Fallout 4
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Adds in a third mod for the Super-Sledge, an axe head made identically to the one used for the Tire Iron. High damage, heavy, and a ton of fun. You'll feel like the illegitimate child of Rocketman and Grognak.

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This is my first mod made for Fallout 4, and it sure took me long enough. 

This mod contains a simple addition: a new mod for the Super-Sledge. Turns your rocket-hammer into a rocket-axe. 

This weapon sports a +90% damage increase over the standard super-sledge, similar to how the same attachment increases the Tire Irons damage by 75%. It also adds bleed damage, and all for the low, low cost of an extra 10 pounds. 

Okay, that's actually kinda heavy, but it's worth it. 

You can make this weapon for 10 steel, 3 screws, and a bit of adhesive at any weapon workbench, just as you would any other weapon mod. 

If you are using other mods that add new modifications to the Super Sledge main slot, then this may conflict by cancelling the others out. I will be working on a way to fix this through scripting. If there are any other issues, feel free to shoot me a message, and I'll get to you as soon as possible.