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This mod adds 634 poses to the game for the purposes of scene staging, storytelling and basic screen archery.

Action Poses: pose like an action star!
Comrade Poses: party with your companions!
Gestural Poses: unique and natural gestures!

Permissions and credits
Fallout 4 is a great game and all, but did you ever wish your Sole Survivor could just bust out some amazing ninja moves? Or use a sword properly? Or vault over a wall? Or make a spectacular leap? Did you ever wish your Sole Survivor could crack open a beer with their favorite companion? Or give them a high five? Or dance the tango with them? Did you ever wish your sole survivor could just relax in a chair for once? Or interact with the many props and pieces of junk you’re always collecting?

Well this mod doesn’t add any of that functionality, but your screenshots will make it look as though it does!

The catalog is divided up into three main categories:

ACTION: So many melee weapons, so few animations. The action poses bring variety to action sequences, helping make them more cinematic and exciting.

COMRADE: In a game with a million ways to kill people and zero ways to shake their hand, the comrade poses let you interact with your companions like they were really your companions.

GESTURAL: After exhausting the possibilities provided by the scant few gestures in the game, you can create scenes where the characters look like they’re talking, thinking and gesturing like real people.

To activate the poses in the console, use the command "playidle xxxx" where xxxx is the pose ID listed in the guide.
To deactivate a pose, use the command "playidle stop".

Now with AAF support courtesy of AWP3RATOR:
As of version 1.31 there is AAF support for this mod. AWP3RATOR went to the trouble of making an AAF patch complete with "position tree" support for your pose browsing pleasure! When you enter the AAF position menu, you will notice an option for "Thrax's Action Poses Menu". Upon selecting this option you will be able to quickly browse the catalog according to the categorical divisions you will find in my ref materials, tagged with their verbal descriptors.

Pretty fancy stuff actually (and way beyond my skill set), so be sure to head over to AWP3RATOR's page, download his awesome mods and give him some love for his excellent work. Also let's not forget dagobaking for his excellent resource.

A quick word on posing and scene staging:

Underneath your game lies another game entirely. A game where you can stage most any kind of scene you can think of. A game whose object is to dive into your character and flesh them out, bypassing the limitations imposed by the built-in narrative. This game requires heavy use of the console, supplementary mods, a keen eye for screen archery and a fair amount of patience. Ultimately, for me at least, this game is better for role-playing than anything you'll find in the vanilla offering, and this mod is an effort to open that game up for everyone to play.

This mod was born out of two impulses. Many of these poses were created for use in specific contexts and your mileage will vary with how useful you find them, so essentially, I made this mod for myself. On the other hand, when I first starting using poses, I would have killed for a mod like this; a mod that offers up a plethora of gestures both grand and subtle that I could re-purpose to my heart’s content, so I also made this mod for the storytellers and screen archers who’d like a little more variety in their toolbox.

The contents of this mod:

In the files you will find, not only the poses but a variety of supplementary materials to help you use the mod most effectively.  I’ve included several versions of reference materials. 634 poses make a large catalog, and the different reference materials are all in service to helping you not only understand the poses and their original context, but also help you access them quickly after you’ve familiarized yourself with the structure of the catalog.

-Full Visual Ref: This PDF contains the full set of visual references for all 634 poses in their original context with notations about relevant props and weapons. The structure of the guide is outlined in this “Key”:

-Action/Comrade/Gestural Visual Ref: These PDFs are the same as the one outlined above, just broken into the main pose categories to make them more easily accessible

-Action/Comrade/Gestural Thumb Ref: These PDFs include thumbnails of each pose with none of the notations or context. I personally find these the most useful for quickly browsing through the poses on the fly.

-Quick Ref: This PDF has all the poses listed by their verbal descriptor with no visuals. I used this for myself to initially navigate the mod before the visual references were created, but I thought I would include it in case anyone found it useful.

In my personal workflow, I keep the PDF of any pose mod handy on my tablet and can easily refer to it while in game. I suggest something similar, but I’ve tried to accommodate as many things as possible. I had also considered uploading an archive of the straight screenshots used to make the reference PDFs, but the archive was 1.2GB. I may still consider uploading it if there seems to be a demand, so let me know if this would best accommodate your posing workflow!

