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Replaces all elven morphs with Inquisition-style elves.

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DA2 elves were such a jarring departure from Origins, and I was quite thankful that the devs rolled those changes back a bit for Inquisition.  Thanks to the miraculous work of IceBuckets, we finally have the chance to make DA2 elves fit in better with the other games and media.  

For characters that appear in both games, I relied more on their Origins appearance simply due to the similarity of art styles, and the fact that I could have both morphs open in the toolset at the same time.  ;) 
Otherwise, I mostly attempted to keep general features and coloring as close to the DA2 version as possible. 

BOTH main files are required:  one contains just the morphs; the other contains additional converted textures and hairstyles from DA2 and DAI (for variety and so certain characters can somewhat retain their iconic looks).
Also requires the "Elf Males"," Elf Females", and "Shared Textures" files from The DA2 Character Creator - Inquisition Edition

Additionally, Tallis' morph requires a mod that breaks up her model into its constituent parts, like Customizable Tallis or Elven Tallis Redux (version C will best match her skin tone). 

The morphs are pictured using Edited Tints for Elves and Dwarves.  It's not technically required, but is highly recommended.

Fenris' lyrium tattoos were adapted from elleung's fantastic Fenris Blue Wraith Appearance.   Thanks to her for the original.  <3