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A leveled city plan focused on water purification.

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This small settlement produces enough filtered water from the river to send to settlements across the Commonwealth, and they trade water for other resources with nearby Bunker Hill. The settlers produce some scrap and food, but they rely on trade and caravans from other settlements to make up the difference, along with whatever scrap they can pull out of the river. It houses 4 settlers at level 0, 6 at level 1, 11 at level 2, and 15 at level 3.

A player home is available beginning at level 2. Bathhouse, weight room, rooftop bar, park, and clinic are added as the settlement grows. Due to the healthy trade with Bunker Hill, the settlement builds up quite a bit between one level and the next.  A mayor's suite is available directly below the player home; the desk moves inside the building on the left once that structure is built.

This settlement requires Glitchfinder's North Point Park settlement and will not function without it. The other addon packs listed under requirements are not strictly necessary, and plots will be replaced at random with the plots that you do have available.


Enormous thanks to Kinggath and the SS2 team who work so hard to add so much to this game. Hugs and thanks to all the builders on WAB who answer my stupid questions, provide support, and are just generally awesome like Karvoc, Vee, UNDERCVRGmrLdy, Chef, Yagisan, pra, and others.