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Allows you to display different types of the same creature (Albino, Glowing, Rabid...)

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The base game/Wasteland Workshop only gives you the option of displaying the most common variation of each creature. This mod will allow you to craft the vast majority of the variants in the game. As of right now this mod allows the following to be crafted:

Dog - Black, Dogmeat
Mongrel - Vicious, Albino, Rabid
Radstag - Rabid, Albino, Glowing, Erratic, Devolved
Yao Guai - Dusky, Albino, Rabid, Glowing, Ghoul, Glowing Ghoul
Molerat - Rabid, Glowing, Brood Mother
Radscorpion - Hunter, Stalker, Predator, Albino, Glowing, Deathskull
Deathclaw - Glowing, Chameleon, Albino, Alpha, Matriarch, Savage
Mirelurk - Glowing, Softshell, Razor Claw, Kill Claw, Blood Rage
Mirelurk Hunter - Glowing
Bloatfly - Festering, Black
Bloodbug - Glowing, Hatchling (looks almost identical to default despite having different textures, I'm still figuring out why)
Stingwing - Darter, Skimmer, Chaser, Glowing
Supermutant - Behemoth
Rad Rabbit
Angler - all types
Gulper - all types
Fog Crawler - all types
Hermit Crab - all types
Wolf - All types

I plan on updating this mod frequently until every variant is covered, and as of right now, there are only a few vanilla creatures left to add. The majority are glowing creatures that are differentiated with an add on art object instead of a different texture. I'm still not sure how to make them work, so they may or may not ever get added. Next update will add Nuka World creatures.

This mod requires Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbor. It is compatible with literally every mod in existence. Any texture replacers you have will show up on the mounted creatures. Future versions will require Nuka World, but I will keep an old versions up for those without Far Harbor or Nuka World. Let me know if you find any bugs or if there's any creatures I missed over. 

Made with Nifskope, 3Ds Max, and FO4Edit