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Model swaps all submachine guns with Deadpool2099's Bullpup Bozar. Optional files for lever action, assault, and combat rifles included

Permissions and credits
This will model swap all vanilla submachine guns into Deadpool2099's Bullpup Bozar. 

I also provide several different plugin options to fit your needs:
  • Submachine Gun only
  • SMG and Lever Action Rifle
  • SMG, Assault, and Combat rifles
  • SMG and Assault rifles
  • SMG and Combat rifles
  • Assault and Combat rifles
  • Assault rifles only
  • Combat rifles only 
  • Lever Action rifle only

If using any of the combat rifle replacers, then the unique combat rifle "Overseer's Guardian" will be replaced properly.

Known Issues
Similar to my AUG A1 smg replacer, the Silver Shroud submachine gun will not be replaced correctly. It will still shoot bullets and kill enemies, but the weapon model will look janky and it will use the vanilla smg animations and aim model, making it practically useless. Avoid that weapon when using this mod. 

Mods Used
(Required) Bullpup Bozar by Deadpool2099 - 

-Deadpool2099 for granting permission to make this mod and for making the Bullpup Bozar weapon mod

- Elianora for the Wasteland Clothing used in some screenshots

-kjh1222b (aka Outlawer) and AussieShepard117 for the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exo frame armor used in some screenshots. Found on the "Outlawer's Fo4 outfit pack 2" thread on

- kjh1222b (aka Outlawer) for the ops core helmet used in some screenshots. Found in the " Outlawer's Fo4 outfit pack" thread on

- asnavaro for the tan plate carrier used in some screenshots. Found in the " (FO4) Plate Carrier Armor - Update 2/7/2018" thread on

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