-Advanced Tips: Finally, I’ve included a PDF guide to my tips for advanced posing and scene staging. I recommend everyone at least skim through this no matter what your skill level, so that you can get the most out of the poses provided.


-Results will vary! There will be clipping depending on outfits, armor and weapons used. For best results use what’s pictured in the guide, but also don’t! Please experiment! Mix and match, use varying props and weapons and if something doesn’t work from one angle, use a different angle. One of the most exciting things about releasing this to you all, are all the ways that you will use these that I never thought of.

-Many of the poses require some finagling to get them as pictured. Extreme leg positions, props and certain weapon poses among them. Please see my advanced tips PDF for details.

-The CAT rig, and the human mesh have many limitations and my poses push those limits as far as they’ll go. If you notice strange clipping, or unnatural articulation just know that I have painstakingly articulated these to make them look as natural as possible without compromising the gesture. These problems can often be mitigated with outfit choice and POV.

-A lot of my poses are tight with the props and weapons they employ, that is by design. A lot of other pose mods try to accommodate the greatest number of possibilities in body type, armor and weapon choice. I didn’t do this because I like close-ups, and I want it to look convincing. Hopefully you can appreciate that. If a certain pose doesn’t work with your chosen variables, I suggest changing the variables or picking a new pose.

-Finally, this is a big mod, and if you’re new to this, it will require some patience to get into. Don’t let that discourage you though! I’ve tried to make this mod as accessible as I possibly could, hopefully you all will find it that way. Just know that I also plan to increase the accessibility with future updates.

*Notes on using the AAF patch*

AAF is not a one stop problem solver. If you are using the patch you will still need to use the console if you are doing anything more complex than a simple gestural pose or a pose with an equipped weapon. Unfortunately AAF is still in development, and much of this mod is geared for an advanced user. If you are trying to avoid using the console, you will be limiting what this mod can do. Here are some quick points on what the patch can and can't do:

-The "Thrax Action Pose Menu" currently only allows for one pose at a time. To pose multiple actors using AAF you will have to do it from the general menu and not the "Thrax Action Pose Menu".

-If you enter the "Thrax Action Pose Menu" you will have to exit and re-enter AAF if you want to use your other pose mods/pose multiple actors.

-The patch does not automate the couple's poses as it may with other mods. This is a feature that I may or may not accommodate in the future as I feel that it limits the applications of any pose that is automated.

-The patch does not handle props at all what-so-ever. If you want to do any of the poses with props that are listed in the guide, you will still have to do so through the console.

Future Updates:

-More poses for sure, because well, I just can’t help myself.

-I plan to have variants of some of the prop poses with the props built in. This is something I'm just getting used to, and it's much trickier than straight posing. I do apologize for not having this functionality on release, I know implementing props is a pain, but I’ve been doing it for some time now and like any game mechanic it gets easier the more you do it.

-I will not be adding “gun” or “ring” functionality to this mod. Kudos to davethedrunk for working those things out, but unless you're a console user AAF has effectively made those things obsolete and I highly recommend you check it out as it's a great resource.

Special Thanks:

I’d like to thank davethedrunk foremost, as he is the godfather of Fallout 4 posing. Not only did his mod goose my imagination when it first hit the Nexus, his resources and tutorials are the reason this mod exists. His poses are also some of the most fun and hilarious you will find for this game, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to give him kudos and download his mod if you haven’t already.

I’d also like to thank rampage1911 and cormell for diving right into the fun of the mod, 
Hangman1975 for his critical eye that helped me put an extra layer of polish on the mod, 
and BlackMaid for her glowing praise and encouragement.
These are all lovely people and amazing screen archers, please check them out if you get a chance.

If you want to see more of my poses in action, be sure to check my image share. I put a lot of love in there. My image sets were the impetus for this mod, and I always appreciate when people stop by and have a gander.

Oh, and feel free to post your own screens, I’d love to see them. All I ask is that you refrain from featuring nudity.

Thanks everyone! Go nuts! 

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