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Precision Movement and Rotation script inspired by ab3d0.

Permissions and credits
I have spent hours trying to learn scripting in Autohotkey; just so I can make this mod and upload it to the Nexus. Due to Nexus T&C, I was not able to use any of the original mods coding. As such there have been some changes, for the better, I hope. I have added more hotkeys and simplified the active script over all. Though if you read the script it is much much more informative and organized

PLEASE, provide me with suggestions and feedback on how feel about the mods hotkeys settings

This is the code for anyone that want to make their own or check it out,

So with no further delays, I give you
Autohotkey Object Mover for Fallout 4

Brought to you by:
  • https://autohotkey.com
  • ©2003-2014 Chris Mallett, portions ©AutoIt Team and the AHK community
  • Software License: GNU General Public License
  • Created using: SciTE4AutoHotkey
  • Version - Based on SciTE 3.5.1
  • Built on Oct 12 2014 13:40:05
  • by fincs - Original SciTE by Neil Hodgson
  • Written By: BetaVirus
  • Date Compiled: 06/23/17
  • Date of last edit: 06/23/17
  • Title: AutoHotKey Object mover Script for Fallout 4
  • This script was inspired by ab3d0 for his mod 'Precision Movement and Rotation' on Nexus Mods website - which has since been removed by the author

I have compiled a version of the script to run as an .EXE; so that you no longer need the Autohotkey installed to run it.
  1. This will show up in your task manager as Fallout4MoveAnything-NoPopup or Fallout4MoveAnything-Popup
  2. If, you do not wish to run it as an exe; I have included the script file version, that requires you to install Autohotkey

I have also given you the option to download a version of the script that will show a popup window upon first launching the script, informing you that the hotkey scripts will NOT run without fallout 4 as the active window. In other words, this script should not cause you to have issues outside of fallout, should you forget to close the app/script after you close Fallout 4
  1. If you do not want a pop up, download the non popup version.
  2. I have included a hotkey to exit the app/script so that you do not have to close it manually every time. Shift+Pause key

If anyone wants to change the keys to something else here is a helpful list of keys:

Please give thanks to ad3d0 for his work in the past and enjoy what I was able to make base on his work.

Below you will find a copy if the original mod page, as reconstructed the the best of my knowledge.
Anything highlighted in orange has been changed with my mod.
Precise object moving and rotating by ad3d0
Original mod Added: 29/11/2015 - 07:51PM
Last Updated (to the best of my knowledge): 26/10/2016 - 08:01AM

This mod allows you to move selected object in any directions, and rotate them, using number pad keys. Allowing you to move any object anywhere. including Inside other object and object that are hidden and/or not meant to be moved, if you wish.

You must have the console available to use this mod, as it types commands in console windows.
  1. For it to work you need to install AutoHotkeys first. This simple app will show up as a green H icon down by the time
  2. After installation, download the main file here and extract it to your desktop, or Fallout 4 folder (make a shortcut to desktop if desired). 
  3. Then double click it and you are good to go. It will work while you are in-game.
In-game usage:
  • Open console (~ button), select object you want to move by left clicking on it. Then just press and hold desired hotkey. 
  • The console MUST be open to moving the object. Otherwise the commands will trigger other game functions as if  you were trying to press enter, number, etc. (it open my pipboy, switched to my map, then merks menu, out of the pipboy and switch my weapon before reloading it; when i forgot to open the console)
It has two modes:
  • NumLock on - moves and rotates by 1 unit. 
  • NumLock off - moves and rotates by 5 units.

Hotkeys: (New Hotkey list can be viewed at any time by pressing Ctrl + Alt + NumberPad Enter)
Orientation is static in the game as if your character was facing south on the map
  • NumLock OFF - Normal mode (adjusts object by +/- 5)
  • NumLock ON - Smooth mode (adjusts object by +/- 1)
  • Num4 and Num6 - moves object by "X" axis (Left/right)
  • Num8 and Num2 - moves object by "Y" axis (Back/Forward)
  • Num"+" and Num"-" - moves abject by "Z" axis (Up/Down)
  • Num9 and Num3 - rotates object around "Y" axis (Tilt Left)
  • Num 7 and Num1 - rotates object around "X" axis (Tilt Right)
  • Num/ and Num* - rotates object around "Z" axis (Rotate Left/Right)
  • Num5 - resets object angles to 0
  • Num0 and NumIns - Get Pos or Angle of selected object
  • NumDot and NumDel - Get player grabbed reference
  • Alt+NumDot and NumDel - Duplicate selected object
  • Alt+Num0 and NumIns - Move object to Player
  • Ctrl+NumEnter - Disable Selected object
  • Alt+NumEnter - Enable Selected object
  • Shift+Pause - Quit AutoHotkey Script

Quick tip to avoid the flashing texture when moving object inside another object  or remove the slight blur immediately, instead of waiting to reload the area: change the number to .0001

TODO List:
  1. Add hotkey combo to make all of them move objects by 50 or something like that. Please let me know what range increments you would like to see. The one people seem to want more i will make 
Demo and explanation. Thx to Dezdicardo (klaxon21) for great videos!
(Videos are still valid for how my mod works)

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