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Big Collection of Clothes inspired by 30s-50s Fashionstyle

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This mod adds over 60 new clothing-pieces, inspired by the fashion from the 30s-50s.
All pieces can be crafted at the chemistry station, or be found in random containers in the gameworld.
If you install the optional "World Distribution" file, the clothes will also be worn by NPCs.
To protect yourself properly in the harsh wasteland of the commonwealth, I have also decided to add an Steel Cuirass, inspired by
World War 1 Armory, which can be worn over most outfits of this mod.
I decided to reupload this mod, since I have made to many design/decision mistakes in the old Version and would love if people which I scared away last time with non-craftable,.... to take a new look at this mod.

1. Extract the downloaded file and place the "Data" folder into your Fallout 4 folder.
2. Activate the Mod in the mainmenu.

Evermarch                          I used his Suit texture as base of mine. Check out his Suit-Textures too, he made an great job:
          Heaventhere                        For testing                                                  
cormell                                For his testing and screenarcher