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This mod adds a GUI and two commands that allow to lookup events by ID/character name. It also has a function to show all events that are available to you today in an ingame interface.

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Works for Custom NPCs
(yes, that means with Stardew Valley Expanded and Ridgeside Village, too)

Multiplayer support, and added support for Generic Mod Config Menu. Also added option to show all event in which the character speaks and that is not a of another character. (Eg Abigails heart events wont show up in Carolines list). Simply set "showNonHeartEvents" to true. Beware though, spoilers might hide there. Most Special Order events are shown for example, and some lategame quest follow ups.

By pressing N (configurable), you can access a list of all heart events that you can trigger today, with some information when/how to trigger them.

And this mod allows you to look up heart events of all characters in the game.

Either in the ingame menu by going to your friends page and clicking on an NPC or via commandline

Simply type event_char  <character name>
in the SMAPI console and it will show all heart events of that character.

If you want to know details how to trigger a certain event, use event_id <id>

Recommendations for improvements are very welcome. Just post them here :)

Known Issues:
In multiplayer, for the players that are not the host, Gunthers and Claires events might not show. Im still not entirely sure why, Ill try to fix it. Please post a comment it if you encounter this issue :)

This mod is still in beta. Please report all bugs/suggestions here on nexusmods or on the official SDV discord to shekurika#8884.
Planned: Some code rewrite, maybe translations?