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It's time to adventure! Go on an adventure with the villagers from Pelican Town as companions!

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Featured on PC Gamer,, and The Millenials Today.

This mod is not recommended to download. It will be retired since 1st January 2021 and no longer maintained! (No new features, content or bugfixes)


  • Recruited companion ignores recruitment and continues their scheduled path or stands and doesn't follow you
  • Duplicated the NPC when recruit or dismiss (Caused only in (local) multiplayer)
  • Fighting with blank or no sword (This was not reported for long time)
  • Nothing work or cause big problems in split screen or multiplayer (NEVER PLAY THIS MOD IN MULTIPLAYER OR SPLIT SCREEN, it's not and never be compatible)
  • NPC doesn't follow you through lava in Volcano
  • NPC doesn't follow you through some bridges on island

because I am not able fix these issues alone, I am asking you for help. If you want to help me to fix these problem and you have a knowledge of C# modding in SMAPI, contact me via discord (link is at bottom of this page). All other features works. Thanks

Recruit companions to follow you! Currently supports all vanilla marriage candidates (bachelors and bachelorettes). 

Looking for user guide? See Documentation
Getting started with this mod

NPC Adventures is not a framework!

Really, this mod ia not a framework. It's fully content mod with strong gameplay mechanics and it supports content packs to enhance companions with your custom NPC companions. It doesn't mean it's framework. This mod is only extensible (moddable) mod.

Current Features~

  • Ask recruitable NPC's to follow you (5 hearts or more required.)
  • Recruitable NPC’s can now ask if they can join you (7 hearts or more required, configurable.)
  • Dismiss your follower at any time. They will leave on their own when it gets too late.
  • Recruited followers have unique dialogue in different locations (WIP)
  • All recruited followers can fight with you (with their own swords and fighting skills!)
  • You can transfer items from your inventory anytime to your currently recruited follower.
  • If you forget your items, or your follower leaves before you can reclaim them, they will be returned to you the next day.
  • Support for content packs and localizations. You can add any custom NPC as a companion with a content pack! (see how to create content pack on wiki, or content pack list for download content packs.)
  • Custom user configuration (via config.json, see SMAPI docs
  • Changeable/prosthetic buffs for Maru (hold G to change buff)
  • All followers have idle animations as well as speech bubbles while fighting!
  • Companion events for some companions! (triggered during adventuring with recruited companion)
  • Based on Quest Framework

Followers have unique personal skills, currently implemented: warrior, fighter, doctor, forager and scared.

  • Doctors can fight with swords and also heal you if your health is under 30%. They can also try to save you before you collapse.
  • Warriors do more damage to monsters and are able to fight with swords and use critical defense fists in combat. They can also upgrade their swords.
  • Foragers can forage and occasionally share their findings with you.
  • Scared can be scared, screech and jump away when they see a monster, but don't worry, they can still fight (if they have a fighter skill). Mostly this "negative" skill is compensated by more powerful buffs.
  • Fighters are less powerful than warriors. They can level up and sync with player, and can upgrade their swords. It's a secondary skill, in most cases is assigned with any other skill.
  • Spirituals can send some peace&love for monsters with their spiritual emergy and make them peaceful. Loved monsters will not attack you for limited time.
  • Fisherman can fish with fishing rod and share caught fishes with you.

Followers Unique Skills~


Two gameplay modes: Adventure (default) and Classic~


New experimental features

You can enable experimental features in the mod. These experimental features is disabled by default and if you want use them, you must enable them in config.json.

  • No experimental feature is present in version 0.16.0

Custom NPC's~

You can add a custom NPC as a follower to this mod via content pack. See documentation
Are you looking for community content packs? See Content pack list

Planned Features~

New features coming soon! >>Roadmap here<<


  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  3. Run the game using SMAPI.

How to use~

  • Ask an NPC to follow you by right clicking when no dialogues are queued.
  • Trigger NPC actions (use their backpack, dismiss them) by right clicking when NPC is recruited and no dialogues are queued.


  • Partially works with Stardew Valley 1.5 on Windows (Linux/MacOS UNTESTED! Use at your own risk!) - Mod is loaded but may cause some problems
  • Compatible with Android 6 and newer (experimental support).
  • Single player only (doesn't work with local split-screen multiplayer too)

Note for Android users~

Compatibility with android was revoked and using this mod on Android SDV is on your own risk! Officially NPC Adventures are no longer compatible with Android.

Compatibility with other mods~

  • ✅ Custom Kissing Mod by Digus - 100% compatible (from version 0.9.0 with version 1.2.0 and newer of Custom Kissing Mod.
  • ✅ Json Assets - Compatible (since version 0.14.0) - You can use custom weapons in disposition file from JA in your content packs via weapon name (Only swords supported).
  •  Pacifist Valley - You can give some love to monsters with companions together! For full compatibility you need install Compatibility content pack . Requires NPC Adventures 0.15.0 or newer.
  • ⚠️ Automatic gates - Companions can get stuck when gates automatically close after farmer.
  • Can't use custom weapons in disposition file from JA in your content packs, because this mod doesn't export static item id's.



Special thanks


  • Corashirou - author of dialogues and texts
  • CallMeFoxie - Multiplayer support compatibility code (Multiplayer cancelled)
  • Reikounet - French translation
  • wu574932346 - Chinese translation

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