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Increase the storage for cooking supplies. Place chests inside your farm house and store the ingredients in them to be used for the cooking recipes.

Permissions and credits
Allows you to marks chest for storing your cooking ingredients instead of storing it all in the fridge. When you use the counter to start cooking it will look through all ingredient chest and take the items automatically out of the chests when crafting.


  • Install SMAPI.
  • Unzip this mod into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  • Run the game using SMAPI.
Place a chest anywhere in the world and click the fridge icon to mark it as an ingredient chest.

The config.json contains the configuration for the placement of the icon

  "FlipImage": false, // Set this to true to flip the image, useful when you want the icon on the right side.
  "ImageScale": 1.0, // The scale of the icon. Larger values will make the icon larger
  "OverrideOffset": false, //Set this to true if you want to move the icon.
  "XOffset": 0, // The x location on the screen of the icon
  "YOffset": 1 // The y location on the screen of the icon
  "Editable": false // Set this to true to be able to move the icon with the arrow keys.


Additionally you can change the location of the icon in game by holding the right mouse button while hovering over the icon, and moving the mouse.



The mod works in multiplayer but the selected changes are not synchronized and they are not saved for the farm hands.

Make sure all chests are unmarked for usage by the fridge and you saved the game. Then delete the RemoteFridgeStorage folder.

Planned Features
  • Multiplayer compatibility
  • Choose which chests are included for ingredients
  • Use chests anywhere in the world instead of only the farmhouse.


Github Source
Suggestions and improvements are welcome!

Thanks to HohenHeizen for creating the icons!