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DA2 import bugfixes

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Note: when starting a new game, for best results import only saves from Origins or Awakening.

Import Vault Fixes

What this does:

  • This mod aims to fix all of the bugs in DA2 preventing an imported Origins worldstate from being correctly reflected.
  • The changelog above has detailed information on what has been added between releases!
  • If you are aware of any bugs not listed on this page, please post them in a comment!

Bugs fixed:

  • Romance and approval bugs:
    • All but a handful of flags checking imported romance status were bugged in some way, either due to a broken script, the approval bug, or both.
    • Follower approval levels will never be imported if said followers are not in the party pool (i.e. a save game is imported after playing one or more DLCs) but base game saves also frequently fail to import approval for no discernible reason. Flags with the approval bug now check to see if any follower stats have been imported and, if not, disregard the requirement for high approval.
    • The following vault flags have been fixed:
      • 289: Alistair romanced
      • 304: Nathaniel remained with the wardens
      • 312: Zevran romanced
      • 317: Morrigan romanced
      • 318: Morrigan made love
      • 319: Leliana romanced
      • 320: Leliana made love
      • 324: Zevran romanced
      • 326: Alistair romanced
    • All of the above flags were also fixed in Monochrome Wench's DA2 Import Fixes, which has now been removed from the BSN.
  • zz_vault_debug
    • I've reorganized the world state display into groups (plot, followers, warden, DLC) for ease of use, and fixed the line that would always show that Leliana slept with Isabela when she didn't. Refer to the wiki if you're not sure how to use the console.
    • v0.1b The debug now shows if Nate died at Vigil's Keep and if the Keep's walls were upgraded.
  • A Murder of Crows
  • Finding Nathaniel
    • Nathaniel incorrectly stating the Architect was spared is a dialogue bug and has been fixed.
    • v0.1b Several deprecated debug flags have been replaced with correct vault flags.

Fixes in progress:

  • There is an oversight where Anders and Nathaniel are flagged dead if left behind at Vigil's Keep, even though per Awakening the Keep never fell if the walls were upgraded. The following flags are currently fixed for new games (v0.1b) but not yet for existing saves:
    • 284: Anders died at Vigil's Keep
    • 335: Nathaniel died at Vigil's Keep

Mod compatibility:
  • This edits the same file as Monochrome Wench's DA2 Import Fixes and will likely cause unexpected conflicts. Please backup and uninstall MW's mod when installing this one.
  • The Zevran fix included in this mod is identical to ZRDF 1.3. You can uninstall ZRDF 2.0 when installing this mod, but the two fixes are completely self-contained and won't cause problems if both are installed at the same time.

Files modified:
  • nat380_nathaniel.cnv
  • one300_zevran.cnv
  • plt_gen00pt_vault.plo
  • plt_nat300pt_find_nathaniel.plo
  • zz_vault_debug.cnv


  • Unzip and place .erf in packages\core\override, delete to uninstall.
  • Can be installed or uninstalled at any point.