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Bidelle's Cosmetics 2 adds new makeup (complexion slider) options for Dragon Age II! A sequel to the popular DA:O mod, Bidelle's Cosmetics.

Permissions and credits
July 2014: If you have any questions regarding this mod or the one for Dragon Age: Origins, please contact me via Tumblr at

Bidelle's Cosmetics II[/size]
Works ONLY with Dragon Age II!

Update: May 17: Update v1.3 available!
7 New Male Skins! Slightly younger than the default masculine skin, should help those who want to create a 20-something Hawke and not a 40+!
Each skin comes with a different beauty mark/mole. I'd love some feedback about different places they can go if you're not satisfied!

As always, all options provided are found by changing the "Skin Complexion" slider at the character creation screen or the Black Emporium's Mirror screen.

Please use THIS MOD to merge your chargenmorphcfg.xml files to get all your mods working together!

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I'll do sketches/art/requests for any coffees received. :) <3

After the success of the first Bidelle's Cosmetics, I have ended support for the original mod to bring options to Dragon Age 2 instead.

As of March 20th: New Eyes included in the 1.1b version of the pack:

This will replace the TEXTURE for every normal eyed NPC and player in the game. The COLOR of the eyes will stay normal. (Fenris with green, Sebastian with blue, etc.) It brings the vibrancy of the eyes up dramatically while keeping the colors intact.

Version 1.1 includes a VERY extensive chargenmorphcfg.xml that includes almost every hidden texture option (including Cassandra and Meredith's skins). This way you might not have to use any extra mods to unlock customization options.

If you like this mod, Endorse it!

If you'd like a different eye texture than what I provide, check out Pineappletree's Vibrant Eyes.

If you want more eye colors (Usable with both Bidelle's Cosmetics, alone, or with any other mod), check out Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors

-Included in this Pack-
    Violet sparkle eyeshadow
    Aqua sparkle eyeshadow
    Blood Mage bleeding mascara
    Heavy black eyeliner
    Rough brown/black eyeliner
    Smoky eyeshadow
    Pearl eyeshadow
    Subtle accent brown shadow
    Subtle accent brown shadow with highlights
    Full face-up Geisha powder, shadow and lipstick
    Egyptian Gold (Cleopatra) eyeliner
    Pris (Bladerunner) full facemask black smear
    Full Rainbow Eye Shadow Colors
    Mascara tears
    Facial Scar
    Seven Masculine Skins including Moles/Marks

Optional in the "includes eyes" pack:
"Nova" style (from the BC Origins pack) eyes
They will retain their own eye color, but the overall look of the eyes is very stylized.
Take a look at the screenshots to decide which pack you should install.

How to Install
    Unzip the file into your Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age 2/packages/core/override folder.

    Start Dragon Age 2.

    Create a new character or use the Mirror inside the Black Emporium DLC shop.

WARNING! You will have to merge the provided chargenmorphcfg.xml files in each Character Creation mod in order to get them to work together!Use this: merge your files. You can also manually copy and paste lines in the file if you want better control of your options.

As always, I'm looking to improve the pack. If you have suggestions, do not hesitate to post on the discussion board of this mod, or send me a private message.