Stardew Valley

About this mod

Interface mod with fresh vines, dreamy petals and floral romance.

Permissions and credits
A light-colored, complete overhaul of almost all interface elements to have vines and flowers.

Please do NOT redistribute/re-upload ANY of my mods to other websites, and definitely not behind a paywall. This is not your work and you will be infringing copyright and disrespecting my work if you do so. I do NOT give permission to anyone to include my work in e.g. mod packs, not even with credit. Always link back to my Nexus Mods page. I only upload my mods on Nexus.

1. Compatible with PC and android, as of v.1.5.6.
2. All translations included.
3. Download includes replacement files for compatibility with:
  • Another Hunger Mod
  • Love of Cooking
  • Better Chests
  • Calendar Drops
  • Event Lookup
  • Fashion Sense
  • Generic Mod Config Menu
  • Magic
  • Mana Bar
  • Mod Update Menu
  • Moon Misadventures
  • Happy Birthday
  • Ukrainian translation files
  • Walk of Life
  • Virtual Keyboard
4. Two variants for farmer portrait background - pixel / realistic.
5. Three variants of title logo. (for all languages except Chinese)
6. Nine color variants for the digspot.
7. All re-textures have their respective config options.

  1. UI Info Suite 2
  2. Custom Menu Background** (highly recommended)
  3. Better Gems and Minerals (or its DGA version that I use)
  4. Stardew Valley Expanded
  5. Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic
  6. Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic for SVE
  7. GH's Peach Body Type (female)
  8. Fashion Sense
  9. (FS) SH's Animal Stuff
  10. Rural Outfitters
  11. Better Crops and Foraging
  12. Lux's Food Mod
  13. Gwen's Medieval Craftables

  1. Vibrant Pastoral Recolor
  2. Starblue Valley
  3. A Wittily Named Recolor
  4. DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolor
  5. Custom Menu Background** (recommended)

Known issues when used with Spritemaster, this is not a bug with my mod itself.
If you encounter any other bugs, please report at the bugs section and provide a SMAPI log where possible.