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Opens and closes gates automatically.

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This is a small and simple mod. kinda

What does it do?
Well it opens and closes gates automatically. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
(For players only, not animals)

Why are there so many options now!?
Don't worry about them if you just want gates to open up for you, this mod works without using the options.
Just download and install, done!
They are just there for people who don't want all gates to be automatic, or need a delay before closing.

How to install it?
If this is your first time installing a Stardew Valley mod, check this link.
Getting started with smapi/mods (wiki page)

If you know how to install Stardew Valley mods, then it's easy.
Either use a mod manager (e.g. Vortex) or 
download it manually and unpack it in
"Your Steam Folder\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Mods"

Config File Options

  • HideOverlayScroll: true = Hides the scroll with Data and Scroll information
  • GateDelay, it's a delay for closing gates; ("GateDelay": 2500); would mean the gate will close automatically after 2.5 seconds
  • DelayIncrement: You can increase/decrease the delay ingame, this number indicates by how much
  • ToggleOverlay: This shows the Overlay with information and Red Pixel, that indicate what tile is ignored by this mod
  • HideOverlayScrollKey: If you dont want the Data/Controls scroll to show up, you can turn it off ingame too
  • AddIgnore: The key/mouse button to add a tile to the ignore list
  • RemoveIgnore: The key/mouse button to remove
  • IncreaseDelay: The key to increase the delay ingame by "DelayIncrement" 
  • DecreaseDelay The key to decrease the delay ingame by "DelayIncrement"
  • IgnoredGates: This is handled by the mod, if you delete a save game you can also delete the PlayerID and the information in it.

Don't worry, there are a lot of keys, but they will only work if the overlay is shown, the only key that will always work is the key to open / close the overlay.
"ToggleOverlay" which is Numpad 9, you can change any key with one in the list below.

Older than 2.5.2: Key bindings, if you want to change them
Version 2.5.2 + : Multi-Key binding

Known Issues

New in Version 2.5

First of all thank you Pathoschild for letting me use your code to create the Data/Control Scroll.

So.. Whats new?

I added a small video to showcase it, and 2 screenshots so check them out if you want.

-You can now add tiles/gates to an ignore list which is stored in config.json, those gates will be ignored by my mod and won't open automatically 
-An overlay was added, so you can visually see what tiles are ignored, add and remove them with left and right mouse clicks (or change the keys yourself)
-An scroll was added to the overlay, you can see the controls and some mod data there, if its not needed you can also disable it in config or ingame

Now some explaining:
The "PlayerID" is the there so you can find it in config and delete it from ignore list, in case you don't want to play that savegame anymore. I added the Playername and Farm name to help you and find the right list.
Now that I think about it, I should've added an option to delete the complete list with a key meh. too tired.

Oh right,  if this version is not interesting for you, you don't need to download it, 2.4 still works. 

New in Version 2.4

Yay a small christmas update.

-added a optional
delay, just change " ("GateDelay": 0") in option.json file;
1000 = 1 second delay
e.g. ("GateDelay": 2000); would mean the gate will close automatically after 2 seconds.

-tried to make this mod function in split screen, it worked so far. Let's see how it turns out with further testing from you guys xP
(maybe it helps with normal multiplayer)

PS: you dont need to download this update if 2.3.3 still does what you want it to do, 1.5 didn't break it.