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With this mod Puji, the fierce komato warrior may accompany you in your adventures. Like every komato she's a very strong fighter, but also a capable farmer. And many say she's a funny girl. Exploring Stardew Valley with her might persuade her to reveal more secrets about the misterious komato civilization.

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First of all: Sorry for my atrocious english. I'm not a necktie type, i'm doing all this for hobby, sorry if i tend to overlook semantic stuff. Altough i'm pretty enthusiastic with my current project i can't force myself to consider the documentation about it as critical as a mushroom soup or a safety belt, i can promise my mods won't turn your computer into a bomb, i'm confident my mods might be funny, but i absolutely don't want this hobby to become a chore.

When i'll have published the whole komato team i'll review the dialogues (In the hope of bringing it from atrocious to horrible.)

This mod is a part of the character "Puji" and it allows to invite her to accompany the player around in Stardew Valley. Despite being a formidable soldier, she's kinda verbose and chaotic in her private life.

I'm realizing a team of Komato aliens, and even if each of them is a standalone character, their story must be told by all of them together. This is why most of the work (including the heart events) will be done when all of them will be published, therefore i consider proper grammar in the dialogues secondary, in this phase.
For now i chalk it off as: They are aliens, they speak funny english.

Also, i might want to add slash animations in the future, but i can't promise it before i've done the basis for  the 4 komato NPC in the project.

I like to make experiments, and those characters will have a particular architecture, a little more complex than: "Give gifts, talk a lot, play the good guy when they ask you a question and they'll eventually tell you all." Explaining it is kinda pointless, since i'm trying to build a mistery. (In the game, not in the descriptions :D)

For now i can say that in the version 1.0.0 i pay some attention not to insert spoilers.