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Better Chests adds enhanced chest features to the game.

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Better Chests adds enhanced chest features to the game.

Better Chests is safe to add/remove at any time. If Better Chests is removed from your game, and any chest has more than 36 items in it, you'll have to grab items from the top to get to the rest of them.

Works well with:
Better Crafting
Bigger Backpacks
Chests Anywhere
Custom Backpack Framework and More Backpack Upgrades

There are too many features and customization to list them all here, so it is highly recommended you search the Readme for full details on everything this mod can do!

Auto Organize
Every night, after going to bed, your chests will automatically organize items based on the same rules as Stash to Chest.

Carry Chest
With Carry Chest enabled, you can hit the Use Tool button to pick up chests into your inventory even if it has items.

Categorize Chest
Categorize Chest allows you to assign item categories to chests so that only those items can be stashed into that chest.

Chest Finder
Hit CTRL+F to search for any chests containing the item you're looking for. Then hit SHIFT+Enter to open that chest.

Chest Info
With a chest opened, hit ? to toggle stats about the items in that chest.

Collect Items
While you are carrying a chest in your inventory, any items you pick up may be collected directly into the chest, bypassing your inventory.

Configure Chest
Adds a button to the chest menu to configure chests individually.

Craft from Chest
Hit K to craft using items in nearby chests.

HSL Color Picker
Replaces the Chest Color Picker with a more precise version that lets you pick a color with sliders for hue, saturation, and lightness.

Inventory Tabs
Tabs are added to the Chest Menu to allow you to quickly toggle between categories of items.

Lock Item
Holt ALT and click on an item in your backpack to prevents it from being stashed into chests.

Open Held Chest
With a chest as your active item, you can hit the action button to bring up the chest menu and access the chests contents.

Resize Chest
The default storage for a chest is 36 items. With Resize Chest enabled you can increase storage space up to virtually unlimited storage.

Search Items
Adds a search bar to the top of the Chest Menu to only display items that meet a search criteria.

Shop from Chest
When shopping, you can spend items that are in chests (for example when purchasing a building or building upgrade).

Stash to Chest
Hit Z to instantly stash items from your inventory into nearby chests.

For ease of use, it is recommended to set config options from Generic Mod Config Menu.
More advanced config options can be found on the Readme.

See here for the current status on translations.

Feel free to visit me on my Discord server for announcements and early access to beta releases of my mods.
You're also welcome to seek support or submit issues there. You can also find me on the Stardew Valley discord in #making-mods (LeFauxMatt#6785).