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This is a high resolution hair texture replacement for player characters and NPCs in DA2.

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[size=10]Vibrant Hair[/size]

for DA2


This replaces the standard hair texture in DA2, which is used for all player characters and (all?) NPCs.

The new texture has double the resolution of the original and is based on images of real hair.

It's of course compatible with all hair tints - vanilla or modded.

I've gone for quality with this, not performance. That means the texture file is relatively large.
If you are low on video memory in DA2 this might lead / add to performance issues!

(Personaly I didn't notice any performance hit on a AMD HD 4850 with 1 GB memory.)


Released a "Low Specular Alternative" for this addon that significantly reduces the specular level of the texture.

Depending on hairstyle (some vanilla hair models have faults that produce weird looking highlights), hair color, lighting, etc. this can make the hair look "better" but also more "flat" than the original.

There's a preview in the image section - you will have to test and decide for yourself which version suits your needs best.

Please make sure you have only ONE version of this hair texture addon in your override folder at any given time!


Unzip and copy the folder "Pineappletree's Vibrant Hair 1_0" into your [...]Dragon Age 2packagescoreoverride folder.


Just delete the folder "Pineappletree's Vibrant Hair 1_0" from your [...]Dragon Age 2packagescoreoverride folder.

Knwon Issues:

This will of course conflict with any other addon that tries to change the standard hair textures.

No other issues known.


Since I long stopped working on DA2, you may do with this mod what you want and without my explicit permission, as long as you keep it free of charge and off Steam and its ilk.

Keep me in the credits, if you are a nice person.
(And if you're not, your mother / grandfather / sister /husband / cat will be very disappointed. Think about that!)


13.04.2011 - Release "Low Specular Alternative"
10.04.2011 - Release Version 1.0



Additional Credits:

Thanks to Bioware for creating Dragon Age 2.
Thanks to InsanitySorrow for his ReadMe Generator this file is based on.

Tools Used:

Dragon Age ReadMe Generator
Gibbed Bioware Erf Packer