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Adds animal-related and mythical creatures stuff to your game for the Fashion Sense framework.

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Thrilled by the possibilities from the Fashion Sense framework, I started working on this little project back on November 16, 2021. However, it was only recently that I got around to actually working on it because my brain just didn't want to learn how FS works back in November lol So, here is a mod that adds a couple of animal ears, tails, and other stuff to your game! Feel free to mix and match these parts for your farmer! <3

There are over 150+ accessories/hats to choose from (see images to know what are included in this FS pack),  nearly all recolorable and almost all animated. Most of them are under the accessories category so that you can stack them with other accessories without affecting the other categories.

Oh, and despite being titled "Animal Stuff", there are a couple of parts that aren't even from actual real-life animals. A lot of the parts are made to be generic so that they can create different creatures, even those that do not exist (like demons, mermaids, elves, fairies)! And I'm not creative with names lol I understand this is not everyone's cup of tea, but for those who do like it, then here you go! :>

Don't like certain parts and don't want them to show up in your game? You can delete the files from their Accessory/Hats/Pants folder! :D

Fun fact: I don't actually use this pack myself lol but I still like maintaining this one

  • As of version 1.0.0, there are 15 in the Hats category (10 ears and 5 miscellaneous) and 27 in the Accessories category (13 tails, 6 horns/antlers, 4 wings, and 3 miscellaneous).
  • As of version 1.1.0, there are 7 in the Hats category, 71 in the Accessories category (3 antennas, 3 beaks, 22 ears,  13 antlers/horns/spikes,  13 tails,  13 wings, and 4 miscellaneous), and 1 in the Pants category.
  • As of version 1.2.0, there are 7 in the Hats category, 125 in the Accessories category (4 antennas, 3 beaks, 39 ears,  24 antlers/horns/spikes,  27 tails,  19 wings, and 4 miscellaneous), and 4 in the Pants category.
  • As of version 1.3.0 there are 7 in the Hats category, 135 in the Accessories category (4 antennas, 6 beaks, 40 ears,  24 antlers/horns/spikes,  31 tails,  20 wings, and 5 miscellaneous), and 12 in the Pants category.
  • As of version 1.4.0 there are 7 in the Hats category138 in the Accessories category (4 antennas, 6 beaks, 43 ears,  24 antlers/horns/spikes,  31 tails,  20 wings, and 5 miscellaneous), and 21 in the Pants category.

  • Certain parts might clip in front of the farmer sprite if they receive a speed buff (or increased it via cheats). I'm not sure why does this happen for some users yet since I have not experienced this bug myself. :/

Q: How to install this mod?

1. Unzip the zip file.
2. Just drop the extracted folder in your mods folder provided when you have Smapi installed. _(:3 」∠)_

Q: How do I update this mod?
A: Always delete the old version before installing the newer version! Other than that, it should be the same process as installing the mod as listed above.

Q: How do I equip these parts onto my character?
 You need to buy the hand mirror from Pierre's shop in order to make these parts selectable (the hand mirror is a new item added by the Fashion Sense framework).

Q: Can I use the files from this mod for other mods to upload?
A: Yep! No permission from me required :D

I used one of the hats from the "Kawaii Hats" mod by yuikami as a reference for the bulbous antenna and I used "FS Wabi's Wardrobe" by UBGIBBED as a little guide on how exactly to make the other custom pants function properly (and which sprite actually requires different animations for the pants). I highly recommend checking these mods out! <3

... I don't really know what prompted me to go with an animal-themed pack lmao (maybe it's because everything I've posted here is animal-related...).

Remember y'all, wanting to put on some animal ears or a tail does not make you sick and perverted (unless you want that/fine with that), either way, it does not harm anyone! So please, do not dunk on someone solely for being a furry. Furries can be weird, and people with vanilla tastes can be weird too. Hate on those that actively do harm or have harmful views, furry or not. :)

I just created a Ko-fi! If you like my works, then feel free to buy me a coffee~! I'll greatly appreciate the support! <3 However, my mods will always stay free for the public!
100% of the donation points earned here will go to charity <3