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HR skin and eye textures for the vanilla companions.

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Unique, higher resolution skin and eyes for the vanilla companions. I accidentally deleted my Inquisition import save recently and felt like I needed a little somethin’ somethin’ to carry me through one last play through.

Couple quick notes:

-Everything inside the main file is modular.

- Cannot be used in conjunction with other companion morphs you may have installed, they will conflict, so make sure to clean out your override folder.

- Very limited testing was done on these, I only had an old ass testing save and whatever I could scrounge up on the nexus, so keep that in mind.  (The deep roads and Leandra’s “alternate face” should work in theory, but I've no practical way to make sure until I start my play through.)


09/02 - Per request, I uploaded standalone textures so you can use them on your Hawke. (Merrill and Varric's textures aren't perfectly adapted for use on a human character, they look a little off. I may fix them up at some point, but for now I'm providing them as is.)

07/27/2015 - Been cleaning out my folders and had a few extra files to share. =D (Cass and Tallis)

To Install: Drag the .erf file(s) of your choice to your override directory. (Only use 1 file per character)

To Uninstall: Delete the files from your override directory.