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Adds seasonal outfits for SVE and makes the characters slightly cuter.

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This mod adds seasonal outfits for the characters featured in Stardew Valley Expanded. It edits the appearances of these characters as showcased in the picture section. It is meant to be used with my other mod Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic for a consistent look but can be used with any seasonal outfit mod or none at all. However, if you prefer to have vanilla style characters in the game, I recommend Seasonal Outfits for SVE (Vanilla Style) instead. I will not change or add outfits!


"NoNose": {"true, false"},
Defines if characters have noses or not. No nose is the default. Set it to "false" if you want the noses.
"FestivalOutfits": {"true, false"},
Decides if characters will wear their Flower Dance and Spirits Eve outfits or not. Wearing them is the default. Set it to "false" if you don't want the outfits.

"ExtraOutfits": {"true, false"},
Decides if characters will wear a unique outfit during aerobics class. Default is "true".

"OlderSophia": {"true, false"},
Decides if Sophia will use her default portrait ("false") or an older looking version ("true"). Default is set to "false".


Content Patcher by Pathoschild.
Stardew Valley Expanded by FlashShifter.
Content Pack code based on ParadigmNomad’s work for Seasonal Villager Outfits.
Original character design for Andy, Olivia, Victor and Susan by Hopewashere.
Re-draw of Andy, Olivia, Victor, Susan and original sprites and portraits for all other characters by Poltergeister.
Marlon Summer, Spring and Fall outfit based on Marlon’s Flower Dance outfit from Longevity by Ailin. Flowers in the Flower Dance outfits by Ailin.
Hair pieces in Sandy Spring, Fall and Flower Dance by Tanpoponoko
Other outfit portraits and sprites by Poltergeister.

I hope you enjoy this mod!