point-blank range.
 - Double-Barrel Shotgun has "Double Fire" feature which uses Twin Shotgun-Shells (custom ammo craftable at Chemistry Workbench), has double everything.

 - .44-Magnum has Trigger mod "Fanned Trigger"
 - Mini Nuke, and Nuke Mines can incinerate, like Laser Gun.
 - Mr. Gutsy uses 5.56mm.
 - Sentry Bots uses .50 Cal and increased damage to 36, and speed to 12.7 -- the same speed as SMGs.
 - Legendary Mods: Powerful to +35%, Violent to +50% damage and limb damage. Powerful, Violent, and Two-Shot now has Multiplicative than Additive Damage.

 - Lorewise, currently the .500-Magnums today such as the Linebaugh, Wyoming, or Smith-&-Wesson are modern, and is not that in line with the lore. However i made it ambiguous so that it can be something that is .500-Magnum that is made within the FO4 Universe, but i based it from .50-Alaskan. This also applies to the .50-Auto which should be the .50 AE.
 - While the .30-06 and 7.62x51mm NATO has similar performance, the .30-06 actually has better performance with heavier projectiles, so lorewise it hits harder because of the heavier projectile.
 - Nick Valentine’s Revolver comes with attachments. Using the console command, use "00002f25.removeitem 5bba7; 00002f25.additem 5bba7" (without the quotes) to reset his default weapon.
 - The VATs Long-Burst consumes only usually 6 rounds by my testing, but they appear to shoot 12 - 13 times per VATs attack, presumably deals one instance of damage per two hits during vats. However, using projectile-overrides, like Explosive Legendary mod may deal extra damage due to each projectile exploding during each extra attacks that would otherwise won't deal damage.
 - Due to the nature of this mod, it’s questionable whether the Pipe Weapons would be balanced in respect to other weapons, and may be much more powerful than conventional weapons, with enough modifications allotted of course.
 - The proportion of the Pipe Revolver vs .44-Pistol seems to show that the Pipe Revolver's caliber is much larger than .45-ACP or even .45-LC, when .44-Magnum's diameter is just 0.01 inch less. The Pipe-Revolver must have somewhere between 0.60 - 0.50 caliber of bore-diameter.

 - The Legendary Weapons may fail to spawn if you have already encountered the NPCs that wielded them or containers that have them.
 - This cuts both ways, making the wielder of the weapons a bit more powerful, as such in the enemies' hands it will be equally painful to deal with. Try fighting a .44 Pipe SMG or .308 Pipe AR when you're Level 13, its torture.

 - This mod conflicts with any mod that modifies any Object Modification entities, as such it's not compatible with the Better Mod Descriptions, any mod that modifies the Player NPC directly, as well as anything that adds new Receivers for any of the three pipe weapons. Since the mod borrows sound from something like .44 Pistol, should the sound used by the .44 Pistol is changed, this weapon’s .44 Pistol sound will also change. This also applies to all calibers and to automatic and suppressed fire modes too.
 - The naming mechanism conflicts with any mods that modify it, such as Valdacil's Better Item-Sorting Mod. While it works, it just doesn't apply to the three weapons as they use a different INNR record.
 - I also tweaked the Loading Screen.
 - The sound change uses the default sounds of other weapons via keywords. If you change sounds of any of the default weapon, this means the used sound of this weapons will change too. E.g. if you changed the 10mm Pistol's sound, the 10mm Receiver also changes sound.

 - Currently, the Pipe Bolt Action and Revolver has hundreds of millions of possible combinations:

> Basic: = 6 (Receiver) x 13 (Barrels) x 7 (Stocks/Grips) x 4 (damage mod) x 2 (trigger mod) x 3 (frame mod) x 2 (calibration) x 6 (ammo mod) x 23 (Sights/Scopes) = 3,616,704
> Bayonet is not allowed with suppressors, = 6 (Underbarrel) x 5 (Muzzles) = 30, subtract suppressor-bayonet combination = 26 x 3,616,704 = 94,034,304
> Heavy Barrels: 3 x 7 x 6 x 4 x 2 x 3 x 2 x 6 x 23 x 6 = 1,669,248
> Shotgun = 13 x 7 x 4 x 2 x 3 x 2 x 3 (Ammo type excluding Explosive Slugs) x 23 x 26 x 4 (Chokes) = 31,344,768
> Heavy Barrel Shotgun: 7 x 4 x 2 x 3 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 23 x 6 x 4 = 2,225,664
> Slug Shotgun (No Snub): 3 (Barrels) x 7 x 4 x 2 x 3 x 2 x 2 (Two Ammo types) x 23 x 4 x 6 = 370,944
> Snub Slug Shotgun (No suppressed): 3 (Muzzles) x 7 x 4 x 2 x 3 x 2 x 2 (Two Ammo types) x 23 x 4 x 6 (Underbarrels) = 1,112,832
> Snub Slug Shotgun (suppressed): 2 (Muzzles) x 7 x 4 x 2 x 3 x 2 x 2 (Two Ammo types) x 23 x 4 x 4 (underbarrel w/o Bayonets) = 494,592

94,034,304 + 1,669,248 + 31,344,768 + 2,225,664 + 370,944 + 1,112,832 + 494,592 = 131,252,352
 - Currently, the Pipe Gun has BILLIONS of possible combinations:

> Basic: 9 (Receiver) x 13 (Barrels) x 7 (Stocks/Grips) x 10 (Magazines) x 4 (damage mod) x 6 (trigger mod) x 3 (frame mod) x 2 (calibration) x 6 (Ammo Mod) x 23 (Sights/Scopes)  = 162,751,680
> Bayonet is not allowed with suppressors, = 6 (Underbarrel) x 5 (Muzzles) = 30, subtract suppressor-bayonet combination = 26 x 162,751,680 = 4,231,543,680
> Heavy Barrel: 9 x 3 x 7 x 4 x 6 x 3 x 2 x 6 x 23 x 6 = 22,534,848

4,231,543,680 +  22,534,848  = 4,254,078,528.

Lots of different possible combinations, lol. You can have Pistol, Machine Pistol, SMG, Rifle, Carbine/SBR, Scout Rifle, DMR, Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, LMG, MMG, HMG, and Sniper-Rifle, so flexible that you can build your weapon to fit most situations! Provided you take the time to build it
- Although realistically, not ALL combinations are viable, like who would use Long-Scope on a Shotgun? Or why would you choose to downgrade your damage mod from Advanced? This only highlights how much variation you can see spawn.