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  • Twinception Debug Info

    Refer to the wiki for instructions on enabling the console.
    To access the Twinception debug run the following console command: runscript twins_debug
    Please note that any use of the debug for purposes not explicitly outlined below will not be supported. Feel free to faff about with it if you wish, but don't come here commenting about it if something breaks.


    There used to be a mod by xatmos by the name of Sophie's Choice, which has since been hidden. It allowed you to play the game with the "wrong" twin by tricking the game into thinking Hawke was a different class.
    If you wish to kill off one of the twins in the prologue, you can do so by accessing the "Siblicide" option in the twinception debug prior to the ogre encounter, and select wh...

  • Kirkwall Expanded Quest Guide

    Kirkwall Expanded Quest Guide
    This article contains walkthroughs of most of the original quests I added to the game.  It does not include any of the fetch quests or any of the "restored" content, as all of those quests should be straightforward, without anything extra or hidden.

    Most of these quests are very small and simple, but may have something hidden you overlooked.  Spoilers may be included in these walkthroughs, so if you'd rather figure things out for yourself, don't read. :)


    A Dozen Years of Solitude (Act 1)

    Purchase the “Strange Amulet” for sale from Jocelyn’s Bits and Baubles in the Lowtown Bazaar. (Jocelyn and her store don’t appear until after you have visited Gamlen for the first tim...

  • Instructions on use

    Dragon Age 2 Character Creator Guide

    Make sure you have both Dragon Age: Origins and the Toolset installed

    I recommend applying the LAA patch to your toolset

    Install all the components from this mod:

    Extract ZZ. Dragon Age CC from Dragon Age 2 CC Core Files.7z to:

    C:\Users\\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

    Backup your DefaultSettings in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Dragon Age\tools

    Extract contents of Dragon Age Toolset Settings.7z to:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Dragon Age\tools 

    Open the Toolset as normal and click File / New / Morph

  • Quick Little Tutorials

    Quick item model change tutorial: 
    To change an item's model, you'll need something that can edit UTI files. Most common ones are:
    --the DAO toolset http://www.datoolset.net/wiki/Main_Page), or at least its GffEditor 
    --NWN2gff (https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/7346181-download-link-for-the-nwn2gff-v122-editor)
    --TlkEdit (https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn2/other/tool/2datlkgff-editor-aka-tlkedit2)
    You also need the item's UTI.  Most can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Dragon Age II\packages\core\data\designerresources.RIM.
    To extract them, you can use pyGFF (https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonage/mods/4512). 

    Once you have the UTI, open it up, and look for a line that says Mo...

  • DA2 Item Sets - DLCs

    Please note: you will still need the associated DLC to actually use these! 

    Mage Pack 1:
    Malcolm's Bequest
    1304201  body
    1305200  hood

    Fugitive's Mantle
    1304200  chest
    1306200  gloves
    1307200  boots

    Mage Pack 2:
    1104201  chest
    1105200  helm (half)
    1106200  gloves
    1107200  boots

    Rogue Pack 1:
    Black Fox's Jerkin
    1304101  chest
    1305101  helm (half)
    1306101  gloves
    1307101  boots

    Rascal's Scale
    1304100  chest
    1305100  helm (half)
    1306100  gloves
    1307100  boots


  • DA2 Item Sets - Base Game

    Clothing sets:
    4260 body
    5210 hood B
    5211 hood C

    Commoner B (EM only)
    4401 body
    5420 hood

    Commoner C (EM only)
    4402 body
    5421 hood

    Noble A
    4410 body
    5203 / 5400 hood

    Noble B
    4411 body
    5204 / 5401 hood

    Noble C
    4412 body
    5205 / 5403 hood

    Light Armor sets:
    Light A (rogue starting armor)
    4100 chest
    5118 helm (half)
    5251 hood
    6100 gloves
    7100 boots

    Light B

  • Dragon Age 2 Mage Grandmaster Save (WITH ALL HAWKE'S KEYS FULLY UPGRADED THREE-FOLD):

    Dragon Age 2 Mage Grandmaster Save: This save I consider a ‘Grandmaster Save’ in that there is an extreme possibility you won’t need any other save to recuperate any items in the inventory for this save through the editor unto any other saves… I.E.: This might be a ‘Mage’ Character, and it save is set at nearly the very beginning for your enjoyment but it is mostly a save for anyone wishing to import almost every ‘excellent/ high-graded’ conceivable item from the character’s backpack into your own character using gff editor (check online how to do this!!!).I ALSO included every conceivable Hawke’s Keys Combinations you might want/ need (again, you can import these easily through gff editor, albeit the Hawke’s Keys are a DLC add-on, from ‘Legacy’ to be exact...

  • Respective hairs on NPCs

    1. Arianni: Sky293
    2. Orana: Papaya
    3. Athenril: Luckystar
    4. Katriela: Hello
    5. Maren: Foamsummer
    6. Nyssa: Lilacfog
    7. Lia: Synthesis
    8. Porfiria: Cameron
    9. Serendipity: Sayforever
    10. Sabina: Princess
    11. Elven Fanatic: Blossomstory
    12. Variel: Sakura
    13. Vinell: Onlyyou
    14. Cora: Sunsetglow
    15. Dalish Archer: Kamill
    16. Dalish Assassin: Slowly
    17. Dalish Warrior: Soundwave
    18. Dalish Guard: Dreadlocks

    1. Dalish Guard: Joshua
    2. Jethann: Blackout
    3. Cerimon: Faux
    4. Pol: Bittersweet
    5. Junar: Roughsketch
    6. Jelden: Djinn 
    7. Tomwise: Footprint
    8. Sketch: Macho...

  • Locating Vault Bools

    When you import an Origins save into DA2, all the plot flags the game cares about are converted to a list of vault bools in your save game. You can view and edit these in pyGFF (editor.exe) by opening savegame.das and expanding 0 -> 16024 -> 17607.


    The new vault bools added by this mod start with 57 and will usually (though not always) be at the very bottom of the list.

    5741 = game was created with mod installed

    For the Keep walls to be upgraded, 5...

  • Changing the Eyes

    A few people have asked, so here are two ways to go about it, nothing complicated, I promise. 

    Method 1:

    This method consists of switching out the eye texture with something more to your taste. There are a few mods on the nexus that have unique eye textures that can be used as replacers, the ones I know of are Eyes of Glass DA2 DAO by Khylian and LOTC s Eye Textures for DA2 by marquiseondore.


    You'll need:

     -Bioware .erf Packager
    - pyGFF Editor

    Extract them both in separate folders.


    -First off, you're going to want to grab the .erf file associated with the character you want to edit, I'll go with Fenris'.(Fenris_Files.erf)

    - Open pyGFF (editor....