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A suite of changes all about cooking! Choose from a new cooking menu, rebalanced recipes, tool progression, and a new skill!

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1. Download Json Assets,
2. Drop it into your Mods folder along with the Love of Cooking,
3. Ensure all players in multiplayer have this mod installed,
4. Done! Yep, that's it! From here:

+ To change which features you have enabled or disabled, launch the game and edit this mod's config file.
+ To change features in-game, try playing with spacechase's Generic Mod Config Menu.
+  If you want to remove this mod and all of its effects, simply remove it from your Mods folder.


The cooking menu has been rewritten, resprited, and rebuilt from the ground-up to give you more control, more immersion, and more enjoyment out of your meals. After you've spent a couple weeks tending to Grandpa's farm, your parents at home will happen to come across a dusty old heirloom.. the old family cookbook!

Search for recipes by name, filter out the ones you can't cook, seek out foods with buffs, sort them by gold value and health restored! There's no more getting lost in your cookbook. Navigate menus and inventories by mouse, keyboard, scrollwheel, and gamepad.

Click items from your inventories into the ingredients slots to pick and choose which ones you'd like to use, meaning no more gold-star ingredients being eaten by the game when cooking. Craft up to 9 at once to save on time spent cooking, but be sure to remember that cooking in bulk gives you diminishing returns for your Cooking skill...


Some level-up bonuses are by-the-numbers boosts to sale price and healing, and others can boost friendship gains or craft bonus portions when cooking, or boost other new features in the mod. Want to know how to level up your Cooking? You guessed it, get cooking!
Each level of Cooking will reward you with a handful of new recipes to try out, using staple ingredients for foods that taste as good as they look.

You'll find that when cooking you won't only need your trusty cookbook, but your frying pan, too! It's not as vicious as the Harvest Moon collect-a-thon system for gating your cooking opportunities, but with cooking tool progression enabled you'll be limited to using fewer ingredients the lower your Frying Pan's level is.
Upgrading costs less than a standard tool, and like the Trash Can it's not a held object: it only appears in the new-improved cooking menu.
Your ingredients slots are based on either your Farmhouse upgrade level or your Frying Pan level, whichever's higher!

A small selection of common crops are yours to have starting from Spring, Year 2, filling out Pierre's new seasonal stock. With Garlic comes Onions, with Red Cabbage comes Cabbages, and with Artichoke comes Carrots. Watermelons aren't yet available in 1.0, but soon...
These new fruits and vegetables are used in the new cooking recipes you'll learn by levelling the Cooking skill, but are happily substituted out for vanilla ingredients if you've not enabled the new crops.
* New crops aren't enabled alongside PPJA, since even though there's no conflicts, nobody really needs three carrots.

Want a little extra challenge in the Community Centre?
... we've moved to a new page at the Community Kitchen!

Once a feature from the Love of Cooking only, and absolutely riddled with bugs and problems. Now a separate mod!
Visit the mod page to download the new-and-improved bundles for the Community Centre Kitchen!

   Cooking Oil Reworked

Oil and Truffle Oil have had their place in the world of cooking changed-up!

No longer do recipes use Oil as an ingredient; instead, adding Oil to a recipe will increase the quality of your dish to a silver star. Using Truffle Oil will increase it to a gold star, and taking the Line Cook profession from the Cooking skill level-up path will boost these gains by another level!

Vinegar and Oil are now also both considered Artisan Goods, and give better returns when crafting and cooking.

   Food Heals Over Time

A double-edged sword for sure, food can heal you gradually over-time rather than all up-front. Starting the day with breakfast sounds good: you can eat a meal with a buff while you're at full health and still gain most of the energy throughout the day afterwards.

While that's great for life on the farm, you'll be wishing you swapped your lunch for a shield in the mines. Health regenerates far more quickly when you're in a panic, and the regen runs out far more slowly at full health, meaning meals will stretch their healing to fit! Nonetheless, you might find this changes the way you treat yourself in combat.

Your foods heal you faster as you level up, your Combat and Cooking skills affect this most of all. Until you've levelled up a bunch, you'll want a big meal before you head out.

   Recipe Rebalance

A lot of recipes just aren't worth the hassle in Stardew Valley, and many give very poor returns. With the Love of Cooking, the health, stamina, cost, and buffs of recipes are standardised based on their ingredients! Particular ingredients give certain perks to the recipes they're used in, such as better gold value, more healing, or particular buffs.

For the most part, these rebalances don't change anything significantly, and many ingredients have their buff perks direct to the same buffs their recipes would otherwise have had! The changes are there to make some foods more or less valuable compared to others, to make the system a little more predictable, and to overall give a better return for your time spent cooking.

   Cook At Kitchens

Become best friends with someone in town and they'll let you use their kitchen! This extends to the Community Centre's kitchen once it's renovated, too. This aims to give a little more benefit to befriending the loving townsfolk, as inspired by a friend who reached Year 3 with 2 hearts total.
If you've got Cooking Tool Progression enabled, you'll be limited by your Frying Pan for how many ingredients you can cook with at town kitchens.

   Hide Food Buffs Until Eaten

Your beloved cookbook tracks which foods you've eaten and what bonuses they'll give you. For those who want to explore the culinary world as uncharted territory, you'll have to eat things first! Pair this with rebalanced recipes and you'll be on the road with a mystery tour for dinner.

   Food Can Burn

Don't fret! This feature's exclusively opt-in, for those who want to not enjoy cooking.
Made extra toasty for the Stardew Valley Discord's Winter Contest, you can throw in an element of chance to every meal! If luck's not on your side you'll cook your oven instead, leaving you with a (sort-of) edible burnt dish at the end.

Your odds to burn food are highest early-on, but you'll reduce it as you level your Cooking skill and upgrade your trusty Frying Pan.

   Big Foods Give Leftovers

What, you couldn't really eat a whole cake in one go, could you? Just for fun, a handful of foods will give you a little extra bite for your buck!

This mod was shaped by goboking's post:
with suggestions by Denfro, HelenaNeedsHugs, Slugline, MazeMagic, SaltyHeathen, Ruittsorf, and Realbadatnames.

Special thanks goes to the friends, testers, helpers, and translators that helped get this time-sink off the ground.
Extra love goes to our translators, with thanks to Lumina, Seryberyl, and Hadi for little translated bits and pieces:

'ELL for Thai,
Ozan Çırahan for Turkish,

LeecanIt for Italian,

TwelveYO for Japanese,

MrYoyete for Spanish,

littlesheep233 for Mandarin Chinese,

Water-Kitten for French,

KAYA for Korean,

3M_RUS for Russian,

Sakebishi for German,

and Ertila for Portuguese!

Double special mentions to Spacechase, Mouse, Pathoschild, Lenne, Cat, Paradigm Nomad, Wingheart, Cherry, Routine, Kaya, Sakorona, and the other modding chatters who gave input, support, advice, fixes, and a shoulder to cry on.
Triple mention to Spacechase, who made the whole project possible, as well as for creating the original Cooking Skill mod, and the frameworks for custom items and skills.

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