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Adds 12 complexions with dramatic eye makeup.

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This started with my other mod "Eyeliner Variations" and progressed to this - not really eyeliners anymore, I suppose, therefore the name change. I had some other designs I didn't want to include in that mod because I thought they'd not really fit in there as they are a bit more eccentric. 

As before I worked with the female preset 6 and eye shape 4. So if you want a similar look, pick that. Otherwise it will look different and in some cases perhaps even distorted. But I've found that it isn't as much of an issue as it is with the eyeliners from my other mod (where you'd want a more clean and symmetrical look). These ones are already meant to be more unusual to begin with. So I think they work fine with other presets and eye shapes too (in some cases they may even look better. I guess it depends on what you want to do with it and personal taste and such).


Put the .erf file and the chargenmorphcfg.xml file into your override folder. If you’re playing with other mods and already have a chargenmorphcfg.xml file, use a compiler or open your own chargenmorphcfg.xml and add the following lines manually under <skins> :

<resource name="DEyeMakeup\DEyemakeup1_0d" />
<resource name="DEyeMakeup\DEyemakeup2_0d" />
<resource name="DEyeMakeup\DEyemakeup3_0d" />
<resource name="DEyeMakeup\DEyemakeup4_0d" />
<resource name="DEyeMakeup\DEyemakeup5_0d" />
<resource name="DEyeMakeup\DEyemakeup6_0d" />
<resource name="DEyeMakeup\DEyemakeup7_0d" />
<resource name="DEyeMakeup\DEyemakeup8_0d" />
<resource name="DEyeMakeup\DEyemakeup9_0d" />
<resource name="DEyeMakeup\DEyemakeup10_0d" />
<resource name="DEyeMakeup\DEyemakeup11_0d" />
<resource name="DEyeMakeup\DEyemakeup12_0d" />

Have fun and feel free to post images of your characters here, I always love seeing examples from other people :)