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It's time to adventure! Go on an adventure with the villagers from Pelican Town as companions!

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Please visit our NPC Adventures website!

NPC Adventures 2.0 alpha (for SDV 1.6) is available for teesting on our discord.

Featured on PC Gamer,, and The Millenials Today.

Recruit companions to follow you! Currently supports all vanilla marriage candidates (bachelors and bachelorettes). 

Looking for user guide? See Documentation
Getting started with this mod

NPC Adventures is not a framework!

Really, this mod ia not a framework. It's fully content mod with strong gameplay mechanics and it supports content packs to enhance companions with your custom NPC companions. It doesn't mean it's framework. This mod is only extensible (moddable) mod.


  • Nothing work or cause big problems in split screen or multiplayer (NEVER PLAY THIS MOD IN MULTIPLAYER OR SPLIT SCREEN, it's not and never be compatible)
  • NPC doesn't follow you through some bridges on island (too hard to fix, I need help with that)

because I am not able fix these issues alone, I am asking you for help. If you want to help me to fix these problem and you have a knowledge of C# modding in SMAPI, contact me via discord (link is at bottom of this page). All other features works. Thanks

Two gameplay modes: Adventure (default) and Classic~

Adventure mode

By default this mod is played in adventure mode. This mode adds quests and events for recruited followers. In order to recruit followers, you must first reach 20 level of the mines, be granted access to the Adventurer's guild and receive the letter from Marlon with an invitation to meet which will trigger the Introduction Event and have 66% of required heartlevel for recruit with any recruitable NPC. After this, you can invite villagers to follow you.

You will receive Marlon’s letter and trigger the new event after you reach level 20 in the mines, have you a 66% of required hearts with any recruitable NPC and have access to the Adventurer’s Guild. If you’ve already reached level 10 and have access before installing or updating this mod, you will receive the letter the next morning.

If you don’t want to use Adventure mode, and only want villagers to follow you, just disable ‘Adventure mode’ in configuration. By disabling Adventure mode you enable Classic mode, which removes ALL extra quests and events!

There are some companion events which are triggered during adventuring with your recruited companion. See the event list

Custom NPC's~

You can add a custom NPC as a follower to this mod via content pack. See documentation
Are you looking for community content packs? See Content pack list


How to use~

  • Ask an NPC to follow you by right clicking when no dialogues are queued.
  • Trigger NPC actions (use their backpack, dismiss them) by right clicking when NPC is recruited and no dialogues are queued.


  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.5.6 on Windows/Linus/MacOS (Android is not compatible) - Mod is loaded but may cause some problems
  • Single player only (doesn't work with local split-screen multiplayer too)

Compatibility with other mods~

  • ✅ Custom Kissing Mod by Digus - 100% compatible (from version 0.9.0 with version 1.2.0 and newer of Custom Kissing Mod.
  • ✅ Json Assets - Compatible (since version 0.14.0) - You can use custom weapons in disposition file from JA in your content packs via weapon name (Only swords supported).
  • ⚠️ Automatic gates - Companions can get stuck when gates automatically close after farmer.
    Can't use custom weapons in disposition file from JA in your content packs, because this mod doesn't export static item id's.



Special thanks to RememberEmber, Arknir and Mortimer.

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