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An open-source, cross-platform mod manager for Stardew Valley.

Includes mod profiles, update checking, SMAPI integration and Nexus Mods API support!

Currently in open beta.

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Stardrop is an open-source, cross-platform mod manager for the game Stardew Valley. It utilizes SMAPI (Stardew Modding API) to simplify the management and update checking for all applicable mods.

Mod profiles are supported, allowing users to have multiple mod groups for specific gameplay or multiplayer sessions.

Several UI themes are included, including light and dark themes.

Nexus Mods Support
Stardrop now supports the Nexus Mods API, allowing all Nexus Mods users to endorse mods from Stardrop itself. Windows and MacOS users can also download from a mod's webpage by using the mod manager button, allowing Stardrop to download and install the mod in one click.

Premium Nexus Mods users have the ability to download mod updates directly from Stardrop.

Stardrop is currently in open beta and while it has been thoroughly tested, bugs may still occur.

Please report any issues by following the instructions found here.

See the GitBook pages for detailed documentation on how to use Stardrop. It includes a handy search bar on the top right!

Stardrop can be downloaded via Nexus under the Files section. You can optionally compile it yourself as the project is open source.

To update Stardrop, simply download the latest release and extract it to its previous installation (or preferred location).

  • Exit Beta
  • Additional Themes

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Can I translate Stardrop?

Does Stardrop modify my mod folder?
  • Stardrop only modifies your mod folder when you install, update or delete a mod via its UI.
  • Enabling or disabling mods via Stardrop will not impact your mod folder at all, due to the way Stardrop integrates with SMAPI.

Does Stardrop check for mod updates?
  • Yes, via SMAPI.
  • It also flags mods which are incompatible or have unofficial updates available.

Does Stardrop check for its own updates?
  • Yes, it will notify users if a new version of Stardrop is available.

Does Stardrop automatically update mods (via Nexus)?
  • Not currently, though it is on the feature roadmap.

Does Stardrop work on my operating system?
  • More than likely yes! Stardrop is intended to be cross-platform and has been tested with Windows 10, MacOS Big Sur and Linux Mint.

I'm having an issue, how do I report it?
  • Following the instructions found here before reporting the issue to the GitHub repository.

Translation Credits
  • Chinese - guanyintu
  • French - xynerorias
  • German - Schn1ek3
  • Hungarian - martin66789
  • Italian - S-zombie
  • Portuguese - aracnus
  • Russian - Rongarah
  • Spanish - Evexyron
  • Thai - ellipszist
  • Turkish - KediDili
  • Ukrainian - burunduk, ChulkyBow

Source code is available here.