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New outfits for male and females using vanilla assets to bring more life and variety to the dirty raider side of things. CBBE and AWKCR compatible. Now with its own standalone Power armor!

Permissions and credits
First things first:
Screenshots are always welcome so feel free to share! I'd love to see what you guys are doing with these!

Known Issues:
 - Power armor headlamp does work but in 3rd person the light spawns at the feet, not sure why but I'm fixing it

Automatron DLC
Armorsmith Extended

What originally started out has a small project to add a few new armors to the game while I learn the ropes of modding has quickly grown into more than what I had originally intended. What was a plan to add 4 or 5 outfit sets now consists of 5+ armors\sets, 10+ Helmets\masks, multiple wearable weapons, new enemies to fight(and soon new locations to face them at) and even a brand new Power Armor. All of them were put together completely from vanilla assets and are completely compatible with AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended right out of the box.

All of these can be crafted under the RAIDER category at the Armorsmith Workbench and now thanks to the wonderous work of Gambit77 they can now be found underneath the new SCAVVER and GUNNER categories and the Weapon Attachments have now been moved to the Weaponsmith Workbench

As soon as the GECK is released I do plan on adding these to a custom faction with new enemies, allies and vendors as well as a few creature types to accompany the different outfit types. Already in the works!

Current Sets:
The Techpriest\Tech Freak: As of now the 2 armors, 2 helmets, 1 visor and a backpack
The Engineer: 1 outfit for now as well as a matching Power Armor set
The Gunner: 1 outfit, modular armor parts and 1 helmet
NEW!The Beastmaster: 3 in the works so far but the Scorpion Hunter is finished and available!
The Grave Robber: 1 Outfit with Modular arm pieces, 6 new masks and 1 hooded mask
NEW! The Gladiator: As of now just 1 Helmet with 3 craftable sizes

The attachments are the Sniper on the back, Double barrel holstered on the lower back ME style, .44 on the hip and a grenade belt across the chest. The come in a many combinations and I have other additions in the works already.


Either with NMM or MO2 if doing it manually just drag on drop into your data file.


If you want to reuse any of these or add on to them feel free to just make sure to let me know and drop a link back to here

-Scorpion Hunter outfit released - Comes with different color schemes matching the Radscorpion types
-Gladiator Helmets released - Craftable in 3 sizes each one with a different appearance
-Engineer armor has been remodeled
-New Eyewear including: Blindfold, Recon Visor and Welding Goggles
-Optional material swaps to change the color of the Engineer and PA
-New Tech helmet added
-Previous mask have been revamped to save on menu space: They are now the Grave Robber Mask which can be upgraded to the King varient as well as the Demon Mask than can be upgraded to devil or Demon King Variants
-Gambits77 replacer plugin changes merged in
-Various fixes\bugs squashed that I can't remember right now


-New Power Armor added as well as 2 outfits
- 6 New masks, they take up the headband slot so the can be worn with other headgear
- Fixed the gunner crashing issue
- Minor other fixes and tweaks

-3 New fully functioning backpacks
-Return of the Arm\leg plates for the gunner set
-New variation for the Tech Freak
-Fixed the horrid 1st person clipping

V2.0 - To Update Completely uninstall prior versions.

-Gunner Set Re-styled. And yes the male is different than the female. The new addition didn't play well with bodyslide
-Heavy Set temporarily removed. Is being reworked in modular parts/single set
-Grave Robber set redone. Removed the casket in order to make it a backpack.
-LEVELED LIST Added! For now all sets spawn on raiders minus the gunner set.
Gunner set and attachments spawn on the Gunners faction
-Compatibility patch for Raider Overhaul WIP 9.0 By MadMax713

-NEW Outfit adding - The Grave Robber. Only takes up the torso so you can mix and match its Arm and leg pieces with others.
-Fixed up the few remaining errors I found on the male meshes

V1.2 - Completely Remove prior versions before installing this update
-Crafting requirements adjusted to make more sense - Big thanks to SkyCrap for helping me on that
-All outfits have been remade from scratch with no CTD's on my end
-Do to how how outfits were remade more parts will be affected by retextures. I recommend Wasteland Commando for the Gunner set.
-Stat Values changed since I just noticed some were way up there

Everything is now craftable under either the Raider or Other Category
-Perk Requirements:
-Tech - Science 1 and Armorer 1
-Heavy - Armorer 3
-Beastmaster - Armorer 1 and Animal Friend 1
-Gunner - Armorer 1
-Attachments w/o Frag belt - Gun Nut 1 with Frag Belt - Gun Nut 1 and Explosives Expert 1

If you want to use any of my work as a base for your own please have the decency to at least ask me first than credit and link back to me

Tools Used:
Bodyslide and outfit studio

Skycrap: For the aid in getting them to be craftable
Nhimkoko: For helping understand how to get non apparel items to show up on the outfits.
Big thanks to Brokefoot and AbeLincoln55 for helping understand dismemberment data

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