True Storms - Wasteland Edition (Thunder-Rain-Weather Redone) by fadingsignal
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I no longer publicly discuss ETAs but I am in the final phases.
Bethesda.net / XBOX are delayed due to CK packaging issues, but it will be released there as soon as possible also!

Need a hideaway from the terrible weather?  Try my new mod: Basement Living! 10 standalone basement player homes with their own workshops!

This is a long-term project and will be updated for years to come. Suggestions, new weathers, fixing engine quirks, etc. will all be resolved in time. Accomplishing this without any official tools wasn't easy, and I ask your patience for advanced features to be added once the CK is released. Thank you!

See the Changelog for full details of what's new and fixed in v1.3.1!

Everything you need to know, all known issues, troubleshooting, etc. are covered in the sticky post in the POSTS section. Please go there before submitting bugs or for more detailed information.

The #5 highest ranked Skyrim mod of 2015 with over 10,000 endorsements comes to Fallout 4 with even more features than ever!  True Storms: Wasteland Edition is a complete overhaul to the storm systems in Fallout 4, including new heavy/unique weathers, sound effects, particle effects, textures, fogs, dust storms, hazardous radiation rain, and more...

(Made with FO4Edit, NifSkope, Gibbed's FO4 Tools, Photoshop, Cubase/Wavelab, Wacom, and a whole lot of time and love.)
Please see the FAQ in Sticky Post in the Posts tab for any questions, and updates about any known quirks.

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BroDual and NCRVet's #1 Fallout 4 mod of 2015!

Video Showcases (thank you Gopher, Brodual, Gamerpoets, MxR, Hodilton, Tyrranicon!)



  • A full installer to make selection of options much easier.
  • Intense visuals during rainstorms -- distant fork and sheet lightning in the sky!
  • All-new heavy rain/dust textures, materials, visual effects, and particle geometry for truly heavy storms!
  • No more "white rain" - particle materials are now using proper alpha blending and lighting, and are effected by the ambient lighting conditions.
  • 20 all-new, intense thunder sounds, and a new method for much more unpredictable/random playback.
  • New interior sounds for all weathers: wind, rain, radstorm, and thunder sounds for all rain types, but only inside locations where it makes sense.
  • New weather types, with new particles/materials, including radiation rain, heavy dust storms, heavy fogs, heavy/light rain, and more!
  • Optional extra Glowing Sea radiation (6 rads without any clothing in vanilla is far too weak IMO!)
  • Weather chances have been slightly altered to give a little bit more diversity (OPTIONAL)
  • Weather will stick around just a little bit longer -- you will no longer experience 4 or 5 different weathers in a single day (OPTIONAL)
  • Vanilla night brightness and several darkness levels available, for compatibility with darker nights mods.
  • Volume slider for new thunder and rain sounds to give you more control for your audio setup.
  • THIS MOD WAS MADE WITH FO4EDIT, AND ONLY EDITS SIMPLE RECORD TYPES (see sticky post for more information)

The brilliant and helpful author of Darker Nights is now hosting full patches for v1.3+ over there. Major thanks to him for his assistance helping me vet this version.


New weather types, and variants to the regular weather have been crafted, including:

  • Heavy Fog and Light Fog - The Commonwealth at midnight when fog is rolling through is absolutely chilling. (Fog effects by Prod80!)
  • Heavy and Light Rain - Rain storms are now heavy and loud, but there's still a chance for soft rain, also with it's own textures and sounds.
  • Heavy and Light Misty Rain - Hazy, foggy rains with lots of atmosphere in two variations.
  • Heavy and Light Radiation Rain - The fun stuff. Rads fall from the sky in two variants, heavy with 8 rads/sec (better pop a Rad-X!) and light rain, at 3 rads/sec.
  • Heavy Dust Storm - Very low chance to occur, but you won't want to get stuck outside when this hits!



  1) Download and install using Nexus Mod Manager, select your options in the FOMOD wizard, and let it overwrite any textures.
  2) Make sure your INI settings are correct!  In your Fallout4Custom.ini make sure you have the following lines:


PLEASE NOTE: NMM still has some issues with virtual folders and FO4, especially if mods are stored on a separate drive than where FO4 is installed. You may need to do a manual install if you experience weird problems (see sticky.)


