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A mod that adds in the player's birthday to Stardew Valley.

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  • Mandarin
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Ever wonder why you don't have a birthday in Stardew Valley? Well worry no more!

This mods lets you pick a day for your birthday. On your birthday you get letters from your parents, and villagers give you gifts and wish you happy birthday.

Updated for SDV 1.4!
Compatible with Stardew Valley 1.4+ on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Requires SMAPI 3.0 or later.

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  3. Install version 2.4+ of Stardust Core  as well.
  4. Run the game using SMAPI.

The menu to choose your birthday should appear when you wake up in the morning. On your birthday, talk to NPCs as usual and they'll wish you happy birthday and give you gifts. Their gifts will change based on your friendship with them. Check your mailbox for letters from your parents.

New in Version 2.0.0
-Rewrote the gift system. Gifts should be easier to modify and are based off of NPC personalities.
-A favorite gift can now be chosen when selecting a birthday. This favorite gift will be given to the player when they are married from their spouse.
-Abigail has a new party event that can be viewed only on Wednesdays if Pierre's is closed.
-Added in some more dialogue text to reflect this change.
-Also added in a new letter from Abigail telling you where this new party is at.
-Fixed a few glitches regarding closing the birthday menu early.

New in Version 1.10
-Birthday events/parties!
-You must be dating or married to an npc in order to see these new events!
-You should get some mail detailing where to go for the event!
        -Also a special one at the community center if you haven't finished it yet and aren't dating anyone!
-Spouses finally have some marriage dialogue! (English only currently, but others are able to add it in for their native language!)
-A lot of bug fixes
-All the marriage candidates no longer wish you a happy birthday with spouse dialogue.
        -Gifts should be properly given. 
        -No more empty spouse messages.
        -Should hopefully have a lot more translation fixes done. Sorry if it got messed up a bit.
-Added a few translation strings for Italian thanks to LeecanIt

-Stardust Core is required now due to the new event code that runs the birthday events.

New in Version 1.9

So a lot changed in version 1.9 due to some popular requests and trying to streamline many of the issues players had with this mod. These changes include...

General Changes
-NPCs now wish you a happy birthday if you have 2+ hearts with them. (Configurable in config file)
-A language can be set for birthday messages in the Config.json file.
-Added support for birthday messages to be in .json files for easier editing.
-Added support for birthday messages to be in multiple supported languages
-Brazilian Portuguese
-Added in spouse specific birthday dialogue messages which can be created by the players.
-Added in multiple languages for spouse birthday messages.
-Added in birthday gifts to be in .json files.
-Added in a new pool of spouse specific gifts that can be set by the player located in SpouseBirthdayGifts.json
-Added in support for loading legacy birthday gift.xnb info from StardewValley/Content/Data/PossibleBirthdayGifts.xnb
-Added in support for loading legacy birthday messages from StardewValley/Content/Data/BirthdayMessages.xnb
-Added in player portraits to be shown on the callendar.
Multiplayer changes:
-Added in multiplayer farmhand portraits to be shown on the callendar.
-Added in a hud message that displays when another player has a birthday.

Advanced: Editing birthday gifts
You can change which gifts you receive from characters by using the file for birthday gifts in Mods/HappyBirthday/Content/BirthdayGifts/BirthdayGifts.json

You can also change what gifts you receive from your spouse by using the file for birthday gifts in Mods/HappyBirthday/Content/BirthdayGifts/SpouseBirthdayGifts.json

Advanced: Editing birthday gifts
You can change the birthday messages NPCs say when it is your birthday in Mods/HappyBirthday/Content/BirthdayMessages/BirthdayGifts.json
The same can also be done when wanting a spouse specific message by creating a message in the SpouseBirthdayGifts.json file located in the same folder.

Advanced: Adding in translations
If you want to add in a translation for this mod look up your appropriate language folder in StardewValley/Mods/HappyBirthday/Content/Dialogue and find your translation folder.

English is en-US so StardewValley/Mods/HappyBirthday/Content/Dialogue/en-US
Spanish is es-ES so StardewValley/Mods/HappyBirthday/Content/Dialogue/es-ES
Portuguese is pt-Br so StardewValley/Mods/HappyBirthday/Content/Dialogue/pr-Br

Translations Included:
Chinese: Thanks to Nexus user erinyang!
English: Done by myself (Omegasis) for birthday events and birthday wishes done by nexus user: cerreli
Italian menu strings: LeecanIt
German: Nexus user Nadin0147
Russian: Nexus user pananaevas

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