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Different colors for box switches to make wiring saner. Or at least more colorful.

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Do you like wiring, but hate having banks of identical switch boxes that force you to use labels or have a much better memory than I have?

How many times have you looked at the fifteenth same blue switch box in your settlement and had to ask yourself, "Now what in the hell is that attached to?"

Or maybe you just want some more colors for your switches? I've got you covered.

A Rainbow of Switches adds box switches in twelve (12? That's a whole dozen!) new, exciting colors--a base set of black, green, grey, red, white, and yellow; and a deluxe set which also has cobalt, lavender, manilla*, mint, orange, and pink--to complement the blue switch box we all know and love. This is a really simple recolor, but oddly, I haven't found another mod that does this.

All switches, including the original blue switch (which I have not touched), are listed in the workshop menu under
Power > Connectors & Switches.

The original file with just the six core variants will remain available as a Miscellaneous file, in case you have no need of quite THAT many switches.

New Tiny Little Add-On
At the request of indycurt, there is now a totally optional Microgenerators file under Misc. This adds four switchbox generators to the Power > Generators tab in the workshop menu. Grey = 5 power, Yellow = 10 power, Black = 15 power, Red = 20 power. The add-on will work with any version of this mod.

Nothing unusual here. Use the mod manager of your choosing, or unzip the files into your game's Data folder. Don't do both. I mean, I suppose you could, but that seems more trouble than it's worth.

If the main file gives you trouble, try using the Loose Files version instead. Don't do both, and this time, I mean it. Bad things could happen, and nobody needs that kind of drama.

No special instructions. Updating will not remove any placed switches from your save.

This only adds objects, it does not replace anything, fiddle with leveled lists, use scripts, or touch any world cells, so it should work alongside almost any mod I can think of. I just unceremoniously plunked the items in the vanilla menu, so it should also work with SKE, SMM, or other settlement menu mods. Workshop Rearranged I am uncertain about, since I don't use it.

Known Issue
The color difference between the lavender and pink switches is a bit more subtle than I intended. I understand if that is a deal-breaker.

* So as it turns out, this is actually spelled "manila," but it is already "manilla" throughout the mod, so manilla it remains. Here. Now I know.

If you want to use this in your mods, just ask me via PM, not in the comments. I'll probably only ask for a credit and a heads up so I can see your project, but please ask anyway.

However, do NOT upload this to or any other website. I may, at some point, and I'd prefer it not already be there when I do. It isn't about the work or the creativity or anything so important, it's the principle of the thing. Theft is theft. Don't be a dick.