If you are performing a manual install (not recommended if you are not an advanced mod user), it's a bit tricky due to the installer structure. See this article for manual installation.


When upgrading from any version below v1.3, you must perform the following steps. Failure to do so could cause inconsistent behavior!

  1) BACK UP YOUR SAVE. ALWAYS DO THIS! A real save, not a quick save.
  2) Go into an indoor area (a "real" indoor with a loading screen.)
  3) Open the console (~ key by default) and type fw 2B52A to force clear weather
  4) If you added the spell from previous versions, type player.removespell XX000849 where XX is the ID from your load order for True Storms (type help "True Storms Weather Effects" 4 in game if you need help finding the ID.
  5) Save your game (real save, not quick save) and quit.
  6) Un-install the previous version, and install the new version, load your game and enjoy.
  7) You may get the "Content Missing" warning because the new patches have different names.  This will be fine, just hit OK.

- The weather spell is no longer required to be added to the player.  This is cleanly built-into the mod now.
- If you load up v1.3 and are suddenly taking rad damage, it just means that a new radstorm has immediately started (the game takes upwards of a full minute or more to transition weathers, but applies sounds and effects straight-away.)
- The weather takes time, be patient, you're not going to see every storm as soon as you load your game.  Exactly like vanilla, it could take several in-game days of sunny weather before a storm is chosen randomly.


In general, not compatible with mods that do the exact same thing, which is overwrite the vanilla rain textures, or alter the vanilla rain sounds.  You can always overwrite True Storms' main rain texture with one from another mod, but the material behavior may not look/work the same, as they have been finely tuned together with light as well to achieve the effect.

  • Darker Nights - The author has graciously provided full patches over at his page, grab a patch there!
  • Deadly Radstorms - MOSTLY COMPATIBLE.  I don't alter the vanilla radstorms, so any of the options that increase the damage will work without any problems.  However, the versions that increase the chances of radstorms are not compatible, because we both edit the same climate record that holds all of the weather information.
  • More Common Weather - NOT COMPATIBLE. Both that and my mod directly edit the climate record, which controls which weathers show up where.  Using More Common Weather you will not get any of my new weather types.  I have spread around the weathers so it's more diverse, so you may not need that one any more if you use this.
  • FO4 Rain - NOT COMPATIBLE BUT CAN STILL USE! This is a texture mod and directly conflicts with True Storms, however you can overwrite True Storms with any rain texture you like, but I can't guarantee it'll look good with the additional material settings I've added/altered.  Some folks have said they did this and it fit their preference better.
  • Louder Rainy Sound - REDUNDANT? I already make the vanilla rain sounds for soft rains louder with the plugin, so adding those edited sounds in will make light vanilla rain SUPER loud.  Probably not needed unless you want the soft rain to be a specific kind of loudness.
  • Radiant Clouds and Fog - MOSTLY COMPATIBLE. Their optional heavy fogs use the same fogs that I do from Prod80, and his fog weathers overwrite mine, but nothing else has any conflicts. Nothing will crash, but whatever is lower in your load order will "win" and take over foggy weather.
  • FogOut - Yes, just place this after FogOut in your load order.  It will overwrite only the storms with my changes but keep everything else.
  • WET - Yes, just install mine after, and let my files overwrite the ones from that mod.  It only overwrites the rain texture but leaves everything else.



  • Prod80 for his wonderful fog effect meshes!

  • bcote25, leanboy, SrGatonegro, ookami_wolf, luecke81, Doodlezoid, unforbidable, MythDinoex, Pthalo, and more I missed who help me test v1.3!!  Thank you!!
  • The TES5Edit / FO4Edit Team, specifically Zilav who is always giving me good tips and advice, even when I ask stupid questions.
  • The NIFSkope Team - Skyrim/FO4 mods just wouldn't be possible without their work.
  • Mangaclub for being awesome and making cool, inspiring stuff.
  • Isoku, whose wonderful mods for Skyrim are what made me want to start making mods in the first place.
  • Terrorfox1234 for testing and being generally suave!
  • Elianora for putting up with me spamming her in chat with screenshots and scattered progress on all my random stuff!
  • The entire /r/skyrimmods and /r/falloutmods community!