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Overhauls all character sprites and portraits for a slightly cuter aesthetic

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Hello and welcome everyone!
This mod combines my other two mods Slightly Cuter Characters Sprites and Slightly Edited Portraits and gives all characters seasonal outfits.
Portrait Changes
I really enjoy the vanilla portrait art a lot but I always thought that some of the proportions were a bit off and some of the aesthetic choices were a bit questionable. That’s why I tried to make gentle edits to the art and make the portraits what I consider a bit more pleasing to look at. I realize this might be disappointing for people who would prefer to keep the vanilla art. Consider downloading Seasonal Villager Outfits in that case.
Sprite Changes
My main goals were to give the player character and NPCs a unified look and getting rid of the bowlegs. I also made sure to not only edit the villagers but also other random characters who show up (like people at Sam’s concert or the tourists at the Fair Festival).
Seasonal Outfits
This mod was heavily inspired by the dynamic NPC clothing system of Longevity and SVO. It is also a rather slimmed down version of these two mods since it only features one outfit per season plus an extra one for winter outdoor areas and outfits for the Flower Dance and Spirit's Eve festivals. I will not add or change outfits!

  • This mod is incompatible with other mods that change portraits and character sprites (that includes SVO).
  • It is compatible with Get Glam. Be certain to follow the config instructions below.
  • It is also compatible with SVE. However, SVE uses its own sprites and portraits for Marlon, Morris and
  • Gunther with additional animations. That means that the cuter version will not be visible for these characters for you if you use SVE.  Download Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic for SVE if you want a consistent look for SVE.
  • Only Install either this mod or the non-seasonal version of Slightly Cuter Characters, not both!
"NoNose": "True, False"
This decides if the character sprites have noses or not. "True" by default. Set it to "false" if you want the characters to have noses.

"HarveyFacialHair": "True, False"
This decides if Harvey will have a beard or not. “True” by default. Set it to “false” if you don’t want the beard.

"FestivalOutfits": "True, False"
Decides if characters will wear Flower Dance and Spirit's Eve outfits. "True" means they change into their festival outfits.

"ExtraOutfits": "True, False"
This decides if the characters will wear additional outfits (aerobics class, Harvey doctor, Shane, Sam and Clint work). "True" means they use the extra outfits.

"FarmerBase": "True, False"
This decides if the farmer base will be changed to match the other characters better. If enabled, the farmer
will have wider legs (approximately the size of the default pants) and their nose will be changed depending on your "NoNose" config. "True" by default. Set it to “false” if you don’t want to use the farmer base or if you have another mod enabled which changes farmer bases, such as Get Glam.

"SeasonalFarmerBases": "True, False"
Decides if the player character's clothing will change depending on the season (wearing boots or half shoes, wearing long or short sleeves). "FarmerBase" must be set to "True" to take effect. True by default.

"ShirtSpring", "ShirtSummer", "ShirtFall", "ShirtWinter", "ShoesSpring", "ShoesSummer", "ShoesFall", "ShoesWinter": "ColdWeather, WarmWeather, False"
You can decide for each season what the character will wear for both shirts and boots. "WarmWeather" means half shoes and short sleeved shirts, "Coldweather" means long sleeved shirts and boots. "False" means the character will use the default sprites that are closer to the ones in the vanilla game. This is a mixture between cold and warm weather. Since they are based off the vanilla art, they are more inconsistent in their clothing length. "SeasonalFarmerBases" must be set to "True" to take effect.

"IslandSummerClothes": "True, False"
Since on the new Island location it's always summer, you can set this option to "true" if you want your farmer to always wear warm weather clothing on the island. "SeasonalFarmerBases" must be set to "True" to take effect. "True" by default.

Thanks and Credits
Many Thanks to Ailin, Alvadea, Airyn, Hopewashere, Tanpoponoko and all the other artists whose art I used as a basis for this mod. A full list of credits can be found in the credit section of this page. Thanks also to paradigmnomad who let me use their code work from SVO.

I hope you enjoy this mod!